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Dynasty Warriors 5 XL Final Weapons

DW5XL Weapon Guide

Dynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends

4th Weapon Strategies

DW5 Dad Crotty In addition to new items, Dynasty Warriors Five XL offers users the ability to acquire 4th weapons that they missed in DW5. It is only doable in Legend Mode, and bear in mind the time limit with a lot of these cannot be confirmed. Also, it must be done in Hard or Chaos mode.

Wei 4th Weapons

Xiahou Dun

Kirin Fang – 36 ATP – Medium – Charge 17 – Horse 16 – Defense 17 – Attack 17 – Musou 16

Imperial Rescue 195 AD

Strategy: You must kill Li Jue, Zhang Ji and Guo Si within five minutes. Actually, I finished it around three. Immediately head to Li Jue and knock him off his horse. Some of his sub-generals should swarm you but that’s fine, you can probably kill 100 guys pretty fast so use that token ASAP to clear out Li Jue. Now clear the carriage area out quick and rush to the northwest corner. Kill Guo Si while all the talking is going on, Zhang Ji will then show up after the events catch up. He is easy to down and once he’s dead the weapon is yours.

Dian Wei

Mad Bull – 38 ATP – Light – Charge 15 – Fill 15 – Attack 18 – Musou 17 – Life 17

Imperial Rescue 195 AD

Strategy: Kill Yuan Shao within a minute of his arrival. Not a tough one, if you know what you’re doing. First, equip Red Hare, along with the Demon Band. Do the stage as you normally would, but be a little slower. Because it takes Yuan Shao so long to come into battle (11 or 12 minutes) you’re going to want to slow down the pace. At the same time, make sure the carriage is safe when you go for the attack. Having a Musou Token saved up for Yuan Shao is imperative, and the Demon Band will allow the Musou Rage to go on for a long time. Hopefully you can kill enough people to either get an Attack bonus or another token. Either way, if you’re prepared you can easily oust Yuan Shao within a minute.

Xu Zhu

Stone Crusher - 38 ATP – Light – Fill 17 – Luck 15 – Bow 19 – Defense 19 – Life 20

Imperial Rescue 195 AD

Strategy: Similar to Dian Wei’s requirements, but that you must kill Lu Bu instead of Yuan Shao. Now remember Lu Bu starts off in the southwestern corner shortly after Zhang Ji appears, so try to kill Zhang Ji quick and then plant yourself in that corner with a Musou Token. Lu Bu is probably tougher than Yuan Shao but shouldn’t be a problem if you have the token.

Cao Cao

Wrath of Heaven – 34 ATP – Medium – Charge 17 – Horse 17 – Bow 15 – Attack 17 – Life 17

Imperial Rescue 195 AD

Strategy: You’ll be in the middle of a ton of soldiers, but it shouldn’t be too hard. Ride straight north to cut Li Jue off and take him on. Fend him off and kill the peons around him, as I found a Musou Token and an attack bonus, either of which is enough to shred Li Jue and his entire army. You’ll cut him off after about 30 seconds so that leaves you 1.5 minutes to kill him, so you can take your time. Do realize though that it takes the game a while to understand that you have the carriage under your control, so it won’t happen immediately after you get the carriage, more like twenty seconds.

Xiahou Yuan

Enforcer Rod – 36 ATP – Medium – Attack 16 – Life 17 – Musou 17 – Charge 16 – Bow 19

Battle of Yang Ping Gate 215 AD

Strategy: In order to accomplish this you must defeat Li Yan, Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei within 2 minutes of them arriving. Now, I’m not entirely sure of this requirement, but I’ll just say how I got it. First, equip Red Hare and the Art of War or the Demon Band. Head to that gate that is just east of Yang Ang. Immediately Li Yan should appear with Lei Tong.

Start killing people around here and you’ll find an attack bonus and a musou token. Try to use one musou token on this group to take them out quick, and then grab the attack bonus on your way north with Red Hare. Zhao Yun should appear on your way north, but if he doesn’t just go past the attack base and then stop at the gate just north of there. Zhao Yun will appear with Meng Da, and hopefully you still have some of that attack bonus. Also, you should be near 100 kills, thus netting you another musou token. Try to save that for Zhang Fei, who is just a stone’s throw north of here (west of the defense base). Knock him off the horse and use the token to mop him up quick.

