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Dynasty Warriors 6 Unlocking Guide

23 Feb Posted by in RPG Reviews | 233 comments

dynasty warriors 6 lu bu

9 characters are optional from the beginning while over 30 others can be recruited later, by finishing Musou modes with various kingdoms / officers and also by completing certain tasks within battle.

The complete DW6 Unlocking List also points out which of those characters have musou modes (17 characters do).

Feel free to check out the Dynasty Warriors 6 Walkthrough Index


  • Martin says:

    Hi LYS, I have problems unlocking Xu Zhu… could not find Cao Ren. Can you help?


    • Lu Bu's Forces says:

      A1: You have to complete any 3 individual musou modes from Wu, Wei, and Shu characters. Then you unlock Cao Cao, Lui Bei, Sun Jian and Diao Chan. Then you complete those 4 musou modes and you unlock Lu Bu. You will do 14 musou modes in all.
      A2: Not exactly sure but I think my son unlocked him by beating the story mode with the leaders of their clans….. cao cao…. lui bei and so on….
      A3: A1 is correct and the sad part is that the charectors are way different right
      A4: Beat mosou mode with the following,Cao Cao,Sun Jian,
      Liu Bie,and the hot Diao Chan,okay?Good.You unlock
      Cao Cao,Sun Jian,and Liu Bie by beating three characters form each of their kingdoms.Dao Chan you unlock by beating mosou mode with one character from each kingdom.
      Hope this helps.
      A5: Complete liu bei,sun jian,cao cao,diao chan musou mode
      A6: Lu Bu is the strongest character in the game and also the hardest to get, you have to complete three Wei and three Wu to unlock sun jian and Cao Cao and then yo have to complete Cao Cao, Sun Jian, Diao Chan and Liu Bei’s musuo mode to unlock Lu Bu

  • Hey Martin…

    The only thing I can think of is you are doing the wrong level? It has to be Battle of He Fei Wu Side (some people get confused and think it’s battle of He Fei Castle). Cao Ren should be protecting the northwest castle and Xu Huang the northeast castle (but I think you just need to defeat Cao Ren, and then Xu Zhu in the center who is roaming around).

    Hopefully that works on He Fei Wu Side for you, if not who else is in the northwest castle there?

  • Martin says:

    Hi LYS,

    Thanks for your answers. I think you are right. I was doing Lu Xun musou mode but apparently the scenario is Battle of He Fei castle and not He Fei Wu side. I will see how do i get on to the He Fei Wu side battle.

  • Vitor says:

    Hi LYS, I have problems to unlock Sun Ce in my game
    I change the correct level, the correct force, but he isn’t unlocked
    Can you help me ?

  • Hmm. Well you just have to complete Xia Pi stage with Sun Ce alive. I assume Sun Jian’s forces is the correct force. Did you try this?

  • masterzhaoyun123 says:

    master yuan shu i have a question how do u unlock red hare please i have the ps3 i mean like when u have lu bu u gotta have red hare.

    thank you my lord.

  • masterzhaoyun123 says:

    its me again its the dw6

  • Well, you can’t find Red Hare like in the other games where there is an item drop. Instead you have to look for a high quality red horse (might have to be a King) and level it up. Look for ‘considers the world’ and ‘heavenly physique’. Those are the best qualities for horses.

  • masterzhaoyun123 says:

    well i got a red horse but i havent leveld it up yet but if i level it up with lubu will it become red hare
    thank you ,

  • Well it has nothing to do with whether you use Lu Bu or not. You can level up the horse with anyone. Like I said, just look for a red horse that is ‘considers the world’ and ‘heavenly physique’….this will produce a quality horse

  • masterzhaoyun123 says:

    where could i look for red hare and on wat stage for dw6

    thank you

  • ….

    How many times do I have to answer this question for you?

  • Kevin says:

    I’m wondering how many horses there are. Is it all random or is there a set amount of horses in the game? Also what is the best horse. Can the best horse be any horse with the title “considers the world” and ‘heavenly physique’. or would the best horse carry a name in there title.

  • Kevin says:

    I meant what name would most likely be given to the best horse?

  • David(lu bu) says:

    Hi i can see that you are very good lord …is there easy way to find king horses like on ps3 with that cheat….chahnig time…pls answer

  • David(lu bu) says:


  • yourcow says:

    hey mr lord yuan shu, just asking, what country are you from? haha err, can i level up the horses with ‘heavenly physique’ with any hero? or must they have horsemanship and be level 50? can they be lvl 48?? please reply fast. thanks.

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    I hail from Minneapolis Minnesota of the United States

    Heavenly physique and eyes consider the world.

    The level you are on doesn’t matter. You need a general with horsemanship skill and you need to fight on HARD difficulty on some of the more difficult stages.

  • kou says:

    Read the description please!!– You need to set the time, and mm/dd/yy. The Real Way To
    Get The Horse KingsFirst off, for a horse to be a rare horse, it must have the description
    “His eyes consider the world and has a heavenly physique”. Key words here are Considers
    and Heavenly. There are 6 rare horses, one for each color.Time TricksRED HARE08/04/2008
    12:01 ambattle of guan du, Lu bu’s forces, easy2 lvl 50s with lady luck ( Zhen ji & Liu
    Bei preferred )Both with horses with find saddlecomplete target 2 and 3 ONLY! (Do not pick
    up any weapons or saddles during gameplay!)you will get a horse named ginger striker.
    (Make sure you keep Ginger Striker!) save this horse and repeat the steps again (reset to
    same time, same date everything)When you are finished you will get a horse named ultimate
    dream which will be Red Hare King by Lv.5 ( MAKE SURE you use a Lv. 50 Lu bu or Guan Yu to
    train the horse!) The horses stats should be 379 312 142 203.Leveling-The maximum each
    stat can grow per level is…39 for speed (minimum 344 for max)49 for jump (minimum 304
    for max)94 for destruction (minimum 124 for max)79 for attack (minimum 184 for max)Of
    course you are going to want higher than the minimum for a higher chance of having a max
    stat.Abilites that can be learned for eachLevel 2 – nothingLevel 3 – Arrow Dance, Find
    Saddle, Find Weapon plus an elementLevel 4 – Renbu Gait, Musou SpiritLevel 5 – Special
    Skill pertaining to horse color AND one of the other skills that hasn’t been learned.Note
    that if you do not get the ability/element/stat growth you want, then you should reset and
    try again by either picking up a different amount of weapons or starting a new level. It
    is also possible to get an element on a different level assuming you did not get one at
    level 3.NOTE : This is only for PS3! Sorry Xbox 360 users!!

