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Dynasty Warriors 6 Horse Walkthrough Lady Luck FAQ

Dynasty Warriors 6 Guanyu Cao Cao

Of course we have had the Lordyuanshu Dynasty Warriors 6 Walkthrough FAQ up for a while with pictures, descriptions of characters, unlock unlockable characters, DW6 Stage strategies and so on.

I have been getting a lot of emails asking for a .txt version of the Lordyuanshu DW6 guide so I went ahead and did it. It is more simple to read having it all on one page in text in front of you at once, or to print off.

Everything from the website version is compiled inside and submitted to the important places (aka Gamefaqs and our friends a Lots of other emails come in asking for walkthrough FAQ submissions but I tend to ignore them :)

Also I have been getting feedback on my walkthrough a few days after submitting it to Gamefaqs. Just want all those users who emailed in to know that in due time I will look over any omissions or questionable strategies (I think my DW6 Fan Castle Wei Side needs a few more run throughs on hard to stop the flood and finish all three targets).

Dynasty Warriors 6 Text Walkthrough Guide. This FAQ should only be here, Gamefaqs, and at


  • machao619 says:

    Hey, I’m new to the game (ps3 version).

    LYS I had specific questions concerning the horses if you could help.

    1. To unlock them, do we need to do accomplish certain targets/objectives like DW5 or do they appear randomly (ex: item drop after killing officer)

    2. I want to unlock red hare, shadow, etc. but i see numerous posts concerning these time tricks and such (but i do not understand what they mean)


  • Well, horses are treated different in Dynasty Warriors 6. Like you said, generally you have to accomplish something in battle then you find the item box and you have your horse.

    In DW6 you don’t actually get ‘Red Hare’, you just get a high quality red horse. Or a black horse, or white horse, etc. So, I wouldn’t focus on looking for Hex Mark Saddle or Red Hare Saddle, instead play on harder difficulties / levels and try to acquire the best generic horses you can and build them up. I think for abilities, the best you can have is ‘considers the world’ with a ‘heavenly physique’. Sometimes you will find a King horse – obviously you would want to level them up.

    • Myo Myat says:

      Hey.. I don’t have two characters of lvl 50 with lady luck. So I use only one player, Liu Bei(lvl50) to get for Blue Striker. I just thought of trying for fun. But I actually got it after setting the time and date to 12.00am and 17 march 2008 respectively. I got Blue Striker! haha. But you see.. I trained that horse with lvl 50 lu bu in battle of guan du, easy for 5 times until horse lvl 5 and the horse is still does not turn to Hex Mark or anything! why???

  • mike eblen says:

    uum..hi..I was just wondering if you had any tips to suggest to me about finding a king horse. all I know is that you need one that says his eyes consider the world and he has a heavenly physique. also i know that you need to train it with someone maxed out and has horsemanship ablility like guan yu or lu bu. so far I have managed to max out lu bu but am haveing difficulties finding a considers the world with heavenly physique the tips i wanna know is where can I find such horses and what stages and diffculty? (I have the Xbox 360 version by the way.)

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Hey Mike…

    Hmm tough to say exactly, I should figure out the best levels to find horses.

    . By and large, the harder difficulties an the tougher levels will yield the best results as far as horses, weapons, etc are concerned. Tougher levels generally means later levels like Wu Zhang Plains, He Fei, etc. You Ting might be a good source too, not sure.

  • alex says:

    ok i have the ps2 version and i was wondering if you could get king horse i recentaly rented the game my best charecter is level 39 but i am having geting any good horses i have no good horses like that have 500 in ones stat

  • Matt Fletcher says:

    Hey i’ve been playing DW6 for a while now (ON THE 360 VERSION), and i just wanted to know how to get the very best horse i can. I dont care if its red hare or not i just want the best there is. I got LuBu lv 50 so training it wont b a problem, i just need to find it cus the only sites i can find giving advice only works on the PS2 and 3. So pleaze help ive run out of ideaz!

    • Chris Martin says:

      Wait I have an idea for the Red Her I played in guan du to churacters have lady lack lvl 50 with a horses have find saddle date is 17/3/2008 23:40 pm then you will have a horse name Ginger striker then do the same date and time it will apper to you the name is : ultimate dream complete target 3 then take the saddle from the box then kill yuan Shaw I have done it I have the red her it’s sow coool

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Use characters like Lu Bu or Guan Yu or Lady Luck characters like Yuan Shao. And play on Hard or Master in the later levels (Shi Ting, He Fei Castle, Wu Zhang Plains). Get all the horses that you can in those stages, save before you end the battle, and load up if you don’t get a heavenly physique / Ultimate horse.

