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8 – Suikoden I 1 End Walkthrough Shasarazade Barbarossa

12 Sep Posted by in Suikoden | 12 comments

8 – Suikoden End

Suikoden Index : Walkthrough / FAQ

suiko paint Vanquishing the Imperial Empire : Shasarazade : Gregminster : Barbarossa Golden Dragon Rune

After taking Moravia, there isn’t much left of the Imperial Army. While you’re back, check to see if Clive is at Rikon (he wasn’t for me yet). Also, since you got the Pink Paint at Moravia and the Green Paint at Neclord’s Castle, you should be able to complete Ivanov’s picture. For retrieving all that paint for him he’ll give you the Binoculars.

hix tengaar At this point, if you recruited everyone I told you to, you’ll be missing two stars. One is Clive at Rikon, and we’re working on him. The other is someone we haven’t met yet. Gremio’s will be blacked out because he’s dead (as with Pahn if you lost the Teo fight, or anyone that died in a war battle). Talk to Mathiu at the strategy area and he’ll suggest going after the floating fortress of Shasarazade. Agree, and you’ll see some people preparing. Humphrey talks to Mathiu, Kamandol gets a visit from his buddy Gen, Cleo and Pahn talk, as do Tai Ho/Yam Koo and Kimberly. Hix and Tengaar will be in front of a fire, while Sanny (Sanchez) talks to Flik. Krin is then shown fantasizing about treasure the night before the big battle, while Fukien and Liukan talk about how old they are and how it’s bad to see young people die. Viktor will then visit you in your room, and drop off Gremio’s Axe that he brought with from Soniere. Then it’s the morning and it’s time to go.

Gen Kamandol Milenia Go out front to see that Milia’s dragon just made 500 boats from it’s breath! Wow! You’ll be upstairs with some of your army and it’ll be time to attack Shasarazade. The battle begins, and it’s not too tough with the amount of officers you have (106). You’ll be fighting Sonja. Utilize your Ninja’s and Dragon Knights and you should have absolutely no problem, as you’ll know exactly what the enemy is doing before they do it. After the battle is over, it’s time to set Shasarazade on fire. Pick your party, return to HQ to equip them, and then head back to Shasarazade.

Tough battles loom inside, including TWO bosses. Conserve your MP and items, you’ll need it. Anyway, enter and get the first treasure you see for a Chaos Shield. Keep going along until you see another treasure within plain view, it’s a Guard Ring. In the southwest of this room is a Master Garb, and the exit to the east. Follow this path until you see a east/west/south split, where you should go west for a Mega Medicine and then south for the gate. Actually it’s a boss called Shell Venus, and it’s really tough. Use your best attacks but save some of your MP. Fortunately I have Crowley and Luc with and they have so many spells it doesn’t really matter. Stay healed though, this thing can do lots of damage to everyone in one turn. Worse yet it has a ton of hit points, so this will be a while. You’ll get 100,000 for your efforts and Viktor will close the gate. Grab that Thunder Crystal before you leave though, and be healed up as a battle will ensue soon. As you near the exit of the Shasarazade fortress, Sonja Shulen will approach you. Then the fire hits right after that, and that’s a mistake because your army was supposed to wait until you got out. Sonja gets pissed and attacks you. Now is the time to use everything you got. The hero’s Judgement spell is pretty damn useful right here. Just keep going at it with Viktor using the Clone Rune and your other characters using their best attacks. Her magic defense is pretty good, her physical defense is normal. Sonja will go down with some luck, and you’ll take her out of the fortress with you.

Flik pulls sword on Sanchez As you get out of the fortress you’ll see an injured Mathiu and a pissed off Flik. Evidently Sanchez tried to kill Mathiu and Flik wants him dead. Sanchez was the spy this whole time. And really, with his name not on the Star of Destiny tablet, who would have thought otherwise? Sanchez even confesses to being responsible for Odessa’s murder and this infuriates Flik even more. Mathiu though tells Flik not to do it, as it’d ruin morale. After the war is over, Sanchez will get the death he deserves but until then he’ll hang out at your castle and change your party members :)

Back at home, go downstairs into the basement to see Cleo talking to Sonja. Go talk to Sonja and ask her to join and she will after a while. This leaves Clive at Rikon. Teleport over there and recruit him. If he’s still not there, leave the town and re-enter. Keep doing this until he appears, don’t worry, it’ll happen eventually. With him recruited that should be all 108 (with only Gremio dead).

Go upstairs and talk to Mathiu. Despite his injuries, he knows it’s time to deliver the deathblow to the Imperials while things are still dire for them. You’ll assemble the troops, and everyone will be hanging around the strategy area. If you have all the characters alive except for Gremio, Leknaat will appear and revive Gremio! What a moment. The rest of your army will be increasing their morale around the various parts of the castle. Talk to Mathiu, and as Commander Yuan Shu, you must give the order.

After you do, the battlefield will show that the Imperials have over 100,000 enemies thanks to the monster help from Lady Windy. Leknaat can’t overcome it, but Joshua will help and the monsters will vanish. It’s up to the Imperial soldiers vs. yours now. At this point, with all the characters you have, you should be able to do anything you want against the Imperial Army, regardless of the fact that they have more soldiers (and not by much). After you trounce the Imperials, Yuber will ditch them and you’ll have some people who stopped by to thank you. Hanzo, the leader of the Rokkaku Ninjas, even stops by to say hi.