  • David(lu bu) says:

    Thanks…it worked =)

  • OXy says:

    bagai mana cara mendapat kan kuda lubu (red hare)

    • Lu Bu's Forces says:

      Kau harus punya:
      -2 orang lvl 50 skill lady luck
      -2 kuda find saddle
      -salah satu kudanya grey king dngn find saddle dan karmic spirit
      -Lu Bu lvl.50

      1.maen di chang ban lvl hard,master,chaos
      2.ambil kotak kuda
      3.bunuh peasent chieftan
      4.bunuh oficer(utk dptkn saddle)
      5.bunuh zhuge liang dan zhang fei sblum ending
      6.bunuh liu bei

      cara ini membutuhkan waktu yg lama,dan harus sabar krna disini kau manen kuda jd stiap lvl lo dpt 4 kuda.trus coba smpe dapet.klw dah dpt kuda c/h red latih pk lubu lvl.50 bunuh 150 orang stiap levelin kuda bwat dpt 4 skill sm memperbagus stats’a.jangan melatih pk orng biasa krna itu akn fatal.karna jika kuda itu slh satu stats’a kurang dri 490 di lvl.5 tu gk bkal jd king

      disini trdapat 3 pengaruh
      lady luck:utk mndapat benda atau kuda bgus
      karmic spirit:mndapat
      benda atau kuda bgus
      horsemanship:membuat kudamu mndpt stats tmbhan
      jd (karmic spirit x2)+(lady luck x2)

      cara ni juga bisa bwat dptin kuda king yang lain tinggal cari warna sm deskripsi’a

      1.shadow runner king (hitam) punya Cao cao
      2.Grey king (putih) punya Liu bei
      3.Red hare king (merah) punya lubu dan guan yu
      4.ebon king(coklat)
      5.dapple king(coklat kuning)
      6.auburn king(oranye)

  • OXy says:

    how to unlock red hare horse of lubu

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Time TricksRED HARE08/04/2008
    12:01 ambattle of guan du, Lu bu’s forces, easy2 lvl 50s with lady luck ( Zhen ji & Liu
    Bei preferred )Both with horses with find saddlecomplete target 2 and 3 ONLY! (Do not pick
    up any weapons or saddles during gameplay!)you will get a horse named ginger striker.
    (Make sure you keep Ginger Striker!) save this horse and repeat the steps again (reset to
    same time, same date everything)When you are finished you will get a horse named ultimate
    dream which will be Red Hare King by Lv.5 ( MAKE SURE you use a Lv. 50 Lu bu or Guan Yu to
    train the horse!) The horses stats should be 379 312 142 203.Leveling-The maximum each
    stat can grow per level is…39 for speed (minimum 344 for max)49 for jump (minimum 304
    for max)94 for destruction (minimum 124 for max)79 for attack (minimum 184 for max)Of
    course you are going to want higher than the minimum for a higher chance of having a max
    stat.Abilites that can be learned for eachLevel 2 – nothingLevel 3 – Arrow Dance, Find
    Saddle, Find Weapon plus an elementLevel 4 – Renbu Gait, Musou SpiritLevel 5 – Special
    Skill pertaining to horse color AND one of the other skills that hasn’t been learned.Note
    that if you do not get the ability/element/stat growth you want, then you should reset and
    try again by either picking up a different amount of weapons or starting a new level. It
    is also possible to get an element on a different level assuming you did not get one at
    level 3.NOTE : This is only for PS3! Sorry Xbox 360 users!!

  • blackout says:

    how do u do it on the 360

  • 214 SL says:

    is there any 4th weapons for each character..??

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Hey 214 SL :) No 4th weapons in Dynasty Warriors 6, unfortunately. I loved unlocking them in the old games. The best weapons you can get are just random drops (on later levels with high natural difficulty on Hard and Master difficulty level)

  • Nayyir says:

    Master yuan shu,

    i wnat to unlock lu bu in DW6 more easily than doing sun jian, diao chan, cao cao, and Liu Bei

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:


    Unfortunately Nayyir, I know of no other way to unlock Lu Bu. I know that that is a lot of musou modes to complete to unlock him. Maybe there is a cheat somewhere to just unlock Lu bu and the other characters? If you come across a way to unlock Lu Bu without completing all those musou modes, please come back to and let us know

  • Nayyir says:

    How do you unlock wu side in Xia Pi on DW6.Oh and how do you Get Cao Pi’s Beat weapon in DW6.

  • Nayyir says:

    HOw do you unlock Wu In Xia Pi DW6.

  • Nayyir says:

    I don’t know any way to think

  • Nayyir says:

    I meant how do you get Sun Jian’s Forces in Xia Pi.Ya KNow The Place Where You Defeat Lu Bu.Please tell LYS as soon as you can.Oh And ignore “I don’t know any way to think”.

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Hello again Nayyir.

    For Cao Pi, there is no best weapon. There are no special 4th or 5th weapons in this game like the other ones. Simply play some of the harder stages (later years) on Hard difficulty or harder. Shi Ting is a good stage to find nice weapons / horses.

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    To unlock Sun JIan’s Forces in Xia Pi, you need to have Sun Jian’s musou mode completed up until Xia Pi. This will unlock Xia Pi – Sun Jian’s Forces in Free Mode.

    Remember, to unlock Sun Jian and his musou mode, you need to complete 3 of the 4 Wu musou modes (Gan Ning, Sun Shang Xiang, Zhou Yu, and Lu Xun).

  • Nayyir says:

    By Cao Pi’s best weapon i meant in Dynasty Warriors 5.I heard you have to go to Wu Zhang Plains, but do you really have to do Hard or Chaos mode? (dynasty warriors 5).And why is Zuo Ci so special?

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    For Cao Pi 4th weapon Dynasty Warriors 5….

    Wu Zhang Plains, Wei Forces; Kill any three officers, Zhuge Liang dies, Destroy all arbalests when they appear

    Yes, it must at least be on Hard. This is okay though because Dynasty Warriors 5 is so damn easy even on Hard. Chaos mode is tough, but just stay on Hard mode.

    I’m not a fan of Zuo Ci myself. He is good in battle, but a pointless addition to the series. Obviously, I would have much rather seen Yuan Shu added! And I do believe Yuan Shu will be present in Dynasty Warriors 7

  • Nayyir says:

    Can you Describe what a arbalests is.Are they the tiger looking things which shoot out fire arrows?