    • Muizzy/Muis says:

      saya bertanya soal kuda raja yang sulit untuk di dapatkan,namun saya sudah coba beberapa kali main di tingkat Chaos tetapi saya tidak mendapatkannya

  • gamemaster says:

    just use gameshark FOOL

  • Matt Fletcher says:

    Thx for the info man, ill try it out and message again with the results. and theres no gameshark for a 360 stupid

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:


  • Baka says:

    Hey guys, I too had problems geeting king horses but my problem now is getting different ones, i will explain i followed Lord Yaun shu’s tip and started doing the tuffest stages in master and chaos dificulty (it takes a whille to get use to killing generals in chaos and you need a 50 lvl char with a weapon with 80+ and should have flash in it) but to get to the point, i do this lvls with zhen ji but i can only seem to get ebon king (not complaining) and none of the others so i guess the char you use to get the horse also counts

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Hey Baka. Yea it sounds like you’ve done more research with horses than I have maybe. It is just so hard on Chaos and Master. Anyway, yea, I think the character you use matters. I think you need either ‘Lady Luck’ ability (Xiao Qiao and Yuan Shao have this, off the top of my head). Or maybe you need the ability that gets the most out of your horses (Lu Bu and Guan Yu have this). I’m not sure, but I actually think it’s the Lady Luck that Xiao Qiao and Yuan Shao have because it makes it easier for you to get the best horses.

  • zachi says:

    so i have 4, lv 1 horse with either his eye considers the world or has heavenly physique.
    do i want a horse with both, or will those do. i have a guan yu, lv7, that has horsemaster (i think thats what its called” should i go and train those horses, or not even bother with them?

  • Lee Roy Sauva says:

    how can i get the “king” horses in pc ver.?

  • william says:

    how do i get is it a red orse ithink lol in dw6 plz tell ahahahah

  • RikazeMA says:

    For reference, Liu Bei also has the Lady Luck ability, and I find him far more useful than Xiao Qiao, personally, though I dunno about Yuan Shao. (Haven’t unlocked him yet.)
    My question is this, I see the Time Trick thing for the PS2/3 versions being required (supposedly,) to unlock the horses that eventually become Red Hare, Shadow, etc. Has anyone confirmed if it’s also required for the PC version?
    Another random tid-bit. I see it often that to -acquire- the horses in the first place, a Lady Luck character is best, but to get them to eventually become the ultimate horses, you have to -Level It Up- with a Horsemanship character, I.E. Guan Yu, Lu Bu. To my knowledge, they don’t need to be maxed to get the horse as long as they have the skill, but actually doing it is easier with a 50 Lu Bu, or other maxed character, since they tear through everything.
    FYI, Characters with Horsemanship that I know;
    Guan Yu, Lu Bu, Zhang Liao.

  • Azegor says:

    Though there hasn’t been much activity on here in a while, I’d like to throw in what I’ve found works best thus far.
    I’ve found that if you run through one of the more difficult stages on Master or Chaos (I’ve found that grinding Wu Zhang works best for me), it does help, as does having a character with the Lady Luck skill. I’ve found Guan Ping works best, since he’s got Lady Luck and has the range and damage to help prevent you from getting cheap-shotted in the back every time you start attacking. Also, make sure you know where the saddle crate is for the level you’re grinding. It adds an extra chance to get the horse you want, and every saddle counts. I would also advise saving just before ending the stage and reloading from that save if you don’t get any good horses. Saves A LOT of time.
    Once you have a horse with the “considers the world” and “heavenly physique” descriptors, use any lvl 50 character with Horsemanship on any stage to level it up to 5 and you should get the most out of it.

  • Azegor says:

    Oops, almost forgot:
    You probably want to level up a few crappy horses until you get one with the Find Saddle skill, and be sure to take that horse with you. A horse with Find Saddle always seems to add AT LEAST one extra saddle to my ending total.

  • bleezy says:

    wat is grinding a stage mean? like yaw are talkin aboutit

  • Drake says:

    what is the whole entire cheat code thing to get the shadow runner horse and how do i enter it on the ps2?

  • Drake says:

    also i have a black horse that is heavenly and eyes consider the world but i didnt use a horsemanship charecter and i have it fully leveled and it didnt change but i have auburn king i used machao to do this.

  • Drake says:

    i also tried the time trick i dont believe it work

  • VRM says:

    1. I read from somewhere, time trick is not required in PC version.

    2. And Yes, with or without horsemanship skill, does not matter because when u have consider & heavenly horse, U will get those horses.

    3. I figured in PC, Dunno bout other versions, those consider & heavenly horse come in a pair. example, I have 6 horses but only 3 kinds of it. Auburn, Dapple and that White horse.