Xu Huang

Marauder – 38 ATP – Light – Attack 17 – Life 18 – Fill 15 – Speed 15 – Luck 15

Battle of Xin Castle 227 AD

Strategy: Another timed event, as you must defeat the four generals outside the castle (Deng Xian, Li Fu, Shen Dan, Shen Yi) before Li Yan (Shu reinforcements) arrive. He comes roughly three minutes into the stage, and generally you can kill all the generals 2 minutes into the level. Look for the announcement of the weapon, it should be in the center of Xin castle. Kill the four generals in the order listed above, that’s the fastest way.

Zhang He

Phoenix Talon – 36 ATP – Medium – Charge 15 – Fill 15 – Speed 19 – Attack 16 – Musou 19

Battle of Yang Ping Gate 215 AD

Strategy: A very easy weapon, if you ask me. You must defeat Yang Ren, Yang Song and Zhang Wei within five minutes of the stage starting. Do not worry about the statues or Zhang Lu or any other general or gate other than the three names. If you do that and have Red Hare, you should be able to kill them in two and a half minutes instead of five.

Zhang Liao

Gold Wyvern – 36 ATP – Medium – Fill 15 – Luck 15 – Horse 18 – Attack 17 – Life 17

Battle of Yan Province 194 AD

Strategy: You have five minutes to open the gates and get Chen Gong to survive. In order to open the gates, your army must surround the castle. Knowing that, take out the enemy bases along your way so your army can follow you. Skip Yu Jin and go kill Li Dian. Your army should begin surrounding the west side, so take over the north and east by killing Man Chong and Yue Jin, along with the guard captain by Yue Jin. Now head back and get the enemy bases that Lu Bu and Gao Shun are fighting to expediate their travel. Once the castle is surrounded it’ll open and Chen Gong will join you, but it takes a while to go through the messages. If you do it within five minutes the Gold Wyvern is yours.

Zhen Ji

Dark Moon Flute – 32 ATP – Medium – Fill 20 – Horse 17 – Bow 18 – Defense 18 – Life 17

Husbands and Wives 200 AD

Strategy: Another easy weapon. You must defeat Zhuge Liang and Yue Ying within 2 minutes after they become hostile. Simply head to the north castle and clear out the eastern part of it, waiting for Zhuge and Yue. Gang up on one of them while Cao Pi deals with the other, hopefully. Two minutes is really a long time and one Musou Rage could kill both of these generals. The weapon appears in the southwest trial castle.

Cao Ren

Roc - 32 ATP – Light – Fill 15 – Bow 15 – Defense 18 – Attack 15 – Life 19

Battle of Yang Ping Gate 215 AD

Strategy: This is also rather easy unless you don’t know where the reinforcements are and how to get them to come. The reinforcement leaders Zhang Yi, Huang Zhong and Guan Yu must be killed within two minutes of them coming on the stage. As you head north along the west exterior, Zhang Yi and Liu Feng will appear. Keep heading north past the attack base to get to Zhang Yi. Shortly after you kill him Huang Zhong will probably appear, so kill him too. Finally, head back and attack Zhang Lu. I think wounding him and causing him to go to the main base triggers Guan Yu into action, who is your last required kill. It took me about seven minutes to get Guan Yu to come on the stage and I still got the weapon, so I think the counter doesn’t start until they appear.

Cao Pi

Chaos - 34 ATP – Medium – Fill 15 – Speed 19 – Defense 15 – Attack 15 – Musou 19

Battle of Xin Castle 227 AD

Strategy: You must defeat each captain of the reinforcements within of a minute of them coming on the stage, which includes (in order) Li Yan, Wei Yan, Zhao Yun and Ma Chao. Now first kill everyone in the stage. By this time, Li Yan should appear in the southeast corner (try to position yourself there). Kill him quick and then head west, clearing out that Gate Captain and the defense base there. That is vital to have safe passage throughout the southern exterior. Anyway, Wei Yan should appear with Wang Ping in the southwest corner. Slaughter him, and then Zhao Yun in the center exit. Finally, Ma Chao appears a little south of Li Yan’s spot. Remember NOT to seal any of the routes otherwise the generals won’t appear, and remember to kill them within a minute. If you do, you’ll have Chaos sitting in Xin castle.