  • Nayyir says:

    Dear LYS,

    Are arbalests the wooden tiger face things which shoot out fire arrows DW5.Oh and how do you unlock Yuan Shao in DW6.

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    They are the big tiger looking machines that follow Yue Ying around and shoot fire. So yes, you are right.

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    As for Yuan Shao in Dynasty Warriors 6, we need to complete all three tasks at Guan Du stage against Yuan Shao.

    The hardest of the three is to defense Bai Ma and Yan Jin so that they don’t go to Yuan Shao’s forces. He sends a huge amount of officers to both bases, so you will have to protect Bai Ma and then hurry to Yan Jin. Killing officers with a powerful level 5 horse helps make things faster.

  • Nayyir says:

    Oh crazy of me I thought i was supposed to be at Yuan Shaos side.And don’t worry i can kill his troops in one hit because I have Cao Pi level 50.Oh again how do you unlock Cao Pi’s 2nd and 3rd weapon.DW5.P.S. and hard mode is Hard just for the record.

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    haha…yea, we can’t play the ‘other’ side (Yuan Shao’s forces) at Guan Du.

    It would be nice to be able to play on the other side at Guan Du, Yellow Turban Rebellion, Hu Lao Gate, etc.

    If you have level 50 Cao Pi then yes, you should be fine. You can complete all three tasks at Guan Du even with a weaker ally (level 5-10 even).

    How do you unlock Cao Pi’s 2nd and 3rd weapon in DW5? His 4th weapon Chaos is the only one you need to unlock, his 2nd and 3rd weapons you can find on harder stages.

    Hard difficulty depends on the Dynasty Warriors. Hard in DW5 is not hard. Hard in DW3 though is pretty damn hard.

    • Dian Man says:

      You can play as yuan shao just finish Zhang he musou mode his first level is guan du Yuan shao side and yea to play Yellow turban as Zhangjiao forces is cool

  • Nayyir says:

    I can Barely get Wu Zhang plains on easy.Oh and are ther any cheats to getting any characters.If you know please tell. THanks DW6

  • Nayyir says:

    I can barely get Wu Zhang Plains on easy DW5.I unlocked Yuan Shao today.Oh and are there any cheats to getting any characters DW5 and DW6.


  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Good job on unlocking Yuan Shao.

    I don’t know any cheats to unlock characters in DW5 or DW6, that’s why I asked you to post if you find any cheats out for that :)

  • Nayyir says:

    Thanks by the way and i found a cheat to unlock all generals.(PS2)


  • Nayyir says:

    all generals DW6 (PS2) L1+L2,left,left,right,down,up,square,circle,x.

  • Nayyir says:

    Unlock all Generals:

    (L2+L1),left,left,right,down,up,square,circle,x. cheats for DW6 PS2 NP

    How do you unlock Hu Lao Gate Dong Zhous side.

  • duken98 says:

    what about ps3 for the cheats

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Hey, thanks for the cheat codes Nayyir. I will publish them on the main part of the site so that other people can see them easier (instead of just those surfing the comments here).

    As for Hu Lao Gate Dong Zhuo’s side, we cannot unlock it in DW6. Same with Yellow Turban side, Yuan Shao side, Yuan Shu side, etc. I wish we could play as the enemy sides. Oh well.

    Maybe Nayyir can scrounge up some cheat codes for PS3 as well, Duke.

  • Nayyir says:

    Duke i will post cheats for ps3 tommoroww if you need. Today i am tired to look for codes. Dear LYS,

    How do you unlock Lu Bu side Hu Lao Gate? DW6 PS2

  • Nayyir says:

    oh and Lys Tell me if codes worked

  • Nayyir says:

    I found on internet

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Nayyir – I don’t think in Dynasty Warriors 6 that we can unlock Lu Bu side Hu Lao Gate on PS2 or PS3 or Xbox360. I do not know how at least.

    Oh, and I can’t tell if the codes work because I don’t have the PS2 version of Dynasty Warriors 6. I only own the PS3 version. Someone else will have to test the codes to see if they work…

    • Dian Man says:

      Finish lu bu musou and get hu lao gate lubu side but things re extremely different from the coalition VS donzhuo thing.

  • Nayyir says:

    you can unlock Lu Bu side Hu Lao Gate because my friend has it for xbox360,Ps2,Ps3.
    i will try to find out
    and fellow duke as for PS3:
    all cheat websites said there were no cheats i tried

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Well, you’ll have to tell me how to unlock Hu Lao Gate Dong Zhuo / Lu Bu side. Because I’ve never seen it.

  • Nayyir says:

    mt friend said you have to unlock lu bu the great

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Oh hey now that you say that you’re right, there is a Lu Bu stage Hu Lao Gate. It is the final stage in the game – Lu Bu’s last stage in his musou mode. He fights everyone in China.

    I thought you were saying we can control Lu Bu and Dong Zhuo’s forces at Hulao Gate against Yuan Shao and those folks. Now I see what you’re saying and you’re right, Lu Bu has a Hu Lao Gate stage himself.

  • Nayyir says:

    i think you do cheat codes at title screen PS2 only! If you have any questions ask me. But i do have a question for you. How did you make this site?

    • unknown person... says:

      how can i get a king horse or whatever there called… lol

      do i need special requirements to get it

      what level

      im very sorry for all these questions

  • AlexU says:

    About unlocking Yuan Shao, I did it by just using the strongest character available to me and the fastest horse I have. When the battle starts just charge straight at Yuan Shao in his camp and defeat him to win the battle before Yan Jin or Bai Ma falls.

    It seems the target “Yan Jin and Bai Ma do not fall” is the only real requirement to unlock Yuan Shao.

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Nayyir, we made this site with love and care. Started it in 2005. Most recently it has been with WordPress – an active, open community that is always providing new plugins for us to try on the site to enhance everyone’s experience. Chances are we’ll have an update soon to reflect some of these new changes, hope you enjoy. We have other sites also.

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    AlexU, you are right. Having an over-leveled character is very helpful, but having a quality level 5 Horse is probably the most important factor. Even if we are very good at killing officers hand-to-hand, it will still take a lot of time at Guan Du with officers like Yuan Tan, Yuan Xi, Yuan Shang, etc who have their defense powered up. But they are still susceptible to getting trampled by a horse for heavy damage.

    I suppose that yea, you could just charge ahead and take out Yuan Shao. I never thought of that :) I suppose you have to be quick though because Yan Jin and Bai Ma fall quick.

