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Dynasty Warriors 6 Horse Walkthrough Lady Luck FAQ

Dynasty Warriors 6 Guanyu Cao Cao

Of course we have had the Lordyuanshu Dynasty Warriors 6 Walkthrough FAQ up for a while with pictures, descriptions of characters, unlock unlockable characters, DW6 Stage strategies and so on.

I have been getting a lot of emails asking for a .txt version of the Lordyuanshu DW6 guide so I went ahead and did it. It is more simple to read having it all on one page in text in front of you at once, or to print off.

Everything from the website version is compiled inside and submitted to the important places (aka Gamefaqs and our friends a Lots of other emails come in asking for walkthrough FAQ submissions but I tend to ignore them :)

Also I have been getting feedback on my walkthrough a few days after submitting it to Gamefaqs. Just want all those users who emailed in to know that in due time I will look over any omissions or questionable strategies (I think my DW6 Fan Castle Wei Side needs a few more run throughs on hard to stop the flood and finish all three targets).

Dynasty Warriors 6 Text Walkthrough Guide. This FAQ should only be here, Gamefaqs, and at