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Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Cheats Codes & Secrets: Xbox360 PS3 PC

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Cheats Codes & Secrets: Xbox360 PS3 PC

So many interesting tidbits in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Here I want to list some Skyrim Cheats, Secrets, Glitches, and anything else noteworthy I find. Surely there are other TES V codes, cheats, secrets and such so I will continue to post as I find them. Please feel free to contribute your own at the bottom through the comments and you will get proper credit.

Skyrim: PC PS3 Xbox 360: Easy leveling up: Throughout Elder Scrolls V Skyrim there are certain instances where we come across people whom are nice and won’t retaliate when things are done to them. In turn we can level up our combat abilities and more to our heart’s content, while our victim won’t be bothered to do anything to stop it and we won’t get in trouble for it.

The first such instance is when we are untied from our binds early on. Well, the person who untied us can be attacked forever and won’t respond to it. Good way to level up any combat ability you want.

As you escape and end up in a cave, you come across a tutorial about sneak attacks. You are to use them against the bear, or just leave. However, don’t complete this objective just yet. Get the NPC that is giving you the tutorial facing a wall; you can then level up all kinds of attacks and they won’t attack back. This is a way to level up your one-handed, two-handed, destruction and sneak attacks over and over.

Another easy level up option – Head over to Riverwood and look for the Blacksmith’s house (Alvor + Sigrid’s home). Find Hadvar inside and assure him it is just you there. Then you can enter sneak mode and raise your abilities and statistics for as long as you want; Hadvar is immortal and won’t attack back, just falls down for a bit after his health runs out. Use this to for 1-handed level up, 2-handed level up, Archery level up, Destruction level up, Sneak skill level up and Restoration level up.

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Xbox360, PC, Playstation 3: Get Free House in Whiterun: Two important things to buy the whiterun house without having to spend 5000 gold coins. You first need the 5000 Gold, but don’t worry you still get the house for free. Enter the castle and find the guy who sells you the whiterun house, Proventus Avenicci. Talk to him only when you are close to his dresser or night stand. In the middle of the conversation you will agree to buy the house – quickly back out and put all the gold in the dresser or night stand, then return to the conversation with Proventus Avenicci. The conversation ends, you get the key to the whiterun house, and you can then retrieve all of your money. Thus the 5000 Gold coins stay in your possession.

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Want to duplicate any item / armor / ring? – the solution is simple, though this only works for pieces of equipment that are visible on a mannequin (there is one by your house in Solitude). Place the ring, armor or what have you on the mannequin. Then immediately take it back into your inventory. Leave the immediate area, come back, and the Mannequin should still have the piece of armor and you can take it (while you still had the original copy, so you duped the armor).


  • Rooster says:

    Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Tons of Money – Potions, Potions, Potions! Take all of those alchemy ingrediants that you’ve been collecting and make potions. Try to make potions using 3 ingrediants. Lots of potions that you make will sell for 200-400 Septims each, many of which use fairly common ingrediants!

    Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Alchemist’s Dream Cave – Locate and run through the cave named Chillwind Depths. 1 run through the cave will net you literally hundreds of ingrediants for use in Alchemy.

  • Rooster says:

    Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: A Lucritive Business – Unlike Oblivion, in Skyrim, Thievery is a lucrative business! From the get-go, you want to start increasing that Sneak Skill! Get used to being in that crouched positon when you’re walking through towns and caves alike. Also unlike Oblivion, it is NOT a crime to see what is in a person’s pocket. A good bit of advice: Save your game right before you pickpocket or right before you break into a home. If you get caught, simply reload your game and try again!!! A great place to start is Solitude. Grab pencil and paper and keep track of the homes that you’ve broken into.
    Your Pickpocketing skill seems to increase in relation to the value of the item being pickpocketed; so at first, keep to lower value items. As your skill increases, start going for the higher value items and you’ll get fast skill increases!