    I think you are right too, AlexU. Probably only need to complete the target about holding Yan Jin and Bai Ma to unlock Yuan Shao as a playable character.

  • Nayyir says:


    How do you unlock Lu Bu you have to do 1 general of each kingdom cause if you do i 1/3 finished

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    First of all, DW5 is dumb. Stop playing and get yourself a copy of Dynasty Warriors 3. This game is 10x better.

    If you still are playing, yes, you unlock Lu Bu by finishing 1 musou mode from each kingdom. I just googled it and found the answer, I’m sure you already knew since it’s not hard to find information or anything.

  • Nayyir says:

    Ok i will get DW3 cause also i think DW5 is dumb! How do you unlock Lu Bu DW3

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Good plan. Get Dynasty Warriors 3 for PS2. The graphics are a little old at this point, but it has the best gameplay in my humble opinion (having played all 6). It was the first to have droppable weapons. The first to have a unique musou mode for everyone. Plus it has a ton of stages especially compared to DW6.

    To unlock Lu Bu in DW3, we kill 1000 enemies at the Battle of Hu Lao Gate.

  • Nayyir says:

    Isn’t DW3 the one with the duals and that kind of stuff. And wouldn’t it take time to kill 1000 enemies. Plus i know they are easy to kill but not Lu Bu. Is Lu Bu strong in Hu Lao and Si Shui Gate. Why doesn’s DW6 have a Si Shui gate. SOrry i asked to much but i hope you answer

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    No duels in DW3. Duels are in DW4. And they make the game too easy – just beat the enemy officer in a duel and their entire army is gone!

    Killing 1000 enemies at Hu Lao Gate DW3 is not hard. You go through a lot of kills in DW3, for one. And at Hu Lao Gate, there are a ton of enemies that appear near enemy camp (Dong Zhuo). Just keep fighting them as they spawn from the Gate Captains.

    There is no Si Shui Gate in DW3. DW6 doesn’t have one either, which makes sense considering there are but 20 some odd stages in DW6.

  • Nayyir says:

    how do you unlock yellow turbun side on any matches DW3, DW5, DW6. Oh and i got Dynasty Warriors 3. you are right it is more fun than 5 and maybe 6. thanks for the help

  • Nayyir says:

    also is Lu Bu in this Hu Lao Gate too? DW3 my mother said me play no game till next week

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Probably unlock Zhang Jiao and you can control the Turbans in their stage.

    Lu Bu is indeed at Hu Lao Gate DW3. However Lu Bu does not go to protect Dong Zhuo in DW3, like he does at Hu Lao Gate DW6.

    Too bad you can’t play. I guess I’ll hear from you next week.

  • Nayyir says:

    How do you unlock Zhang Jiao DW5. TY

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    We complete Sun Jian’s, Liu Bei’s and Cao Cao’s musou modes to unlock Zhang Jiao.

  • Nayyir says:

    How do you unlock tellow turban side DW6 cause i already unlocked Zhang Jiao. Oh i forgot you have to go through his Mosou. TY for i dont know

  • Nayyir says:

    How do you you unlock Lu Bu in Dynasty Warriors Strike Force Ps2.I heard something about Chapter 6. Is chapter 6 like the 6th part in mouso mode? I just DW strikeforce. it is way more fun than Dynasty Warriors 3.

  • rocky says:

    how do you unlock xu zhu in dynasty warriors 6

  • rocky says:

    for the ps2

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Nayyir – I don’t know anything about DW Strikeforce. But I do know it’s not better than DW3.

    Rocky – Sorry for the confusion but Xu Zhu is Xu Chu above. For unlocking Xu Zhu / Chu, we have to do He Fei Wu side. Cao Ren and Xu Zhu need to be defeated in 10 minutes – Cao Ren is in the northwest castle of He Fei so you may wish to charge the castle and defeat him quickly. Xu Zhu is in the dead center part of the stage between the two middle bases. Defeat them both in 10 minutes to unlock Xu Zhu.

  • The Ma Family says:

    yo yuan I’v been followin ur unlockables guide and i’m having trouble unlocking cao pi. I do the battle and cao pi never shows up in the first 5 minz of he fei castle. If u could help that would be great, thanks bro.

    • The Ma Family says:

      LYS I figured out how to get Cao Pi and you need to change ur unlockables guide bro. to unlock Cao Pi you need to defeat Cao Pi in under 5 minz on the battle of Hei Fe, Sun Jian’s forces. Hope this could help other people.

      • tiffany says:

        thanks mate you have really helped me out because i was just trying to figure it out and than i see this,this has really helped i mean it
        cheers bloke

  • tiffany says:

    i don’t get how yo unlock Xioa Qioa do any of you understand or have unlocked her so you can tell me and my one of sister we don’t understand thanks it would mean a lot to us if one of you told us cheers

  • Mithos says:

    I was wondering where is the best exp. Cuz I have been doing Battle of Shi Ting on hard-master getting around 8-10k exp per go, and I was just wondering if that was pretty good or if theres an easier faster way. Also this one time I lucked out and beat it on Chaos in like 1 minute 30 seconds with Lu Bu lol. Didn’t get any good weapons though, sad face.

  • william says:

    lys i have i do i get the red horse in the game i know its very rare do i need special requirements or what… im a lil new but i got alot of characters unlocked and btw if u can how do i get lu bu also sorry for the big questions and ty for ur time =}

    • Mithos says:

      Lu Bu is unlocked by completing the following Musou modes: Cao Cao, Lui Bei, Sun Jian, and Daio Chan. As for Red Hare, either do the time set thing as mentioned earlier or, what I would do is do Battle of Shi Ting on Master mode with Lui Bei with a horse that has find saddle. Look for a horse whos eyes consider the world and has a heavenly physique and has Ultimate in it’s name. Train it to lvl 5 with a lvl 50 Lu Bu or Guan Yu for the best quality horse.

  • william says:

    i mean get it in the game dynasty warriors 6

  • william says:

    or nayyir could u help me or do u not know lol =P

  • gan ning says:

    hey im new to dw6 and i was wondering i saw this website about this king horse or somehting and i was wonder if you lys could help me i am confused abouu what they are talking about well thank you.