Pang De

Heavenly Halberd – 36 ATP – Light – Luck 15 – Horse 17 – Defense 15 – Attack 16 – Life 18

Battle of Ji Castle 213 AD

Strategy: This one is hard as you must defeat the reinforcements of Xiahou Yuan and Zhang He in forty-five seconds. The key is the transition between Zhang He to Xiahou Yuan, as Xiahou Yuan approaches shortly after Zhang He arrives, so you actually need to beat Zhang He faster than forty-five seconds probably. But if you’re in the northeast corner (defeat a good amount of generals and then settle in there) waiting for Zhang He with a Musou token you should be fine. Again, immediately right to the northwest corner (northwest of Du Xi’s starting position) and Xiahou Yuan will be there eventually (he’ll appear before you get there chances are). They’re both powered up but with a musou token and the likely attack bonus from their soldiers, you should be able to kill each within forty five seconds of them appearing.

Sima Yi

Dark Feather – 32 ATP – Medium – Charge 15 – Fill 15 – Defense 16 – Attack 15 – Musou 19

Battle of Xin Castle 227 AD

Strategy: You must defeat 100 enemies and have the bottom three reinforcement gates captured by 6.5 minutes into the level. First of all, defeat every enemy officer, and by this time Li Yan should appear. Immediately head to the southeast (or just wait here) and take out the southeast guard captain. Another good idea would be to take out the base in the center so that you can get those kills and open up the area so you don’t have to later when you’re in a rush. Anyway, take out the south-central gate and then the southwest one. Wei Yan appeared once and I killed the Guard Captain afterwards and I still got the weapon. Not sure how that works since it seems like you’re supposed to stop the reinforcements but it was still under time qualifications I guess.

Wu 4th Weapons

Da Qiao

Qiao Beauty – 32 ATP – Heavy – Defense 15 – Attack 16 – Life 15 – Musou 19 – Luck 18

Husbands and Wives 200 AD

Strategy: Da Qiao needs to defeat Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao within 2.5 minutes after they become hostile. For this, you can either make them hostile right away by finishing the southwest trial, or kill some enemies and head elsewhere to build up Sun Ce’s confidence first. The easy way to do it is to complete all the trials and don’t defeat any of the couples (or at least leave one other couple alive) so that you can immediately hunt down Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu with a powered up Sun Ce. They shouldn’t be a problem to dispatch in 2.5 minutes when the time comes, especially with a Musou Rage ready.

Gan Ning

Sea Master – 38 ATP – Light – Charge 15 – Speed 15 – Musou 15 – Luck 18 – Attack 19

Battle of Ru Xu Kou 219 AD

Strategy: Your objective is to take out Cao Ren’s sub-generals; Cao Hong, Cao Zhen and Cao Xiu. Not a tough task and you have four minutes to do so. They are lined up north of your starting position. Four minutes? This took me 1.5.

Huang Gai

Dark Shadow – 36 ATP – Medium – Charge 15 – Defense 17 – Life 15 – Luck 16 – Attack 17

Ou Xing’s Rebellion 187 AD

Strategy: Another real fun one. Actually it’s not too bad and the time limit is one minute so you can do a quick reset and try again. Basically you have to snipe the three guards (equip Red Hare and Huang’s Bow) on the way to Chang Sha castle and jump down within a minute. If they see you it’s over. Keep your radar on (and when you can see a red dot (ie a guard) be sure to stop). Now in terms of the three guards, they have a pattern. Upon beginning, quickly hurry up the mountain and you’ll have a ways to go before you see the first red dot. He’ll begin to flee and shoot when he stops (he’ll stay there). If you did this fast enough then you can move up just a tad and shoot the next guy before he flees. The third guy is just a little after him and then you’ll have to race up the hill and jump down. The third guy has extra health but that’s why you have the Huang’s Bow equipped, they’ll all still take one shot. With any luck you’ll finish with a little less than ten seconds to spare and you can grab the Dark Shadow inside the castle before you complete the level.