  • Rooster says:

    Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Over-encumbered Speed Boost – A wonderful little tool to utilize WHILE you’re over-encumbered is to equip a bow and arrow, draw the bow back and walk around while the bow is drawn. This will double your speed while being over-encumbered!

  • Rooster says:

    Above Comment EDIT: Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Over-encumbered Speed Boost – You may need to be in the crouched (sneak) position for this to work. Can’t verify/remember right now.

  • Rooster says:

    Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Mannequin/Dupe Items Warning – Be sure to save your game in a few different gamesave spots before attempting to dupe items on a mannequin. Experiment around with it and get used to what it can and can’t do before saving your game.

  • Rooster says:

    Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: The Right Foot – 2 very important things to remember when starting this game: First off, soon after starting the game you will be leaving Helgen and heading to Riverwood. Inbetween Helgen and Riverwood, just to the west, are the Guardian Stones. You want to head there if you haven’t done so yet. There are 3 stones: Warrior, Mage and Thief. Choosing one of the 3 stones will give a 20% boost to increasing multiple skills associated to that stone. For example, if you choose the Thief Stone, you will gain skills faster in Pickpocketing, Sneaking, Light Armor, etc.. These benefits will always be active, until you choose a different Guardian Stone. I believe there are 18 total Stones.

    Second, remember that once per level, you are allowed to train 5 times in your skills from trainers throughout Skyrim. This can help you train up your skills very quickly. It costs a bit of money to keep doing this, but if you’re low on money, just make those 3-ingrediant potions and sell them. Also, investing Perk Points in Speech will allow you to sell items for more money, and buy for less.

  • Rooster says:

    Feel free to copy this information I’ve posted. I’ll be back in a few days to post a guide after I’ve mastered the alchemy/enchanting/smithing trick for insane stats!

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Awesome. Your work is much appreciated, Rooster. I will amend the guide with this stuff so that more can see it (and will keep the comments down here too).

      You or anyone else that wants to share guides / walkthroughs / etc is free to do so; if it is something that requires a lot of explanation it might even warrant having it’s own page.

  • Boonie says:

    Nice work.

    Another tip I have found while searching the net, when you buy training you can pickpocket your gold back, just make sure you only train once or twice before trying it. The more gold you try to take back the harder it is to succeed.

  • Peace-Love-Japan says:

    Anyone tried the old bow and arrow trick from Oblivion or has that glitch been fixed in SkyRim Along with many other Oblivion Glitches ? Ill Keep trying Oblivion Glitches And will post any of them if they work in SkyRim.

  • Rooster says:

    Thank you for the compliments. I will keep all of my findings posted right here on this website.

    Peace-Love-Japan, I have indeed tried the bow and arrow dupe trick. In a later patch in Oblivion, Bethesda stopped the arrows from duping items, but then using a scroll in place of an arrow worked, lol.
    I also mastered the permanent stats glitch in Oblivion. That was where you enchanted a necklace or ring with stats like +5 strength or whatever. Then you duped that ring/necklace. Then you drew your bow back, went into the inventory menu, equipped one of the duped rings, and immediately dropped the other.
    There is a promising glitch out there for Skyrim that I am about to be working trying. My Alchemy and smithing are at 100, so now I just need to get Enchanting up a bit and I will begin work. I’ve seen it posted elsewhere, but it is VERY vague. I intend to master it, if it’s possible, and post step-by-step instructions right here.

  • Rooster says:

    EDIT: My above comment references the 360 version. So far, everything I am doing with Skyrim also is on the 360. Though I think most of my tips would work across multiple platforms.

  • Rooster says:

    Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Shopkeepers Menu Reset – If a particular shopkeeper doesn’t have what you’re looking for, or if you bought all of their stock and want more, simply use the “Wait” function and wait for 48 hours. This only takes a few seconds and the shopkeepers will have fresh new inventory and another round of money for you to deplete.

    • alan says:

      When a shopkeeper runs out of money, just save, sneak attack kill them, reload the save, and their inventory will refresh.

