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Dynasty Warriors 6 Diao Chan musou mode w/ Lu Bu

Dynasty Warrriors 6 Diao Chan

Diao Chan is the nice looking lady in the middle of the Lu Bu / Dong Zhuo power struggle. Among this triumvirate clearly she is the one to hold the most power, and in DW6 her physical prowess reaches new heights. No longer is she stuck with those range-cursed Maces…instead Diao Chan wields a whip! It is a deadly, much more effective weapon than her previous ones. Both in terms of the damage it inflicts and the aforementioned range. This is well needed as Diao Chan’s musou mode is quite difficult, having to go around with a limited army and ensure Lu Bu doesn’t get too far ahead of himself and die.

How to unlock – Complete 1 musou mode from each kingdom.

Musou Mode Levels
1. Battle of Xia Pi
2. Battle of He Fei
3. Battle of Jing Province
4. Battle of Han Zhong
5. Battle of Fan Castle
6. Invasion of Han Zhong


  • ahmed says:

    Leave diao chan dynasty warriors 6

  • dy says:

    The whip is an effective weapon indeed. Zhen Ji uses similar weapon though..

  • Ms. Conventional says:

    It’s amazing how good Diao Chan is in this game when you think of how weak she is in many other Dynasty Warrior games. She’s a borderline elite fighter in Dynasty Warriors 6 with a more manageable reach and power level.

  • Arina says:

    i admit she is better in this one though it would of been better to have only given her the whip rather then give a copy of it to Zhen Ji…that kinda ruined things a bit…

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