    4. For me to play with ladyluck character to get horses is not necessary. I got my 2 white horses with consider & heavenly with Sun Shang Xiang and Zhao Yun. They are not even at level of 50.

    5. My conclusion for PC version is, there is nothing can ensure a good horse acquiring. because its TOTALLY RANDOM. But maybe, Ladyluck improves the possibility for the horse.

    6. I have a question, where do I find Saddle box in Wu Zhang Plains? desperately need help. coz its so dark that I can see

  • Drake says:

    i now have auburn king, dapple king,and 2 Ebon kings

  • Weslley End. says:

    Guys, you´re are being kindda… wrong.

    First of all, Ladyluck is the lucky… so, characters that got it, have higher chances of getting good weapons and horses, its a general highger lucky.

    Second, Horsemanship skill DOES increases the horse´s stats, every stat, BUT its only for the stage.
    Ex.: My horse has 400, 400, 400, 400… with a horsemanship character, it will get FOR INSTANCE 460, 460, 460, 460, but when that stage finishes, THOSE EXTRA 60 WILL BE REMOVED.

    They are an extra source of power for the horse, but for the time you´re using it INSIDE a stage, so forget that stupid tale that you must use a horsemanship character to get Red Hare, Shadow.. etc.

    Consider/Heavenly is the main thing you have to get, and lady luck helps you getting better and better horses.

    Again, Horsemanship’s extra stats are only for INSIDE stage bonus, they do not stack/stick to the horse´s permanent stats. When the stage is finished they are removed.

    I got PS2 version, still, its a fact for all versions, and i know what i´m talkin about.

    Later guys.

    • VRM says:

      Weaslley, Thx for the comment
      but how do U check on the statement U said

      “They are an extra source of power for the horse, but for the time you´re using it INSIDE a stage”

      does it only apply to lv 5 horse?
      coz on the game I checked on the horse status, it does not change

      • Weslley End. says:

        As i said, they are inside only effects, i dont think you can see it (also, maybe you must be riding the horse) because, i already tested it… try it too.

        Get any char, and ride your highest speed horse, then enter with horsemanship char and you will see a great difference, at least i did… and, you sure you checked before entering the stage and after entering the stage, inside?

        Well, im leveling my guan yu to check it, then i will tell you what i get, later.

      • Weslley End. says:

        Hey VRM, i just tested, and as i said, the stats doesnt change, you cant see the difference in the horse´s stats… between, my best speed horse, 463 only, got as fast as red hare from lu bu.

        Like i said, a great increase, anything leave a message.

  • VRM says:

    does any one know how to get saddle box in Wu Zhang Plains

    I got the details in the net saying its in “Lowest area on left side of map near west base. ” but which west base?
    so dark and hard to find can anyone tell me near which base?
    what name is the base?


  • Drake says:

    if you play at liu bei forces it is in the forest lower than the look out base just go south of wei yans reinforcements you will see it

  • Drake says:

    i use zhen ji (cao pis wife) and xaio quaio (sun ces wife) both on level 50

  • sdagfas says:


  • lui bei says:

    i got a auburn king on tong gate,easy,lvl50,1player,zhen ji
    kill all the officer,dont brake the dam,finish 3 target,
    you will find a crate in third place in the river from dam where caocao’s officer surround machao’s officer.

    try repeatedly……………definitely you will find a horse with consider world and heavenly phsique.

  • Drake says:

    i now have shadow runner king w/ stone spirit it looks like cao caos horse

  • Drake says:

    i played on yue yings story mode on hard

  • G says:

    Any hints for completing all the targets on the Wei side for Wu Zhang Plains? I keep missing the 2nd target which I think is to prevent the four forts from falling for 15 minutes. Any suggestions?

  • Drake says:

    i now have red hare king
    i play at guan du cao cao forces played as xu zhu and zhen ji both with lady luck

  • Drake says:

    how do i get Grey king (best place or people)

  • Drake says:

    WTF will any body answer me its been a few weeks damn it!

    • Weslley End. says:

      hey Drake, there is no way that you can get it, i mean, there isnt a regular step top get it, like “get into guan du, complete only target 1 etc” these things dont work.

      to get a grey king is simply luck, you need as much luck to get grey king as the other king horses, sorry for delay, didnt see your question.

  • need-red_hare says:

    can u get red hare king on easy mode or do you need to go all the way to, say, chaos difficulty and by the way – i always get the “eyes consider” and “heavenly physique” i have a whole list full but none have turned out to be king horses please get back to me i dont care about any horse but red hare but any is welcome – just please answer all my questions im super desperate

  • need-red_hare says:

    by the way when i said i have “eyes consider” and “heavenly physique” they are always both for the one horse not seperate

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Only advice to give for finding the best horses is your use someone with the Lady Luck ability and fight on later boards (harder levels) and on harder difficulty settings. This is how you will find the best horses.