Ling Tong

Dragon Fury – 36 ATP – Medium – Charge 16 – Speed 19 – Life 15 – Attack 17 – Luck 16

Battle of Ru Xu Kou 219 AD

Strategy: This one takes some patience. After Xu Huang and Xiahou Dun are called to the center area, defeat them within 2 minutes of them being called for reinforcements. Obviously you don’t want to defeat them before this as that ruins everything. Instead, fight around and kill Zhang Liao and secure bases or something. Once Gan Ning wreaks enough havok in the center, Xu Huang and Xiahou Dun will offer to assist. This is when you dart towards whichever of the two you’re closest to (likely Xiahou). Kill him and find Xu Huang working his way to the center. After they’re both gone you’ll get a message about clearing the center and the fourth weapon.

Lu Meng

White Tiger – 36 ATP – Medium – Charge 15 – Bow 15 – Life 17 – Defense 17 – Horse 16

Battle of Ru Xu Kou 219 AD

Strategy: Lu Meng must defeat the attack bases on the south and east end of the map and take out Xiahou Dun, all in three minutes. Again, I did this in a little over one minute so don’t worry. Quickly take the attack base just in front of Lu Meng and ride with Red Hare past Zhang Liao (kill him later, he’s a waste of time now). Ride straight into the attack base to where the Guard Captain and Xiahou Dun are. If Lu Meng is built up you should be able to take them both out pretty easily here, netting you his weapon. If Lu Meng isn’t so powerful for you, time allows you to be a bit more cautious.

Lu Xun

Falcon - 34 ATP – Medium – Fill 15 – Speed 20 – Musou 19 – Attack 15 – Luck 18

Battle of Shi Ting 228 AD

Strategy: Get Zhou Fang to defect within six minutes and forty seconds. To do this you must surround Cao Xiu. You should know how to do this by now, but basically take the bases in the north, south, central, and southwest, along with killing the generals in the area. First, kill the two generals right by you, then head north to where Fei Yao, Wen Ping and Xu Huang are. Get this base and kill them, then head south. Sun Shang probably cleaned up the south and moved onto the southwest; before that though clean out Sun Quan’s area of Wang Shuang and Jia Kui.

Now go to Cao Ren, Xu Zhu and Xiahou Shang. Take them out and the base near them and Zhou Fang should drop the bridge. This should isolate Mr. Cao Xiu. I managed it in a little under five minutes so you’ll have some time (although you may need it as it can take a while to get the game to give you the message saying you got the weapon).

Sun Ce

Overlord - 36 ATP – Medium – Charge 15 – Attack 18 – Life 15 – Musou 15 – Speed 18

The Two Qiaos 196 AD

Strategy: Within five minutes of the Beastmasters appearing, you must defeat Taishi Ci. Not tough really; just kill the 20 Beastmasters without leaving your horse; took me around 2 minutes. This leaves you three to take out Taishi (he appears after the Beastmasters are dead). If you really get the jump on Taishi Ci, you can kill him before he gets powered up (much like the Ma Chao fourth weapon trick). Otherwise you’ll just fight a powered up Taishi which isn’t that tough anyway.

Sun Jian

Savage Tiger - 34 ATP – Light – Fill 18 – Defense 16 – Life 15 – Musou 15 – Horse 16

Ou Xing’s Rebellion 187 AD

Strategy: Without losing a village, Sun Jian must defeat Li Damu, Sha Moke, and Zhang Man Cheng in three minutes. Before doing any of this, make sure you have the Red Hare and take out Zhou Chao first. This will enable the pincer attack with Huang Gai and Sun Ce, and after this ride to Li Damu’s position and kill him. A little south of him is Sha Moke and further south is Zhang Man Cheng. I managed to slaughter these three within 2 minutes of the battle starting and that’s after killing Zhou Chao. Not sure about the losing the village thing; if you’re fast in killing the generals in that area you shouldn’t lose a village anyway.