Viktor Ain Gide It’s time to charge Gregminster now. Flik and Viktor will join you and you’ll have them for the rest of the game. Choose your other three wisely, but you can still back out and return to HQ to rest so don’t worry about committing to anyone. Work your way north and at the bridge you’ll see Ain Gide. He’s the last friend of Barbarossa, and like he says, if he betrays him who will Barbarossa have left? He fights you, but you’re well rested and can use your most powerful runes to dispatch him. He has some powerful attacks, so have a healer with the Flowing Rune present. Once dead, move north and into the castle area.

This is THE best place in the game to build up levels and especially gold. You should probably buy the best armor and sharpen your weapons to 16. Weapons get pricey in the higher levels so this will take a lot of time fighting at Gregminster. For the record, I’m taking Varkas (Holy), Sydonia (Gale), and Luc (Flowing). Sydonia and Varkas are especially important in terms of having their level at 16 to do maximum damage with their unite attack. Often times I’ll switch in Tai Ho and Yam Koo for those two. Anyway, you’re in the castle, so head east and get the Windspun Armor and then continue north. Follow through to the castle area where you met Barbarossa and go northwest to exit.

Keep going north and you’ll fight one set of soldiers, then another, then you’ll be in the next room. Three more sets of soldiers run at you, but continue working your way north. Now you are going left, and there are Five sets of soldiers here. New room now, and you’re going right and you’ll meet another set of soldiers. Keep going right for a Horned Helmet and then go north. Take the west path for a Power Ring and a Save Point, and then east to get to a long path that takes you to Barbarossa. Are you prepared? Always remember that the soldiers you fought in abundance (and couldn’t run from) WON’T be back if you leave and return. That said, it’s in your best interest to leave and then rest/save, and then come back. If you have a Champion’s Crystal you can go through without fighting anyone.

Three Headed Barbarossa Hydra hydra

So now you’re at Barbarossa. Are you rested, do you have a healer? You don’t need someone with a Flowing Rune but you at least need Mega Medicine then. Barbarossa splits into three dragon heads. You want to take out the leftern-most one (yeah, that’s the dragon’s right head). This needs to be done because it can heal. Afterwards, take out the other two in either order. It’s really not too tough, it only has one attack per round despite having three heads. Some of the fire-based ones are tremendously powerful, but again, that’s why you have a Flowing Rune / Mega Medicine. There are no level up’s after this battle. Witness the end of Windy and Barbarossa (I won’t spoil that), and then you have to run out! Kasim, Sonja, Kwanda, and Milich will come by to see the end. On the way out, Flik and Viktor will bail and hold off the enemy for you. Eventually you’ll make it out. Enjoy the ending.

flik arrow wound post battle gregminster suikoden credits Hero Gremio Walking away the End

If you beat it with all 108, you’ll see Gremio with the Hero at the end leaving Gregminster.

The real hero of Suikoden, Krin. Okay, I just lost some credibility….



  • Jay says:

    Your site and pages to Suikoden I helped me through the entire game- it was a lot of fun going along with you and playing this amazing game. I can’t wait to get on my next journey with you in Suikoden II and FFVII

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Thanks Jay, and glad to hear you had fun with it. Can’t go wrong with Suikoden II might be my favorite game of all time, it’s great like Suikoden I but even better. Pricey to find though (in the United States at least). FFVII is good too of course and easier to find (recently released on Playstation Network for PS3 or PSP).

  • Jay says:

    Out of curiosity- where do you think the hero is going at the end of the game when he appears to be “sneaking out” looking around and you hear owls in the background? right before “the end” credits

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      I think Hero is just leaving the castle to go on an adventure. I don’t want to spoil too much but suffice to say the Hero can be found in Suikoden II (along with many other characters that carry over which is part of what makes Suikoden II such a great game especially if you have played the first one like we have).

      • UKMikey says:

        I guess you could read into it that Tir deliberately goes into seclusion because he doesn’t want anyone else to fall victim to his Soul Eater Rune. Just a theory but this might also explain why he doesn’t want to stay at Riou’s castle in the sequel as the Rune has made him afraid of making friends.

        Too bad TcDohl, you’re virtually a permanent fixture in my S2 party as soon as I get the chance :)

  • Verdecimo says:

    Five Star on this guide!
    Though I missed one character and Sheena died in the battle against Griffith. I was dumb and saved it afterwards. I’m moving on Suikoden II, rock it!

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Right on – glad you enjoyed it. Suikoden I is still one of my favorite games. A little short but nice because you can play it over a weekend and finish it.

      Suikoden II is even better, more polished, longer, better story. Two of the best RPG’s of all time, imo…

      For your convenience, a link to the Suikoden 2 Guide :).

  • Rob says:

    Thanks! Your guide was very helpful in getting all 108 but I’m curious, out doesn’t let me save after the credits. Does it still transfer over to the second one if you saved after you get all 108

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Hey Rob, thanks and glad you enjoyed the guide.

      I think the key to getting the Suikoden I data to Suikoden II is to save at the last save point in Suikoden I (which is deep within Gregminster castle, shortly before Barbarossa). Kind of by the Champion Rune I think. But yea pretty sure you just need to save there to transfer it.

  • M says:

    Lord Yuan Shu! I just finished the game! Thank you for the help! I enjoy and cried at the ending. :( Hahaha! I cried becoz mathiu died. I don’t know if he was happy or not. And dr. liukan did not said the answer. What do you think the answer? :) I am currently downloading the suikoden II and i’m getting the hype becoz of you building it up to be more enjoyable and more longer playtime! Please reply. :D

  • Aiden says:

    everyone knows krin was the most important character right?

  • Patrick says:

    Thank you for guiding me through this epic journey! Excellent writing style that kept me entertained almost as much as the game. Hope these past few years since posting this guide have treated you well friend!

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