    • King_Of_Hearts says:

      LYS is right… I have already found several consider the world, heavenly physique horses by using 2 lvl 50 characters like liu bei and zhen ji. Just try on the harder difficulty. I prefer the battle of SHI TING: WU FORCES in CHAOS mode so that you have a better chance of getting good quality horses. in my stable… all of my horses were kings… (ex. shadow runner king, hex mark king, etc.)I still didn’t have red hare king but somehow I got red horses w/ heavenly physique but not considers and vice versa. My advice on playing master or chaos mode is that the character that you use must have a weapon with FLASH so that you can easily defeat the enemies especially CAO CAO with few SOLID attacks. To describe how I always accomplish the stage(SHI TING: WU FORCES)is that I always get the saddle from the crate beside Wan castle then HEAD STRAIGHT TO CAO CAO AND BEAT HIM. I’ve told you that the character you use must have a weapon with FLASH. I’ve done this a lot of times. sometimes I’ve lose my touch and slain. but since I’ve already memorized the strategy… I always have a chance to find new good quality horses by playing this stage.

  • Awesomesauce says:

    The best advice on getting rare horses, especially Red Hare King, is the ‘Battle of Guan Du’, Wei Forces Scenario, Easy Difficutly. Have any character with the ‘Lady Luck’ skill unlocked in the ‘Skill Tree’ (Yuan Shao, Liu Bei, Zhen Ji, and Xiao Quiao, maybe more?) and complete targets 1 and 2 only. Once those targets are completed, go after ‘Yuan Shao’ and destroy him with your ‘Tome’, if you have received one, but either way, it doesn’t matter. Make sure you have a horse that has the ‘Find Saddle’ ability. At the end of the battle, you should get some kind of rare horse, it has worked for me countless times and guarantee this will work for most of you. Although, LordYaunShu’s FAQ should do the trick.

  • bookThai says:

    How to get horse?
    play 2 Lady Luck skill
    one player don’t do anything
    another one go to find a saddle box
    and kill the boss
    Where is saddle horse?
    Invasion of Xu Chang = A stair to kill Xun Yu and right way it has a little way, it has a saddle horse.
    It is an easiest way.
    The Yellow Turban Rebellion
    When it start game, you were in the center, you go left, and go to east watchpost, and jump over the watchpost, walk straight and a saddle horse.
    All horse
    Red Hare , Shadow Runner , Grey , Dapple , Ebon , Anburn

  • bookThai says:

    most horse is

  • Alfian says:

    saya cuma punya 1 pertanyaan,yaitu apa cheatnya utk langsung mendapat kan semua karakter dengan level 50 + kuda king<red hare,shadow runner,grey /hex mark,auburn ,dapple ,dan ebon.
    kenapa di dw6 tidak punya liuntenants,dan tidak bisa membuat karakter kayak di dw5 XL

  • Gempong says:

    How to got red hare king?
    Haha……Easy guys !.
    Just random to got it !.
    Not like PS3 n XBOX 360.
    Ps2 can’t setting time n date,
    so u have used your lucking.

  • sultan nasser almitiri says:

    Igot red hare he is fast but iwant to have hex mark & shadow runner my email is (

  • sultan nasser almitiri says:

    site the time on (4 Augusat 2008)(12:01:00 AM)
    Battle of Guan Du Cao Cao side.
    you must have Liu Biu & Zheng Ji Lv50.
    Easy rush and kill yuan shao and you will get a hourse named Ginger Striker save these hourse and reapeat avery thing alsow the time and you will have ahourse named (Ultimate Dream)it will be red hare.

  • Kei says:

    Hi. I have a question. I’m playing PC version of Dynasty Warriors 6.
    Sometimes enemy generals/commanders drop horse (or weapon) instead of exp.
    Do lady luck’s effect to get better horses/weapons apply to this ‘drop’ as well?

  • lolololol says:

    I got a horse with heavenly, but why isn’t it red hare?

  • lolololol says:

    OMG! I can’t belive i got it man!!!

  • sultan nasser almitiri says:

    Igot Auburn king in Guan Du his name is (Roan Striker).Lu Bu a hourses Lv1 kill Yuan Shao.(

  • sultan nasser almitiri says:

    Igot (Red Hare)(Grey King)(Shadow Runner).(Auburn)(Ebon)(Dapple).In one battle it is (Hu Lao Gate).I will not say with wich force sorry .(

  • paparock says:

    hex mark and red hare king…it so hard to have them on my stable….doing guandu countless lucky yet….god help me..