Sun Quan

Master Wolf – 34 ATP – Medium – Charge 17 – Bow 15 – Musou 18 – Attack 16 – Fill 15

Battle of Shi Ting 228 AD

Strategy: Lots of general to kill here. Before Zhou Fang defects, you must kill Wang Shuang, Jia Kui, Xin Pi, Zhang Hu, Wen Pin, Xiahou Shang, and Cao Ren. In any order. First of all, take the neutral base and begin to defend it. Wang Shuang and Jia Kui will come to you via the northwest so kill them. Now I rode over to Xin Pi’s location in the south and ousted him quick, and Zhang Hu was by the former neutral base after this. Once Zhang was dead I waited a minute or so for Wen Pin to make his way around via the northwest also. Cao Ren and Xiahou Shang were also beginning to move in the south/southwest, so I went to kill those two and grab the reward. Cao Ren will be powered up but shouldn’t provide too much resistance.

Sun Shang Xiang

Sol Chakram – 32 ATP – Heavy – Luck 19 – Speed 19 – Life 15 – Defense 17 – Bow 15

Battle of Shi Ting 228 AD

Strategy: Get 200 KOs and defeat Wang Shuang, Xiahou Ba, and Xin Pi all within five minutes. Xin Pi and Xiahou Ba will be dead within 30 seconds (they appear right in front of you). Wang Shuang will be attacking Sun Quan at the formerly-neutral base. Kill him and then resume your hunt for 200 KOs. Personally, I just head towards Cao Xiu where there are a ton of soldiers, probably close to 75-100. That should do it, if not head to the northeast or southwest to get the rest and to get the Sol Chakram.

Taishi Ci

Tiger Slayer – 38 ATP – Medium – Charge 15 – Bow 15 – Life 18 – Defense 18 – Horse 15

Battle of Ru Xu Kou 219 AD

Strategy: Defeat Zhang Liao all three times in six minutes. This can be tricky as Zhang takes some time to re-spawn, so just go strictly after him. After you take him out the first time (he’s easy) he’ll re-appear at one of the southeastern gates. Be waiting for him as again, he takes about a minute to show up again. The second time he has a higher defense and the last time he’ll be surrounded by lightning. I advise you kill soldiers around you to have a Musou Rage ready to end it quick.

Xiao Qiao

Qiao Grace – 32 ATP – Heavy – Charge 16 – Fill 15 – Speed 19 – Defense 15 – Musou 15

Husbands and Wives 200 AD

Strategy: The same as Da Qiao’s, except you’re fighting Da Qiao and Sun Ce. An easier duo, in my opinion, but it doesn’t matter. Follow the above Da Qiao strategy and defeat the pair within 2.5 minutes to get Qiao Grace.

Zhou Tai

Dusk - 36 ATP – Medium – Attack 17 – Life 15 – Musou 18 – Fill 16 – Speed 15

Battle of Ru Xu Kou 219 AD

Strategy: You must complete the following before 5 minutes; kill Xu Huang, the attack base leader, and obtain 250 KO’s. The former two are not tough to accomplish while getting 250 KO’s can be tough. I find that the nearby gate in the northwest will get overrun by your own soldiers, even if you don’t secure the attack base. Because of this, you’ll have to go somewhere else to get some kills, but you’ll probably be scrambling around to find a populated area. If this issue comes up for you, head to the central area, as that is one of the more populated areas. Again, remember the 5 minute time limit (which will be signaled by Gan Ning’s raid at the 5-minute mark).

Zhou Yu

Ancients Sword – 34 ATP – Medium – Charge 17 – Bow 16 – Defense 15 – Attack 16 – Musou 18

The Two Qiaos 196 AD

Strategy: This is not fun. You must get by the tigers within a minute of them appearing. Thankfully, this happened the first time I successfully made it. You’ll definitely want the Red Hare and obviously you’re going to have to take your chances to get it done in a minute. Especially at the end; make a break for it, as the last tiger generally will try to close you off and halt you. You’re probably going to screw up plenty of times, but maybe save after you do a good first half of the tiger area or something. Remember; stick north at first and then switch to the south end of the map when you’re about halfway through the area. Be cautious and make your way to the east gate, where you can then make a beeline for the northeast. Good luck; you’ll need it.