  • gan ning says:

    wondering* lol sorry for the miss type heh im a lil sloppy typer

  • unknown person... says:

    any1 know how to get the best horse there is if so can u tell me and it is for dw6 for the ps3 also how do i get it lol thank you if any1 does answer me…lol

    • Mithos says:

      To get Red Hare, either do the time set thing as mentioned earlier or, what I would do is do Battle of Shi Ting on Master mode with Lui Bei with a horse that has find saddle. Look for a horse whos eyes consider the world and has a heavenly physique and has Ultimate in it’s name. Train it to lvl 5 with a lvl 50 Lu Bu or Guan Yu for the best quality horse.

  • lil t says:

    lord yuan shu how is the empire and also what is the rarest horse in the game dynasty warriors 6 and how do i unlock him i have the 360 please answer quickly

  • DeviantDefiantMann says:

    This post is for people who play Dynasty Warriors 6 on the PC, but this logic should also apply to consoles as well. The only difference is on the PC you can’t do time tricks.

    To get all the horses with Consider the World and Heavenly Physique and also to level them up with good stats, I’ve played a total of over 300 games. Because of this, I understand the horse system very well.

    For PC there are no time tricks so it is TOTALLY random. In my stable I have 1 Red Hare King, 1 Shadow Runner King, 4 Ebon Kings, 1 Dapple King and 1 Auburn King. The last horse I have yet to get is the Hex Mark King.

    ALWAYS save the horses you get with this description because they are the ONLY ones that can become Kings:

    “His eyes consider the world and he has a heavenly physique.” The keywords are “considers” and “heavenly”. All other horses you can discard – they will never become Kings. If you get a colored horse (red, black or white) with the above description, they can definitely become the Red Hare, Shadow Runner and Hex Mark Kings for sure. The names of the horses are randomly given and have no meaning.

    My Red Hare King is called Phantom Comet (contrary to the “Ultimate Dream” you get using time tricks).

    The only way to get them is really by random. I got the Red Hare King after about 100 games, and after about another 50 games with all shiet horses, I suddenly got the Shadow Runner King AND an Ebon King at the same time. Difficulty DOESN’T matter! I got my Red Hare King at He Fei castle on Master difficulty using 2 players Lvl 50 Liu Bei and Lvl 50 Zhen Ji, and got both Shadow Runner King and one Ebon King at Shi Ting on Easy using Lvl 50 Liu Bei and Lvl 50 Zhen Ji. Actually I think ANY 2 characters with Lady Luck will help.

    The shiettiest thing about it is, it is TOO random until it pisses people off trying to get them.

    One thing on horse traits. If a king horse is leveled very well you can get 2 – 3 stats reaching 500 and with any 4 of these 5 traits: Arrow Dance, Mosou Spirit, Renbu Gait, Find Saddle and Find Weapon.

    Red Hare, Shadow Runner and Hex Mark Kings will get 3 of those 5 mentioned above, AND a 4th unique trait, such as Wind Spirit, Stone Spirit, etc.

    A good progression can be monitored as follows. Upon reaching Lvl 2, nothing happens. At Lvl 3 you should be getting one element (Ice, Lightning or Fire) PLUS one trait. At Lvl 4, another one trait appears. Then at Lvl 5, the last two traits should appear. If you get one trait without the element at Lvl 3, or one element only and no trait, then the horse leveling is DEFINITELY screwed up and you should start over. Save your Lvl 1 King Horse everytime you get one, so if it screws up you can load the saved game and try again.

    Here’s the fcuked up part: The leveling up is ALSO RANDOM! I’ve tried what some people say: kill 50 people for 1st level-up, 40 for 2nd level-up and more than 100 for the rest of the leveling. I’ve also tried killing more than 100 for the whole leveling process, and there is no FIXED result! And I’m talking about using Lu Bu level 50 (or any other Lvl 50 character with horsemanship).

    The elements are random too. I’ve leveled up the same horse repeatedly at the same stage, and sometimes I get Ice, sometimes Fire, and sometimes Lightning.

  • Nayyir or i changed to "Lu Bu" says:

    wassup yuan. remember me. i asked everyday. all sorts of questions. well i wanna ask u something again. Can u bring back a horse u deleted before and u already saved?
    cause that horse was almost red hare.i was raising ultimate dream and boom, deleted. know how i can bring him back? oh and William, ill answer how to get red hare after a while. i havent played te game for a while. I WILL ANSWER BELIEVE ME………………………….. P.S. I changed my name on chat things from nayyir to Lu Bu.. heh.

  • Nayyir says:

    my e-mail is if u need some info from me. i am as good of a expert as yuan shu is…

  • lil t says:

    hello im having trouble unlocking hex mark king in dynasty warriors 6 on the x-box 360

  • peter yang says:

    how do you get ared hare on xbox 360 because i have it on my ps3 please

  • Kin says:

    CAn Tell Me how 2 get cao Cao’s horse in DW 6?

  • Kin says:

    OR can tell me how 2 unlock Horse of smart?

  • RotTK says:

    Is the level cap for weapons 100 beacause i cant pass 88?

  • Mike says:

    HEllo,My name is Mike, can tell me unlocking horse of run 2 fast In PS2 DW6?

  • Aaron says:

    Hey Yuan Shu I have a question, ok I am a long time Dynasty Warriors fan I mean I love this game. (Oh BTW I agree with you DW3 was the Best Dynasty Warriors hands down. And Lu Bu was almost impossible to defeat on that one) Ok I maxed Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, Lu Xun, and Zhou Yu. The Highest weapon I have is 96 and that is Zhou Yu’s staff. I am wondering if I play the more difficult stages on Chaos will I get stronger weapon Drops??

    Thanks For answering :)

  • ariv says:

    gimana cara mendapatka senjata terakhir(paling kuat) di dynasy warrior 6 ps 2 dan cara mendapatkan kuda2 paling hebat…(cepat)

  • wafa says:

    hei ariv mendapatkan kuda tercepat maen stage battle of guan du wei forces dengan karakter skill lady luck lvl 50 dan juga skill horse(find saddle)dan selesaikan targets 1dan2 langsung ke camp musuh dan bunuh yuan shao setelah selesai kamu akan mendapatkan kuda dengan skill yang bagus
    mendapatkan weapon terkuatdengan cara maen stage he fei castle wei forces chaos mode complitin targets 1,2,dan 3 juga dengan skill horses find weapon ke camp musuh lalu bunuh sun quan thanks for playing

  • master lu-bu says:

    apasih unlocking guidenya red hare di synasty warriors 6 ps2

  • Kira says:

    how to unlock red hare?? in play station 2??