  • yonjie says:

    If u want to get hex mark or red hare do u need a white horse or a red horse and have eyes consider and have heavenly physique

  • Da1And0nly says:

    seriously ive tried several methods and nothing has worked. how EXACTLY do you get red hare for PS2. ive done the time trick countless times, and guan du AND chang ban. nothing works. Even the lady luck has failed me, SOMEONE HELP!!! PS2.

  • Tassadar says:

    uhh…. ive been grinding Guan Du at Master level and I do get heavenly with consider eyes-red horses, and when i train them to lvl5 with lvl50 Guan Yu… I just get the same horse with nice stats.. but no rare horse =(

  • Tassadar says:

    btw, i play the PC version, so it might be, as VRM said, the chances of getting a rare horse may be completely random.

  • Tassadar says:

    I’ve been wondering… what does “has untold powers” mean? is that the lowest class of horse? Or maybe it means they can be turned into rare horses o.o///? (btw this is for PC v. cause I’ve tried many times with heavenly+world in clarity red horses with lvl50 lu bu and guan yu and still no red hare)

  • kickbuttowski09 says:

    master yuan shu how to unlock dapple king,ebon king,auburn king i have trouble to unlock this king horses.Whos character that unlock dapple king,ebon king,auburn king.Teach me master yuan shu plsssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

  • annuaire du casino aux bonus says:

    I know is that you need one that says his eyes consider the world and he has a heavenly physique. also i know that you need to train it with someone maxed out and has horsemanship ablility like guan yu or lu bu. so far I have managed to max out lu bu but am haveing difficulties finding a considers the world with heavenly physique the tips.

  • nicolas says:

    hola charola!!!

  • nicolas says:


  • sultan nasser alwallan says:

    hi i have the video for shadow & hex how to unloak them they are ready please just vote.send me message on my email, facebook,sultan wallan just vote and i will upload them on youtube.see u

  • me says:

    i have red hare king and he is not heavenly,he has untold power ,so dont get fooled by everyone just play in max difficulty with liu bei alot and you will get it

  • adi putra says:

    Plan is easy to get all king horse also you do select any scenario with easy mode,and 2 player lv.50(Ludy Luck) get 4horse in 1 batlle(2 horse with find sadle,find the crate,kill enemy to get sadle)so now you get 4 sadle,one of them sadle is king horse,(his eyes consider the world and he has a heavenly physique)pick it and train with character have horsemanship like Lu Bu,Guan Yu,Ma cao,Sun this horse will become king with each colour.

  • Ken Woolard says:

    For Horse Farming (Hunting if you will), the best place I found is Battle of Guan Du, Cao Cao side easy. Difficulty of the map doesnt seem to affect the outcome of the horse. DO you a character with lady luck (I use Liu Bei). From where you start .. head left and jump down the cliff. There is a wooden box in the trees with a saddle. Then move north to Yuan Shou (Go into the river and to the left to find the path north again). Kill any enemy generals along the path cause another saddle is randomly placed as a drop on the officers on this map. With this speed run there is a 25% chance of getting the saddle through this path.

    Like it has been stated before, you are looking for “Eyes consider the World, Heavenly Physique” for a good horse, which basically means he starts with high stats and every time he levels .. all of his stats will level high (towards max end). Now .. in order to get a rare trait (In Red Rare King’s example, wind spirit so he runs as fast as red hare) all stats of the horse must be 485 or higher when it reaches level 5. It also depends on color. If you get a white horse with considers/heavenly, it wont become Red Hare fast, but will get the swimming rare trait assuming all stats are 485 at level 5. There is one rare trait for every color. Obviously, Red color horse is what everyone seeks.

    If you play on playstation 3, there are time tricks to make this easier (you can do a google search for times and dates). Unfortunately for us xbox 360 and PC players, no such trick exists. While you can change the time on the xbox 360 if you unplug the Ethernet cable, the time changes doesnt produce the same effects as on the playstation 3 version.

    I hope this helped people with questions still and I will try to keep an eye out to see if others arise. Til then, happy hunting and good luck. I’ve only managed to get 1 horse in a month of farming so its RARE for xbox 360. Have fun

  • Ken Woolard says:

    Also might I add, you dont have to level the horse with a character that has Horsemanship. This trait does not affect the stats of the horse as he levels. All this trait does is give the horse bonus stats and added effects. For example, say your horse has 470 speed with a normal character. With one that has horsemanship, it will still show 470 but the horse will run as if it had the speed of 500. Also the jump of the horse changes. With horsemanship, the horse landing from a jump will produce shockwaves that knock enemies around. Normally you need a special rare trait to do that.

