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Dynasty Warriors 6 Unlocking Guide

23 Feb Posted by in RPG Reviews | 233 comments

dynasty warriors 6 lu bu

9 characters are optional from the beginning while over 30 others can be recruited later, by finishing Musou modes with various kingdoms / officers and also by completing certain tasks within battle.

The complete DW6 Unlocking List also points out which of those characters have musou modes (17 characters do).

Feel free to check out the Dynasty Warriors 6 Walkthrough Index


  • Martin says:

    Hi LYS, I have problems unlocking Xu Zhu… could not find Cao Ren. Can you help?


    • Lu Bu's Forces says:

      A1: You have to complete any 3 individual musou modes from Wu, Wei, and Shu characters. Then you unlock Cao Cao, Lui Bei, Sun Jian and Diao Chan. Then you complete those 4 musou modes and you unlock Lu Bu. You will do 14 musou modes in all.
      A2: Not exactly sure but I think my son unlocked him by beating the story mode with the leaders of their clans….. cao cao…. lui bei and so on….
      A3: A1 is correct and the sad part is that the charectors are way different right
      A4: Beat mosou mode with the following,Cao Cao,Sun Jian,
      Liu Bie,and the hot Diao Chan,okay?Good.You unlock
      Cao Cao,Sun Jian,and Liu Bie by beating three characters form each of their kingdoms.Dao Chan you unlock by beating mosou mode with one character from each kingdom.
      Hope this helps.
      A5: Complete liu bei,sun jian,cao cao,diao chan musou mode
      A6: Lu Bu is the strongest character in the game and also the hardest to get, you have to complete three Wei and three Wu to unlock sun jian and Cao Cao and then yo have to complete Cao Cao, Sun Jian, Diao Chan and Liu Bei’s musuo mode to unlock Lu Bu

  • Hey Martin…

    The only thing I can think of is you are doing the wrong level? It has to be Battle of He Fei Wu Side (some people get confused and think it’s battle of He Fei Castle). Cao Ren should be protecting the northwest castle and Xu Huang the northeast castle (but I think you just need to defeat Cao Ren, and then Xu Zhu in the center who is roaming around).

    Hopefully that works on He Fei Wu Side for you, if not who else is in the northwest castle there?

  • Martin says:

    Hi LYS,

    Thanks for your answers. I think you are right. I was doing Lu Xun musou mode but apparently the scenario is Battle of He Fei castle and not He Fei Wu side. I will see how do i get on to the He Fei Wu side battle.

  • Vitor says:

    Hi LYS, I have problems to unlock Sun Ce in my game
    I change the correct level, the correct force, but he isn’t unlocked
    Can you help me ?

  • Hmm. Well you just have to complete Xia Pi stage with Sun Ce alive. I assume Sun Jian’s forces is the correct force. Did you try this?

  • masterzhaoyun123 says:

    master yuan shu i have a question how do u unlock red hare please i have the ps3 i mean like when u have lu bu u gotta have red hare.

    thank you my lord.

  • masterzhaoyun123 says:

    its me again its the dw6