Shu 4th Weapons

Jiang Wei

Blink - 36 ATP – Medium – Luck 15 – Attack 16 – Life 17 – Musou 18 – Speed 15

Battle of Mt. Qi 231 AD

Strategy: Jiang Wei needs to ensure that Wei Yan follows orders and then defeat Zhang He and Xu Zhu. Immediately head towards Wei Yan to get him to stop disobeying Zhuge Liang’s orders. Now return to Fei Yao in the northwest and lure him south to his position. Having Red Hare and knocking generals off their horse and strifing away from them works best for luring them in a certain direction. Before Shu can launch the attack you have to help Wei Yan and Zhuge Liang lure their enemies (Xiahou Ba and Dai Ling respectively) back to Mt. Qi. When they all stop the rest of your army will retreat out the gate to the southwest, so return over there. Scouts will be sent out eventually and the one in the center will meet you first. Find a way to get behind him after he gets in the southwest area, and then wait for the western scout to head far enough south that you can head up his path a little. You should be able to wait here in the clear until your army springs it’s ambush, and then you can ride north to take out Fei Yao. Rush to the center to defeat Dai Ling and Zhang He should be coming your way. Take him out and head towards Wei Yan to help with Xiahou Ba and Sima Zhao if he needs it. Otherwise, just wait until Xu Zhu appears and kill him for the weapon.

Liu Bei

Gold Moon Dragon – 34 ATP – Medium – Luck 20 – Speed 18 – Musou 15 – Defense 18 – Horse 15

Rescue at Lou Sang Village 184 AD

Strategy: Upon starting defeating Yan Zheng and Zhang Man Cheng to save the southeast village. Ride to the northeast and defeat Guan Hai and Cheng Yuanzhi to save that village and then head southwest to the last one. Halfway there, Zhang Liang and Deng Mao will ambush you. Deng Mao can be ignored but you must kill Zhang Liang, which will also get rid of the phantoms. Mop up Gao Sheng and Bo Zhang in the southwest to get the weapon. Note that if a message regarding a village being in danger comes up, you can’t get the weapon. Also you will probably get the Hex Mark Saddle in doing all this so be sure to not let that confuse you.

Pang Tong

Tornado Staff - 32 ATP – Medium – Fill 18 – Bow 16 – Life 15 – Defense 17 – Luck 15

Struggle for the Book 183 AD

Strategy: Pang Tong must get to Master Lao’s location in 7 minutes and 30 seconds. Actually, Pang Tong is going to need to be at Master Lao before 7.5 minutes as the game will take a while to acknowledge that Pang Tong is there due to the dialog going on. Immediately speed through until you get to the north gate, although you’ll lose some time due to the wind. Defeat the Phantom Master Lao quickly and then the Sun Jian/Cao Cao/Liu Bei clones will show up once you enter the castle. Defeat them quickly and head in for the most difficult part. A phantom Zuo Ci and Zhang Jiao will appear and you’ll have to defeat them, and then a rockslide will be cast by Master Lao. Furthermore, two Pang Tong phantoms will appear in this area also. Once you defeat these four phantoms head in and go to Master Lao. You’ll have to sift through some dialog for a long time and you’ll probably get frustrated if this causes you the weapon. When the game says you’ve reached the final trial (after Lu Bu appears) you’ll get the weapon.

Wei Yan

Comet Strike – 36 ATP – Medium – Charge 16 – Luck 15 – Defense 16 – Attack 18 – Musou 15

Battle of Jia Meng Gate 214 AD

Strategy: Wei Yan has to defeat Zhang Wei and get Ma Chao to defect. Initially, ride north and take out Zhang Wei, ignoring Yan Pu and everything else. Now head to Ma Chao’s position (near the center heading towards your base). Ma Chao will heal himself and power up his defense, but when he is defeated he’ll retreat. You have to wait for him to come back but you need to do some things in order to make sure he defects. Ride to the southeast and take out the two gate captains and Ma Dai to further lower Zhang Lu’s loyalty to the Xi Liang crew. Ma Chao should have re-appeared about where you last defeated him, so return to him to defeat him and get your Comet Strike.

