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Dw6 Battle of Han Zhong; Zhang He, Cao Pi, Zhao Yun

Dynasty Warriors 6 Han Zhong Yue Ying
Wei Forces Scenario – **** Difficulty
Target 1 – Southwest Camp and East Watchpost in 15 minutes.
Target 2 – Defeat Ma Chao, Zhang Fei, and Zhao Yun in 15 minutes.
Target 3 – Defeat 10 or more enemy units and score 500 or more KO’s in 10 minutes.

Strategy – All timed targets, so you’ll need to be quick. Target 3 is the most difficult to achieve, so use someone with a high attack and make sure to kill most of the officer’s armies before you kill the officer, so you can get your KO count high. Generally you start off on the ledge by Chen Shi, Jiang Wan and Zhao Yun, so there is part of Target 2 finished.

Your allies in the west will flee. If you are feeling strong then go over there, you can slaughter a large amount of enemies in a short period of time. It is very dangerous though, with Ma Su, Ma Chao, Zhang Yi, Guan Suo, Wu Ban, and Wei Yan all over there. If you can manage to take that army out, the enemies ranks will be looking bare. You can then take the southwest camp, and then head to the East Watchpost to take that for Target 1. Around this time Zhang Fei and Fei Yi will probably run into you. You need to take out Zhang Fei anyway to complete Target 2.

Yue Ying and Deng Zhi come out after you after this. Once defeated, only Zhuge Liang, Gao Xiang, Lu Yi and Liao Hua protect Liu Bei. If you took a long time, Li Yan and Wang Ping may be a factor as reinforcements (but probably not).

Shu Forces Scenario – ****** Difficulty

Target 1 -Take West Fort and Northeast Fort in 15 minutes.

Target 2 – Defeat Sima Yi, Zhang He, and Cao Pi in 15 minutes.
Target 3 – Defeat all enemy units in 30 minutes.

Strategy – Target 3 is a little silly – 30 minute should be easy. You’ll have to go a little out of your way to get to the northeast base but you have two targets over there so it’s necessary.

Starting off you’ll want to watch Zhang He’s ambush to the south on Guan Xing. He brings Guo Huai, Zhu Ling, Cao Zhen, and Xu Yi with him. This is a critical moment in the stage so you’ll need to get here quick.

To the west are Meng Da and Xiahou Mao. Take them and the West Fort, and then you can begin to the north to Man Chong. From here I like to go all the way north and then east to ambush Zhang Lu. Then you can work your way all the way south, cleaning up Liu Ye, Wang Shuang and Zhang Pu.

Now you should be free to head to the northeast for Northeast Fort and Cao Pi. Since I’m usually making good time, I go north through the main fort because you can take out Chen Qun, Jiang Ji, Xue Qiao and Tian Yu quickly along the way. Then make your way east for an easy entrance into the Northeast Fort. You’ll need to take out Cao Pi, Dai Ling and Zhen Ji, but target 1 will be completed in the process.

If you don’t have much time left, go west to ensure you defeat Sima Yi in time. If you do have time, go east first for Deng Ai, Liu Shao, and Cao Rui.
Jia Kui and Sima Yi are in the western part of the enemy main camp, and Cao Cao is left alone in the center (this is assuming you route this route earlier and cleared out the other subgenerals).

Lu Bu’s Forces Scenario – **** Difficulty

Target 1 -Take West Fort and Northeast Fort in 15 minutes.

Target 2 – Defeat 10 or more enemy units in 20 minutes.
Target 3 – Take all enemy bases in 20 minutes

Strategy – Not the hardest targets but this is a Diao Chan musou mode level so it’s not like you’re doing this with Lu Bu.

You’ll start in the southwest and just up ahead are Fei Yi, Yang Huai and Gao Pei. Leng Bao is coming around the corner from the north also. By the time these enemies are cleared, Liu Zhang’s and Cao Cao’s reinforcements arive. Wu Lan, Wang Fu and Li Yan approach from the center while Yan Yan and Dong He come from the northwest.

Before that you’ll want to help Lu Bu with Cao Rui, Cao Chun, Guo Huai and Cao Ren, and also take that southeastern base while you’re in the area. By the time you beat them you’ll have to help in the middle with Lei Tong and Gao Xiang, and then Zhang He’s reinforcements arrive in the northeast.

This must be a high priority because Lu Bu is up here and has trouble with Zhang He. Sometimes you even engage Cao Ren’s forces up here. Xu Yi is here too, and just a little bit later there will be more reinforcements with Dai Ling, Zhu Ling, Cao Zhen, Zhen Ji, Jiang Gan, and Cao Pi.

Maybe the hardest part of all of this is Target 3, because just taking Han Zhong means you win the stage. This is a problem because if you help Lu Bu, he’ll march into Han Zhong and eventually take it. If you leave Lu Bu alone while you collect bases, he’ll die. So you’re dealt with another of DW6′s classic cases of damned if you do damned if you don’t, but if you balance saving Lu Bu and getting the bases efficiently along the way, you may be able to collect them all. The biggest problem is the watchpost in the west because it’s hard to find time to rush all the way over there, but you may be better served to leave Yan Yan when he appears because then you’ll have to go that way to get West Fort back and then you can take the watchtower.

Deng Xian is at the Northeast Camp and once you take him out it’s smooth sailing to Han Zhong Castle. Inside the castle though are Fei Guan, Zhang Yi, Liu Xun, Fa Zheng, Wu Yi and Zhang Ren. Protecting the south part of the castle are Deng Zhi and Wu Ban.

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