  • a says:

    thanks y master ats infrmsina? oia q ad saran biar skill kuda raja jd bgz kmu naikin lvl kuda pke lubu di chang ban wei force dptin kotak yg ad kuda trz dptin senjata ntr psti klo udh lvl max ad skil find weapon sm find saddle ingt naikin lvl d chang ban oc …

  • Rizz says:

    Hi LYS …

    Gmana sich bwat nambahin exp horse yang udah lvl 5 ..??

    thx before

  • edu says:

    Lord yuan shu how to unlock the 4th weapon zhou yu,cao pi,zhou yun,lu bu in dynasty warriors 5

  • edu says:

    lord yuan shu adakah game dynasty warriors yang dapat dimainkan empat orang kayaknya seru bisa memadukan 4kerajaan dalam satu misi

  • edu says:

    lord yuan shu berapa sih power paling kuat untuk senjata di dynasty warrior 6

  • edu says:

    lord yuan shu gimana cara paling gampang dapetin senjata tipe std. dengan flash,leech,true musou,air wave,renbu gait,power 100 untuk zhou yu,cao pi, zhou yun, lubu.

  • bookThailand says:

    I have Anburn Flame horse.
    I play Dian Wei and I collect saddle horse on yellow turban rebellion. Discription :
    His eyes consider the world and he has a heavenly physique.
    I play to Lv.5 I think it’s a Anburn King. But it’s Anburn Flame
    Flame element. All description is more than 490. I have 2 things is 500. I am surprise and Yahoooooooo.

  • Cow Pee (Aldy) says:

    How Do I Can Get Lu Bu????

  • Cow Pee (Aldy) says:


    Do You Have Facebook?

  • KINGDAN says:

    how do you get ebon and red hare king for ps2 I wish you will answer

  • dw6fan says:

    I tryed using a time trick to get shadow runner but the promblem was i had no player 2 controller so i tryed with 1 player ( I played liu bei) and instead of getting shadow runner i got dapple king i mean how random is that!

  • ronald says:

    untuk memakai cheat semua jendral dimana,apa saat gameplay.

  • Naga says:

    ps2 also got time trick? i think ps3 version only. can u give me how to set up the time for ps2 dw6fan?

  • Lu Bu says:

    how to unlock red hare and quick cheat

  • Lu Bu says:

    cheat horse king in dynasty warriors 6 ps2

  • caio says:

    man i want to ask one think….

    you can’t play[in DW6]the dong zhuo side of hu lao gate?

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Yea bro, it sucks huh…That more than anything is the most disappointing aspect. Not only do they not have a lot of stages and musou modes, but you can’t even be on the other side for that battle and some others.

      Also Guan Du; I really really wanted to be Yuan Shao’s force in that one, disappointing that we can’t. Just makes it feel lazy and rushed on Koei’s part.

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    lol, fucking 130 comments on this page…

  • MaChao The Splendid says:

    I unlocked all the DW5 charecters by buying dw XL5 so possibly it will work for dw6 aswell and its a cool game

    hope it helps

    oh and does anyone have strikeforce

  • jung hae says:

    senjata sun shang xiang nga ada yg laen????
    susah pke panahnya…..
    mendingan cakram yang sebelumnya…

    gua nga nyangka shang xiang tega ningalin keluarganya demi liu bei…..
    meybe that is true love…

    oh iya chet all general t untk membuka siapa aja?

  • ravendit says:

    time trick just work for PS3 not ps2 !!
    ngmongin red hare yakz??
    ngmongin red hare d ps2 ja dweh……!!!
    emang sich,d ps3 nma red hare (ultimate dream n pinto dasher)
    tp klu bwt ps2 beda lg bro !!!
    gw dah pny bnyk kuda raja n bnyk yg gw buangin.
    kyk ebon king,auburn king,dapple king.
    tp gw msh payah,susah amt dptin hex mark king.klu yg laen c dah pny smua.
    nech nama red hare d ps2 !.
    saffron striker n southern zephyr.
    shadow runner king msh ttp namanya.
    ginger striker
    oia !!,note kuda raja emang bner.
    his eyes consider the world and he has a heavenly physique.
    nech nma2 kuda yg pny note kyk gt d ps2 !.
    dawn leopard(dapple king),red phoenix(auburn king),sparkling cloud(dapple king),ultimate comet(dapple king),dusk warrior(dapple king),ultimate star(auburn king),roan sprinter(auburn king),brindle cloud(dapple king),
    dun emperor(ebon king),saffron dasher(auburn king),red boulder(auburn king),savage stone(ebon king),harvest warrior(auburn king),brindle devil(auburn king),red sprinter(auburn king),dusk phoenix(dapple king),quiet song(dapple king),dapple phoenix(ebon king),evening king(auburn king),southern titan(auburn king),dawn dream(ebon king),dapple fang(auburn king).
    tuh cra dptnya random coy !
    tp hrz pke char yg pny skill LADY LUCK !,biar lbh bnyk dpt kuda y tmbain ja pke kuda yg pny skill find saddle !
    so maen 2 players lngsng panen 4 kuda skali victory,tp yg 1 dr officer yakz !!.
    guan du tmpt yg co2k panen kuda raja,bhkan gw dpt 2 red hare pny lubu n guan yu d stu.saffron striker n southern zephyr n ginger striker.
    tp klu si putih hex mark msh bngung,payah gw !,kyknya beda tmpt deh.oiya guys !,gw dpt 2 red hare skali gus,cz gw pke weapon yg powernya 100.dah tuh ja !

    • paparock says:

      I think horse name is random..the most important is his eyes consider the world and he has a heavenly physique.that type of horse must be a king.lady luck just to improve ur luck to get rare item…another chat without ladyluck can get rare item too..but it chance is slighly low than char who got ladyluck..(Im obtain my auburn king when Im playing sun jian and my ebon king when im playing gan ning ^_^ )
      one advice for who palyed PC version…just keep tryin lol

    • aditluyun(lubu zhaoyun) says:

      Woy kalo hex mark king itu grey king lu maen ulang dari pertama charnya guan yu sampe level 50tanpa kuda kalo udah level 50 baru pake kuda puti ?? pertama kali langsung

  • Ravendit says:

    Oia,cara dptin red hare emang d guan du co2k.
    Tp cranya beda2.
    Sharing dunk…….,klu da cara dptin hex mark !!.
    Oia,nech char’s yg pny skill lady luck;
    liu bei,yuan shao,zhen ji,guan ping,xu zhu,xiao qaou.
    Hruz lvl 50 biar c4 dpt kuda bguz.
    Truz train kuda lu pke char’s yg pny skill horsemanship,hruz lvl 50.
    Kyk LUBU,dong zhuo,guan yu,zhang liao,sun jian,sun quan,waduh yg 1 lg lupa,haha…..