  • King_Of_Hearts says:

    I already have RED HARE in my stable. Maybe I was just lucky to have it. I am using the PC VERSION of the game so I didn’t use any time tricks to get it. I remembered that the stage I played to have it is in the battle of SHI TING… WU FORCES… MASTER DIFFICULTY. I have used LIU BEI as player number one and XIAO QIAO as the second player. both of them were in LEVEL 50 and both have the LADY LUCK SKILL. I just finished the stage normally playing LIU BEI while XIAO QIAO doing nothing. Both of the Horses I have used for both characters have a FIND SADDLE SKILL so that it is easy to acquire more horse after I cleared every stage. Killing all of the officers and getting the saddle in the create beside WAN CASTLE… I was lucky to have the horse named BLUE COMET. It is in RED COLOR… and its description is: “HIS EYES CONSIDERS THE WORLD AND HE HAS A HEAVENLY PHYSIQUE.” I knew that it was RED HARE so i immediately saved the game.

    I trained my RED HARE, BLUE COMET with my favorite character, LU BU. I wanted to have a good quality of skills with this horse so I refuse to save the game if I didn’t acquired the desired skill for this horse. Its stats were not bad at all. Most of the stats were in 500. Speed, Jump and Destruction. However, the attack is only in 499 (still close to 500 hahaha!). It has ICE ELEMENT on it. The skills of my RED HARE maybe be good for some of you but I chose this skills because It is what I wanted and what I need. It Has a skill called WIND SPIRIT. It says that It can run as fast as red hare. It also have MUSOU SPIRIT AND RENBU GAIT. I have chose FIND SADDLE instead of find weapon because I still wanted to acquire other horses even though I already have red hare. With my luck using BLUE COMET or RED HARE, I acquired other different king of horses including GREY KING or HEX MARK KING and SHADOW RUNNER KING. Red Hare is best to use in battles like Chang Ban. It’s just a matter of luck… I understand that you wouldn’t believe me because results were different. Just be patient. It took me 2 weeks to play the battle of SHI TING everyday on my PC just to acquire RED HARE. Determination just lead me to achieve in acquiring the Horse that I dreamed of in this game. You can use my tips. I hope you guys will be fortunate to have one. GOOD LUCK!

  • dynesty warriors king says:

    i have 8 GREY KINGS
    ALL 500

  • dynesty warriors king says:

    500 for speed,jump,destruction,attack

  • Lord Yang of Han says:

    Comments Ps2 DW6 finding horses
    Acknowledgements to all who have contributed thanks, your answers plus my gaming experience with DW6 will help.
    1. Horse has to Have Considers the world & heavenly physique, that will 80% of the time be A King horse train on Master difficulty with good lvl 50 character like Lu BU or Cao Cao on 4 star or better levels and complete some targets, horsemanship skill is useless, as by what is written and my experience.
    2. By what is said it seems Lady Luck is necessary for finding king horses quicker. Recommendations, Master/chaos difficulty hardest to get all three target levels like He Fei Castle etc.Personally im going to go unlock and lvl 50 Liubei within the week to see what happens.
    3.PC and Ps2 versions have THE MOST RANDOMNESS about horse hunting i play Cao Cao at XU Chang Sima yi force, got a Dapple king, trained it on master as Cao Cao, turned into Dapple King(FInd Weapon winged hoof and Renbu Gait) so its really random.
    4. will get back next week or after the new year to see how experience using Liu bei has been.
    5. Time trick does not work on PS2(duh). but it seems having good weapons and playing on master difficulty gets good non king horses and with a deal more exceptions of King horses consistently, dont kill yourself by playing Chaos with these suggestions you will die unless you are lu bu or hella skilled at playing.
    6. lastly have your weapons in line before atempting to horse hunt and 2players seems to help but isnt absolutely necessary, dont go into 5 star battles without flash/ true musou 85 or better weapons on master or chaos,(strength weapons are less perferable.)

  • zXLuBuXz says:

    I have Shadow and hex mark and im still looking for red hare the battle that i use is Hu Lao Gate LuBu’s side for the difficulty i put it on Master the characters i use is Liu Bei and Zhen Ji you need horses with find saddle and you need to play 2 player for this instead of using the one player controller you need to use the 2 player controller first find the crate with Zhen Ji then run back to Hu Lao Gate then use Liu Bie and kill every one and if you do get Red hare doing this just for a tip save the game when you get him but when your leveling him up don’t save because if you mess up then you can start over again so good luck

  • the305sultan says:

    hi,i have download the video how to get blue striker.on youtube.the name of the video is ( how to get blue striker for dynasty warriors 6 ) go and see it know.