Yue Ying

Oblivion - 36 ATP – Medium – Charge 15 – Horse 15 – Bow 16 – Defense 17 – Life 16

Husbands and Wives 200 AD

Strategy: Again, within 2.5 minutes of being hostile, you must defeat Cao Pi and Zhen Ji. This will happen as soon as you run across them in the north trial area. You may wish to build up Zhuge’s confidence with your kill count before this.

Zhuge Liang

Peacock Feather – 32 ATP – Medium – Charge 18 – Fill 15 – Bow 15 – Defense 18 – Musou 20

Battle of Mt. Qi 231 AD

Strategy: Complete the Shu retreat within five minutes. First, find Dai Ling and knock him off his horse. Strife back with your horse to lure him to the summit. When he is set, you’re probably going to want to help Wei Yan next as Jiang Wei is a bit more competent with leading his general. Xiahou Ba can be persistent, but if you knock him around a little he should follow you to his point. Last, help Jiang Wei and the two of them will retreat to the southwest when everyone is in their proper position. Unless the enemy was incredibly stubborn and took too long, you should have your weapon (although you should wait until the ambush is set to get it).

Other 4th Weapons

Diao Chan

Diva - 32 ATP – Heavy – Fill 18 – Luck 18 – Musou 18 – Speed 19 – Defense 16

Battle of Yan Province 194 AD

Strategy: Cao Hong and Xiahou Yuan must be defeated within 1 minute of their respective arrivals. First, take the base below you and then wait. You don’t want to rush ahead and surround the castle; this will negate Cao Cao and Xiahou Yuan appearing at the ten minute mark and obviously you need that to happen. All this waiting will drop your morale and your allies will be dying. Wait around in the top north part of the stage as that is where Cao Hong’s reinforcements will come from. Sure enough Xun Yu calls for the ambush, so just go for Cao Hong and not his sub-generals (although you’ll probably kill Xiu in the process). Now you just have to wait at the gate in the center-east area (north of Man Chong’s position and west of where Gao Shun probably is, if he’s still alive). As soon as Xiahou is killed you’ll get your weapon, if you beat both of them within a minute of them coming. Get your weapon and hurry back to Lu Bu’s side as he probably is in danger.

Dong Zhuo

Horror - 36 ATP – Medium – Luck 17 – Defense 15 – Life 15 – Attack 18 – Horse 17

The Ten Eunuch’s Rebellion 189 AD

Strategy: Defeat six Eunuch’s before Zhang Rang arrives. Not tough as Zhang Rang is the last of the ten to appear. Dong Zhuo starts by Xia Yun and Cheng Kuang so kill those two. Go towards He Jin in the northeast now and take out Zhao Zhong, Feng Xu and Guo Sheng. Cao Jie, Hou Lan and Duan Gui do not count at this point; they count after they attempt to escape in the carriages. This can be tricky because Yuan Shao, Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Jian will clutter the level. The weapon is in the northwest corner (if you saved He Jin you got the Bodyguard Manual too).

Lu Bu

Meng Huo

King of Beasts - 36 ATP – Light – Charge 15 – Horse 15 – Life 19 – Attack 18 – Fill 15

Showdown at Nan Zhong 235 AD

Strategy: Defeat Cao Ren, Cao Zhen, Sun Li, Xiahou Ba, Xiahou Wei, Xu Huang Xu Zhu and Wen Pin within 12 minutes. Ride northeast until you get to an attack base. Sun Li should be a little south of here and Xu Zhu will be in the area also. In the northwest corner, Jia Kui should appear with the Destroyers. You’re going to want to defeat him and his toys. Man Chong will then appear a little south of here. After defeating him, head east and you’ll run into Xiahou Ba (or maybe earlier) so kill him. As Meng Huo races east towards Xu Huang, the wall will be destroyed and Wei will be on the attack (Cao Zhen appears here). Defeat Xu Huang and Cao Zhen and race south, where Xiahou Wei and Wen Pin are making a push to your camp. At the ten minute mark, Cao Ren will appear at the southeast gate, and he’ll be your last kill. A few times I did this too fast and negated Cao Zhen and/or Cao Ren’s reinforcements.