    • Fernando N says:

      bukan tinggal 1 lagi yang lupa.. tapi 2 : Ma Chao, Xiahou Dun.
      Eh yg di Guan Du itu selesain TARGET berapa aja??

  • Fathwan says:

    how to unlock Diao Chan,you have to finish 1 character from each kingdom,then you can unlock Diao Chan

  • hamid says:

    how to unlock horse lu bu red hare

  • paparock says:

    finally…after countless run on every batle..I’ve got it..RED HAre and Hex Mark/grey king!!!
    both on chang ban cao-cao side/hard.coz im sick at Guan I played at chang ban…taraaaa red hare on my stable now..thx LYS

  • AGUS says:

    Hey LYS,how to unlock CAO-CAO’S horse

  • AGUS says:

    how to unlock shadow runner,please……..

  • Rizki says:

    How to get weapon 100+ with any element for Lubu n Guan Yu??

    • avvie says:

      if you want a 96 or higher weapon do this time trick (work)
      Time Zone: Japan
      time: 17:55:53 (24 hour format)
      Stage: He Fei Castle – Wei side (Chaos difficulty)

      players: 1 (no lady luck required)
      weapon(s) obtained at the end of stage: 4

      weapon stats — 96 standard with ICE/air wave/mystic seal/true musou/flash

      if you have a better weapon than this, congrats

      1. Open PS2 lid, place disc in tray but do not close lid.
      2. Turn on the PS2.
      3. Go to time/date settings and change the time, but do not press X to confirm after you’re done.
      4. Close the lid and wait for the disc to finish loading.
      5. Hit X to confirm and Circle to go back to main menu, then go to Browse and load the game as quickly as possible.
      6. Do NOT restart the PS2 instead. That’d do nothing but add way too much time to the internal clock for your time trick to work.

  • SUTEJO says:

    .. !!!111 THANKS

  • joel says:

    hey LYS i have two questions…

    1. do you have a better chance unlockin better horse on choas difficulty

    2. Why do you like like Yuan shu so much :L ? I’d preffer old school peeps like Han Dang, Li dian n see more familes character such as Sima, Cao, Liu, Sun, Guans and maybe some more Zhangs


    HOW TO unlock grey titan


    i unlocked dong zhuo


    how to unlock lu bu in dynesty warriors strikeforce

  • Bdirect78 says:

    Is yuan she a card????

  • Pras says:

    Bagaimana cara mendapatkan kuda lubu dan senjata aslinya?
    Please lordyuanshu

  • Dian Man says:

    How do you unlock red hare in DW6 for PS2. I am pissed off fucking pissed off trying to get it by the oh important word RANDOM. I am hating it every time on guan du chang ban I have won 50 games on Chang ban chaos its getting fing annoying. So plz tell em thnx. O h and dont judge me by the language I have been trying since last year to get red hare cut me some slack

  • Dian Man says:

    oh and also is their any special way to unlock shadow runner king for PS2 I dont have that either

  • Dian Man says:

    Oh and if I have to battle some where like CHaos He fei then I just simply give up cuz tried it didnt work and it took so much time. Oh and YUan shu why did you pick that name you like the yuan family so much.

  • Paul the simple says:

    hi i’m dumb.. uhhh….(burp) so lord (hiccup) yuan…sha…shu..shi….shu….SHU! how ya doin?…and oh yea…would you tell mee…how…………to…………………………….unllock ….(hiccup)..what…was I .. oh yea… uh….oh how to….how to…. unlock red hare and kingy horsies….(burp)…….in PS2. ANY…speciial s

  • Dian Man says:

    I am with burpzilla seriously how in the () do we unlock Red hare on the PS2

  • my luck says:

    how to get red hare king on PS2?
    i try to play with hard dificulty, 2 player with lady luck, 2 horse with find sadle, but i can’t got it. when i play on easy i got grey king not red hare king.
    and it’s true if want get red hare king on PS2 must play chaos mode in changban?
    chaos is very very dificult.

    i’m so sorry if my engllish grammer, many wrong.
    but please answer?
    thank you.

  • Sandika says:

    How to unlock red hare king dw6 pc

  • dead angel says:

    bagai mana caranya mendapatkan cao ren ?

  • hansel says:

    unlock lu bu and musou mode = lu bu

  • hansel says:

    i dot no to get red hare

  • ozax says:

    how to get red hare in the game dynasty wariors 6 pc (computer)?

    please answer me? ?

  • valen says:

    susah banget sh dapetin cao ren

  • ozax says:

    bagaimana cara mendapatkan kuda lubu ??

    aku dah coba di guan du pke liubey ma jen ji tapi kok ga dapet ” kata orang bakal dapet ginger striker dulu ,, tapi masih ajj ga berhasil ???

    pless tolong ?? aku main di dynasty wariors 6 di PC

    • aditluyun(lubu zhaoyun) says:

      Woi ozax caranya. ?i’ battle of guan du. Lubu force. Easy level pake kuda ?? punya skill find saddle. Selesain target dua ama tiga. Jangan ambill ?? isinya weapon ama ?? isi nya horse nanti lu dapet ginger striker simpen terus save matiin nyalain tanpa lkaset. Nanti

  • Fandi hutama putra says:

    Gimana si cra dpetin kuda’ya liu bei di dw6 ps2…???

  • aditluyun(lubu zhaoyun) says:

    Hey lys i know to have heavenly physique in guan du. First free mode battle of guan du. Y?? must take horse and have skills find saddle. In the battle of guan du lubu side don’t pick up weapon or horse. Completed target. Two and three and kill yuan shao and cao cao and y?? will have horse with heavenly physique

  • aditluyun(lubu zhaoyun) says:

    Hey sOrry i mean target one two

  • aditluyun(lubu zhaoyun) says:

    Hey in the easy level

  • aditluyun(lubu zhaoyun) says:

    Hey in easy level. (For indonesian). Caranya ?i’ battle of guan du easy level lubu force. Free mode pake kuda yang

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Good discussion everyone. 177 comments on this page.

    Just wanted to alert everyone of some of the Dynasty Warriors 7 content. Here are lists and pictures of unlockable / playable DW7 characters.