  • Lord Yang of Han says:

    i’m back.Happy new year to all.
    now then, on to business. On ps2 version always use two lady luck characters, it took a while but i got 50 lvl for Liu Bei and Yuan Shao.
    As i said, playing on chaos difficulty is hard except for the extremely skilled. However i obtained 8 of my king horses by playing on chaos difficulty.Battle of Guandu Cao Cao forces chaos difficulty use 2p lady luck, i got a shadow runner but after like 12 hrs over the course of 4 days playing that lvl.In total i managed to find 9 king horse but four were dapple king and i got hella annoyed as that was becoming the most common king horse find. Right now i have 6 king horses, 2 auburn king, 1 shadow runner king, 2 ebon king and one dapple. The red hare kings and hex mark king are still the hardest to find. Playing as Lu bu DOES NOT do anything in helping to find red hare, and Liubei the same for hex mark.Acknowledgements to those who provided luck and Guan du lvl tips. The Ps2 versions has three really odd things though.#1 I experimented with using 2 ebon king w/find saddle to get shadow runner and i got it, i doubt its coincidence because i played 20 times w/liu bei Yuan shao,Guandu lvl Chaos difficulty, only got that ShadowRunner once. To sum up,play horse close in color to Red hare or shadow runner and you may have better chance at finding The Three Kings horse. I used dapples to get Auburn Kings (2) and am currently using Auburn for Red hares, no luck yet though.(only for ps2) and i need a confirmation if this seems to work so feedback might help. Hex mark is the most random horse! #2 the ps2 versiom has NO name definitive horses, like Ultimate Dream is Red Hare,NOT! I played Yellow Turban lvl and got a black non king horse named Ultimate Dream, and a Dapple non king Blue Striker so, Ps2 players dont think the fancy play on easy trick works for the Ps2. It does for Ps3 i guess, weird. so like one guy said determination and time will get you King horses! #3 Oddly enough if you play He fei Castle with lvl 50 lady luck character and lvl one non Lady luck character(on chaos make sure 2p is safe charge SunQuan kill him in less than 3 min etc.) you get some extremely great weapons, i got a 100 strength sword with Flash, True musou Balance and Mystic seal for my Liu bei, so heads up, played a few times with him and Lu BU low stat(i was building him up) and it happened. Also got 99 weapon for Lu Bu with true Musou, balance, air wave,no flash though. On a last note i guess koei developed tricks for its p3 and Xbox versions of the game due to the programing on both consoles but Ps2 and Pc they made it random, so credit to all who found and used and made these suggestions and tips and i will get back in the week on my progress.

  • Lord Yang of Han says:

    sorry to back up, but relooking the messages previous. I have not found one grey king period despite all the tips! So a little help on ps2 version please.

  • Lord Yang of Han says:

    Last to review the past half year of comments,i confirm that ROAN STRIKER is an auburn king using Guan du but on Chaos difficulty is what it is for Ps2 version at least. Im guessing the ps2 version now does have tricks to it, but you have to use certain lvls, characters etc to find them, ive encountered the same named horse different or same color a number of times using different stages.Any confirmations? And for the week good luck to all horse hunters !!!

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Cheers to everyone here for their horse hunting :) Good discussion.

    Dynasty Warriors 7 Walkthrough has begun. Game will be released in 2 months. Check out the pictures and gameplay we have ahead. Lots of new characters, I’ll be even more excited if they add Yuan Shu.

  • Lubu at lvl 50 bra says:

    Hey guys u know if you go to conquest of wu or campaign against yuan shu go to the castle named nuzhu or something like that and there is an opening on the side go there and you will see a wooden crate it doesnt get u a red hare but i got a horse that had 400 in speed at lvl 1 —-i hope this helped gl you all plz tell me if you had trouble finding this i will try to give more details

  • Lubu at lvl 50 bra says:

    hey guys i just found something funny out well actually i knew about this since i got the game but i want to share it with you if you go to the conquest of wu and are zhao yun you will be on a mountain next to a castle what you do is go up the ladder on it and jump off the enimies will be confused its so fun try it sometime

  • HmoobBoy99 says:

    i need auburn king and zhen ji wont drop weapon in ps3 someone help please (the horse name is Quiet Dream)

  • Rio says:

    hey, i have a problem lord yuan shu….
    can you help me???
    how to get horses in DW6 ps2???
    (sorry, if my english grammar was bad)

  • Rio says:

    now i have auburn king and ebon king in ONE LEVEL…
    just play in battle of jie ting shu side on easy …
    then use 2 character lvl 50 with lady luck (for example zhen ji and liu bei)…
    don’t forget to use 2 horses with find saddle
    complete target 1 & 2 (or 3 targets)
    kill all your enemy….
    don’t forget to take saddle crate in west river….
    and.,., T A D A…
    You got it (more higher the difficulty, more higher chance you can got it)

  • Zacky says:

    Come on..
    i still can’t find king horses in my DW6 ps2 version…
    can someone help me?????
    please comment faster….
    i need your help, master yuan shu…..
    please100X……………………… ;-<

  • Calvin says:

    I have tried all of the tricks but it still don’t work.?!