Yuan Shao

Sword of Kings – 34 ATP – Medium – Fill 15 – Horse 15 – Bow 15 – Defense 18 – Musou 17

The Ten Eunuchs’ Rebellion 189 AD

Strategy: Like Dong Zhuo’s you must defeat six Eunuchs before Zhang Rang arrives. Yuan Shao starts off in the south and should take out Jian Shou, Feng Xu, and Guo Sheng around this southeastern area. In the northeast by He Jin are the fake Cao Jie, Hou Lan and Duan Gui; ignore them. Instead, kill Zhao Zhong and Xia Yun as they actually count towards the total of six. You probably won’t be able to get Cheng Kuang (in the northwest) so that’ll leave you with one left to get out of the three Eunuchs in the carriage. There will be plenty of other generals vying for these kills but just get one and then you can get Yuan Shao’s weapon in the southeast corner and finish the stage.

Zhang Jiao

Volcano Staff - 32 ATP – Medium – Charge 16 – Fill 9 – Luck 15 – Attack 15 – Musou 17

Struggle for the Book 183 AD

Strategy: The Cao Cao, Sun Jian and Liu Bei phantoms must be defeated within five minutes. Zhang Jiao starts off in the south, where he should clear out the area and immediately head north to the gate. A Master Lao phantom will fight you and you can enter the castle after it is defeated. Sun Jian will then appear in the west part of the castle, Cao Cao in the center, and Liu Bei in the east. Take out Sun Jian and then work your way east through Cao Cao and to Liu Bei. Don’t fight on the poison; coax your enemy away. Also, either fight away from the elephants or shoot them down, they can hassle Zhang Jiao. Once they are defeated the weapon will appear in the interior of the castle.

Zhu Rong

Inferno - 34 ATP – Medium – Defense 15 – Bow 15 – Charge 16 – Musou 18 – Fill 17

Showdown at Nan Zhong 235 AD

Strategy: Once the center area is captured, you have fight minutes to defeat Xiahou Ba, Xiahou Wei, Wen Pin and Jia Kui. Capture the center base and take out Xu Zhu and Sun Li; your five minute timer starts after this. Now ride to the north and past all the Destroyers until you get to Xiahou Ba (Jia Kui should be around here also). Take them both out although it’ll be tricky with all the Destroyers. You probably have time to take out some of them but work fast. Ride to the south after these two are defeated, and use the west route, not the east route. If you take the east, Xu Huang will bust through the center. Anyway, you’ll come to Xiahou Wei and Wen Pin will probably arrive as reinforcements as you are on your way south. Xiahou Wei will meet you first and Wen Pin will be a little deeper to the east. Grab your weapon in the center area and finish Nan Zhong.

Zuo Ci

Trump Deck – 40 ATP – Medium – Charge 15 – Fill 20 – Bow 15 – Defense 15 – Musou 20

Struggle for the Book 183 AD

Strategy: With Zuo Ci you must reach 300 kills in five minutes. Despite Zuo Ci’s brilliance, you’re still going to need to be efficient with this to get to 300 in five minutes. Most of the fighting should be done on horseback to save time and don’t head straight north with Zuo Ci; take the west gate to get in the central area and enter the castle this way. Otherwise you’ll have to deal with the wind taking off precious seconds and the enemies aren’t as plentiful when taking that route anyway.

In the castle will be Sun Jian, Liu Bei, Cao Cao and various types of enemies with poison everywhere. Evade the stone warriors as they take too long to kill and just mop through these areas and you should get close to 300. If not, exit out the west gate (Pang Tong’s route) and start killing people or head further inside the castle.


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  • hunter says:

    how can i get lu bu’s

  • Stallion Fury says:

    Just something I noticed for Xiahou Dun: “you can probably kill 100 guys pretty fast so use that token ASAP to clear out Li Jue.” Only fourth weapons drop Musou Rage tokens per 100 KO’s, lol.

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