  • Rooster says:

    Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Quick Skill-ups for Alchemy – Making potions with 3 ingrediants will net you much faster skill-ups than if you were making potions using only 2 ingrediants.

  • Blueflam3s says:

    Quick smithing method: First, go to Whiterun. Buy the components needed to make iron daggers from Warmaiden’s and the Skyforge. Make as many iron daggers as you can with the materials and sell the iron daggers. Wait two days and repeat. Even starting at a low smithing level, you will have 100 smithing in very little time.

    • Boonie says:

      If you are like me and steal and fill every soul gem you come across, using them to enchant these daggers can skill up your enchanting fairly quickly and turn over a tidy little profit too.

      Also leather bracers take very little materials to make (1 leather, 2 leather strips plus 1 leather if you choose to improve them) and can net more gold if you enchant them as well

  • Boonie says:

    Quick Illision skill up: Buy the Muffle spell book then cast it repeatedly, this is one of the only spells you can skill up without needing it to have a positive effect ie. health regen or have an enemy nearby. Works better if you have the half cost apprentice spell perk and enchanted illusion items, works best if you have the 100 skill point enchanters perk.

    Quick Conjuration skill up: find a slaughterfish in a body of water somewhere, swim to the shore then cast and sheath a bound weapon over and over

  • Pwn says:

    When overencumbered use beast form to become a werewolf. This allows you to travel very fast. I once used it to travel across the map. Just wait 24 hours when it runs out. Avoid civilians…

  • KitchenAid Pro says:

    Well done folks, gotten a lot of use out of this.

  • Da Flettster says:

    This was very helpful and ima go try most of them now, btw iron daggers thing really works cause I started about 3 hours ago and now I’m lvl 81, note u need a lot of money to do this quickly

  • Boonie says:

    More tricks,

    Get hold of the Soul Trap spell, find a dead body (can be anything from a chicken to a giant) and cast soul trap over and over. This will allow you to level Conjuration all the way to 100. It doesn’t require soul gems as you’re not actually trapping a soul. Once Conjuration is over 90 you can get a quest from Phinis in the College of Winterhold that gets you a Sigil Stone with which you can make Daedric gear at an altar underneath the college.

    For levelling Speech, head to Riften to the Blackbriar Meadery and talk to Ungrien. Ask him about Maven then persuade him to tell the truth, you can do this continuously to get Speech to 100.

  • Namako says:

    thnx for all the great info

  • Deadra worshipper..? Nah,jim :) says:

    Easy sneak gain if you have missed leveling up your sneak at the the bear part at the start of the game.

    Go to high hrothgar(sorry about my spelling.) and sneak behind a praying greybeard,and use your fists,keep hitting one of them everytime you are undetected,until about level 70 in sneak,it will take about 1 or 2 hits.

  • Deadra worshipper? Nah,jim:) says:

    Also,if you havent get the thief stone,get it and it will level up your sneak quicker.(duh.)

    I havent tried it, but could the dupe armour work on the weapon rack to dupe weapons instead of armour?

  • Deadra worshipper? Nah,jim:) says:

    Anyone know why my deadric weapons arent doing any damage???(even on bunnys!) i was in the middle of a fight with a winterhold guard.(naughty naughty ;) i turned into a werewolf.woops. ) i reloaded the save to before i turned into a werewolf because i couldnt live with the fact i just ate almost everyone in winterhold. when i changed back. And now my deadric weapons arent working. Ive tried everything.

  • Life is a Rose says:

    Hey guys, if your looking for a Tidy (EXTREME) Profit from making potions I have come across a site that you type in what ingredients you have and how many and it comes up with a list of what to combine for max profit when selling.

  • luc says:

    If you play on the pc enter in player.setscale (#1-600) then Then you will become ridiculously ginormous and then can run very fast to discover new places.

  • Evilsaint99 says:

    I’ve only done this on an Xbox 360, but if you hit the Xbox menu button just after hitting “A” on the wait X hours screen you will wait a lot faster then normal faster (very helpfull when waiting for new inventory in shops)