  • Brodie Murphy says:

    @Zachy To get king horses on PS2 you must have 2 Level 50 characters with the skill lady luck (i prefer liu bei and zhen ji) choose the battle of shi ting, chang ban, or guan du. i would do master difficulty and for chang ban find the saddle crate and u must be on Wei forces. just keep doing these steps and u will get king horses. it may take more than a few tries. i have gotten a total of 2 grey kings, 1 shadow runner, 6 auburn kings, 3 dapple kings and 7 ebon kings from doing these steps! but still no RED HARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christian Ekaputra says:

    It doesn’t matter what version you use, like PC,X360,PS3,PS2… The rare horse is the same tricks to how to get it! I’ve got all king in the PS2 version except Red Hare and Shadow… When I was bored to play it anymore, I buy XBOX360,and after that I play DW6 again and start from the begining,and after all Musou mode clear,I train: Lu Bu, Liu Bei, and Zhen Ji at Lv.50,I just get 4 Auburn King I play with same tricks and same stages and same character and same difficulty… I think it’s very weird but I play at Guan Du Cao Cao forces,Master 2 Lady Lucks character and just play for 4 times,and after that I surprise with Red hare King what I’ve been got… and I was trained it to Lv.50 with Lu bu,it seems bad if Red are without Find Saddle skills,I just play 2 player at Shi Ting Cao Cao forces Easy with Liu Bei and Lu bu,with Red hare and Auburn King Lv.4 without find saddle,I go to take the saddle inside the box near the central castle,and then I was cut down Sun Quan,and after I win I just get 1 horse and I was surprised because I got Shadow Runner King, I think it’s imposibble to get 2 rare horse what I don’t have in the PS2 version but is very easy on the X360 version…. I just happy at that time and not just happy, but very happy… so that is my story about DW6 King Horses… SEE YA…

  • JusT4FunOnlY says:

    hey Yuan Shu..i’ve follow your advice and hey it seems work for me..i keep on played hard and master mode and guest i have all king horses! tq..

  • Robbert says:

    Ey guys, i have a problem and i really need your help..

    I playing with 2 players.. the one is Lu Bu and a friend of mine is playing with Guan Yu. We are playing Chaos Mode and we playing the second level of Lu Bu and its called the battle of Guan Du.
    Lu Bu as Guan Yu is at level 50.. so no more upgrades..
    No matter what we do in this level.. we always lose.. there are too many enemies… and they keep on following us.. so we dont have a time to take over a castle to recharge.
    Can anybody please help us ? what is the strategy for this level ? If you have any tips or something like that please leave a message..

  • Lu Bu says:

    Well,guys i am rookie here and i play dw6 on xbox360 and at that i was playing dw6 on xbox360 using Zhao Yun story mode and on the 5th level i was so suprised yet happy i got RED HARE! but stiil i only got 1 red here,1 grey king,2 dapple king,1 ebon king and 3 auburn king.I am hoping to get shadow runner and fyi it was so easy to get red hare!

  • Lu Bu says:

    So,anyone who is into RED HARE go and play Zhao Yun’s story mode and be sure to take all crates in each level oh and on master level will definitely get you a RED HARE horse.(for me this is how i really get RED HARE but any other tries is acceptable) Ok,here is the story first,make sure your forces momentum is high and also make sure the enemy momentum is you know not even there and after you get the enemy main camp and all his peons is gone then you take the crate.thats it.That was how i got RED HARE.

  • Lu Bu says:

    Ok,here is another question is there any dw6 on computer which you don’t need to download them?

  • Lu Bu says:

    Also this might be out of topic but is there any digimon games on pc that dont need to be download?

  • prater says:

    I want to begin Yu-Gi-Oh u don’t seem like investing in a starter patio. What booster packs do i need so that We can make my decks.
    Or if you advise will buy s starter decks, what should I get after that?

  • Ultima-Horse says:

    The required players to get red hare in ps2: liu bei lvl 50 with lady luck, zhenji/others lvl 50 that has lady luck, battle of guandu, easy mode, i forgot the time, select 2 horse with find saddle ability, one of them(horse) must be hex mark or grey king that has karmic spirit for obtaining good weapons and horses. Complete objectives 2 and 3 only, one of your player must reach the box near the southwestern gate, and finish the mission, do it every time and you will get ultimate dream

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