  • edo grey king says:

    bozz gmn sch crax mndpkn kuda raja dynasty warrior 6 ps 2???? apakh da cra xg trcpt tuk dptin kuda tsb…!!! please kci tau dooonk crax gtu.. trim’s.

  • michael says:

    how do you unlock lubu

  • bagas says:

    aku tolongin donk ku dah mati2an namatin dynasty warriors 6 pc ,untuk dapetin lu bu .
    cara dapetin lu bu nya gimana ya.
    keterangan di atas kurang jelas .

    aku cm mau dapetin lu bu aj.

    ku dah namatin 3 dari wu ,wei ,shu . cm kurang satu yg warna biru . saya jg dah dapet liu bei,diao chan , sun jian . cao cao belum dapet kliatannya .

    gimana ya tolong kl udah selesai namatin 3 karakter dari wu ,shu, wei,trus gimana?

    • Aboet says:

      aq udh kk
      dri pertama mesti nyesuain film-film nyadari shu – wei
      klo pgn dapetin lubu mesti dapetin coa-coa dlu
      bru bsa
      klo gk bsa usaha dlu kk bru aq ksih tau dapetin kuda lubu,liu bei, sma coa coa

  • bagas says:

    tolong ys di balas comment saya



  • bagaz says:

    yes skrg saya sudah dapat lubu .dan skrg lvl 30 .
    besok saya akan mendapatkan red hare

  • JordeeChan says:

    *Bows* Oh mighty Lord Yuan Shu…xD
    I’m new to DW6 and was wondering if you could tell my the best tactics to defeaet Lu Bu -.-”

    Every single time he comes up in my battle when my character is level one he just beats my to a pulp…..

  • JordeeChan says:

    Ahh…typos ><
    *me into a pulp*

  • Lord Yang of Han says:

    Hmm, the horse discussion moved on… and so did my PS2, i now have the Pc version, i want to do the save game trainer fix thing, but, meh takes all the fun out of it. Master Yuan Shu, has poped in on Kongming’s archives, so look in our forum sections for our advises on DW6, now then. Seems Pc is just as random as PS2 for horses, nuts!
    The Lu Bu, level 1 beat him is impossible, except… if you get lucky, and that only happened to me once on P2 by doing huge amounts of hit and run, and it doesn’t work too well with main melee characters, like zhao yun for example. Currently i only want to know are there any developments in pc for aquiring horses, any tricks or special ways and such?

  • killer says:

    hey lord yuan shu

    how to get shadow runner king and hex mark in DW6 for ps 2..
    please reply

  • ilham says:

    gimana si cara dapetin mode chaos di dw 6 pc game???
    Please answer

  • fujie says:

    aku da habis 50 level yuan shao n liu bei…aku una kuda find saddle lagi…abis kan target 2 n 3…tp..ginger striker pon x dapat….ada cara lain x ntuk dapat kan red hare..

  • fujie says:

    sapa yg minat dynasty warrior nih…add la aku ntok kongsi cita…nih email fb aku… suka dynasty warrior dan 3 kingdom…

  • LuBuMARTIN says:

    Hi LYS,i want to ask.
    How to get red hare(pinto dasher,ultimate dream)in ps2?
    That’s hard

    THanK You

  • zazca says:

    aduh ada yang tau ga cara dapetin kuda grey lightning klo ada yg tau kasih tau aku yah

  • Yuan shao says:

    Lord yuan shu,,,
    how to unlock king horses in my PS2???
    i was stuck to search it…..
    please answer it…

  • Yuan shao says:

    susah banget nih dapetin kuda king di DW6 ps2…..
    ada gak cara gampang dapetin kuda king tersebut????
    katanya ada dapple king, auburn king, grey king, shadow runner king, red hare king, ama ebon king……

  • Si thu says:

    Now i playing in computer dw6.
    how to unlock all 6 king horses?
    i get dapple king and arburn king.
    i didn’t get red hare,hex mark,shadow runner and ebon king
    please answer it :(

  • Haike says:

    Lord Yuan Shu how i can get red hare in dynasty warriors 6 for ps2 version

  • joshua findisel p says:

    aku udah dapetin dua uda king.aku mah ngasal aja main pake orang yg punya skil lady luck lvl 50

  • joshua findisel p says:

    tapi itu khusus yang udah mau tamat

  • Donovan Portela says:

    They have a good deal for Sellers and a good way to make fast money.

  • taeg says:


  • Gan ning says:

    Yg memiliki skil lady duck siapa2 aja?

  • Lord cao cao says:

    Lady duck apaan kn ?
    Lu bu sama zhou yun gk punya lady duck ya?

  • Dark of Knight says:

    Dance my spear

  • rio naufal says:

    bagaimana dapetin lubu di dw5 dan dw6

  • kevin says:

    kayak gimana cara dapat shadow runner

  • Robbert says:

    Ey guys.. maybe 1 of you can help me.. i playing with another friend the Chaos mode.. with Lu Bu and Guan Yu and we are stuck at level 2 of the Chaos mode.. its called Guan Du..

    Lu Bu as Guan Yu is at level 50 but there are too many enemies and we cant take care of all of them and finally get killed.

    What is the strategy to finish this level of Guan Du ? Can anybody please help me ?

    • Fernando N says:

      You must use the Good Horse with Destruction very Good, and you must use Lu Bu and Guan Yu with Good Weapon with high Power and defeat Yuan Shao wih musou not stopped

  • ARYA says:




  • SUN JIAN says:




  • treg says:

    lord yuanshu how to get red hare ps2.

  • master pang tong says:

    hey i have defeat enemy an officer

  • messenger says:

    capek,gimana sih cara dapetin kuda grey king,red hare,dan shadow runner king.

    • Fernando N says:

      wah kurang tau deh yang jelas cari di tempat yang ada Rare (langka) Horse aja (kaya Yellow Turban, Guan Du, Chang Ban, dan lain lain) dan mesti pake 2 orang skill Lady Luck pke kuda dengan Skill Find Saddle. klo Red Hare kurang tau…

  • josiah says:

    how do you unlock the southurn striker please the hell tell me

  • josiah says:

    how do you earn the the red hare it is so hard to earn oh and how do you earn the other king hosers to

  • Fernando N says:

    How we can unlock Lu Bu’s Horse in PS2??
    note: but i not have grey king with Find Saddle :(
    Please Lord Yuan Shu….

  • Master LuBu says:

    lord yuan shu how can i unlock the good horses like lubu’s cao cao’s lui bei”s but on the pc not the ps nor xbox plz answer i beleive that u r the best in th page :)

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