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Suikoden II 2 recruiting 108 Stars of Destiny character list

24 Feb Posted by in Suikoden II | 364 comments
Suikoden II 2 recruiting 108 Stars of Destiny character list

In an attempt to make the Suikoden II 108 Stars Walkthrough easier to navigate while playing, I’ve listed characters based on how early you can recruit them. Questions / Comments down below.

1 – Riou – Hero from Kyaro.Absurdly good in battle in every category – prime healer once acquiring Bright Shield Rune.

$ – Jowy – Not a star, because of an event that happens.

But his Black Sword Rune is one of the most powerful runes in any Suikoden – watch Jowy wreak havoc in the Sindar Ruins. Much later you will see the level 4 Black Sword Rune ability – very destructive.

2 – Nanami – Hero’s sister Nanami. They live together in Kyaro with Genkaku. Fast with a high critical attack, but lacking in attack power, defense and magic. With Spark Rune she will boost up the entire party’s agility.

3 – Gengen – First you meet Gengen the Kobold at Viktor’s Fort. Gengen goes to get Flour at Ryube with you. He later joins automatically. Not a fan of Gengen in battle – strength and defense are average at best for a front line fighter, and his technique is awful. No magical ability. I’ll end on a good note though -  I think he has a unite with Gabocha.

4- Mukumuku – The first optional recruit, and one of the hardest recruits in the game if not the hardest. Though, there are two times when you can recruit Mukumuku. The first time to recruit Mukumuku is when you get to Kyaro with Jowy. Jowy heads to his house and you can do the same (northwest part of Kyaro). But as you take that screen west out of town near your house. Head north (east of your house) to see a large tree. Search it three times and Hero will walk around, and Mukumuku comes out. Mukumuku has been recruited.

If you miss Mukumuku here, you can recruit Mukumuku later in the game (After liberating Greenhill I believe). Along the path from Greenhill – Muse, you can walk around that stone path with only the Hero (or at least an open spot) and eventually Mukumuku will join you. I think you MUST first talk to the girl in Greenhill that mentions something about a ‘red-caped squirrel’. Otherwise he won’t be on the path.

He is actually a fine warrior in battle – lacking in HP, but his defense stands up for a short time and his attack is quick, powerful and gets critical hits somewhat regularly. You could do worse, especially early on as his tough defense limits enemies to 1-5 damage for a while (though his HP is low).

5 – Rikimaru – Interesting character.You find him passed out at Ryube once you are able to wander around and recruit characters. Talk to him and pay the 3000 potch to the Innkeeper for all he ate.

Seems like he would be good, but really only excels with total hit points. Attack is average for a front line fighter and his defense is poor (but as stated before, his high HP makes up for it). No magical ability and gets carved up with his magic defense. His only real use in battle for you would be if you randomly have him in your party for the Sindar Ruins event (when you leave Viktor’s Fort and your force is randomly determined). He is actually a decent candidate, if you end up with him.

6 – Millie – Another subpar Ryube character. You meet her early on, and once you are able to ‘recruit’ characters for Viktor, talk to her at Ryube. She is closer to the northeast forest exit. Agree to go with her to find her pet Bonaparte. Head east in the forest to find Bonaparte, which turns into a monster. This can be a volatile battle, with all your weak under-leveled characters. But use your best abilities, Bonaparte does not have a lot of HP. Millie joins afterwards.

Millie is a middle ranged character, but her attack is feeble. She is not much more capable magically either, though if you are going to use her it will probably have to be as a low-level rune user. Her one saving grace is that her Bonaparte Rune actually takes off 3X damage but once a battle. Still not worth justifying using her in battle, and if you end up with her in your party for the Sindar Ruins sidequest, you’ll be pissed.

7 – Shiro – One of the best early characters, and definitely a personal favorite in battles. You recruit Shiro as you recruit Kinnison. During your first recruiting trip in Ryube, you will talk to Millie and go off to the forest for her sidequest. Well, take the north path first instead of east towards Millie’s pet. Go near the bird, and put the bird back in the nest. This is essential. After finishing the fight with Bonaparte for Millie, return back to that screen to see Kinnison and Shiro looking over that bird’s nest. Take credit for helping the bird, and they will sense you are peaceful and are recruited.

Shiro is a great high-risk high-reward character. His speed is very high and he counterattacks often – he’s a wolf after all. And he gets critical hits often too. However, Shiro has a vulnerable defense, and his HP is not that high. Not to mention he gets carved up by magic. Still, he is one of the most powerful early characters for you. You will be very happy to get him for the Sindar Ruins side quest.

Note that early on, you may run into a Double-Beat Rune. If so, equip this on Shiro immediately to make him an absolute juggernaut.

8 – Kinnison – The master of Shiro. To recruit, see above. Kinnison in battle is not a pretty sight. Another weak long-range attacker, with little to no magical ability. Kinnison’s use comes down to his unite with Shiro – it does 1.5 damage to a front line enemy, and 0.5 damage to the enemy in the back row. This is somewhat useful, but if you have the Double-Beat Rune for Shiro, you are probably better served to have him do two regular attacks anyway (since that’d be more damage, though the unite is at least a 100% hit).

9 – Zamza – One of the first recruits, but you find him at Toto as you are checking out recruits for Viktor. You must bring Nanami with you. They will talk for a while and not get along – just go along with Zamza and have him join. Note that if you don’t get him here, you can get him later at South Window.

Another one of my early favorites along with Shiro. This guy is versatile. His attacks are decent – granted he is slow and has a poor technique, so it’s not quite the best option. And he has a powerful yet self-destructive rune to use. But the thing that makes Zamza valuable is his astounding magical ability for a front line character. Later on in the game you may even wish to have him act as a back-row character, exclusively for magic (the Luca Blight battle comes to mind). Try a Lightning Rune on him to see what I’m talking about – he gets lots of high powered magic spells and by the time you fight Luca Blight, he has a level 4 Lightning Rune spell. Along with Shiro and Anita, he is one of the best options for the Sindar Ruins.

10 – Hanna – Talk to her after Toto goes down (as you enter from the southeast, look to the side to see her and recruit her).

Groan…She looks like a tank, but really doesn’t have the skills to provide anything other than being a meatshield. Her defense is good, HP is good, and attack is average. Combined with Oulan, she can at least do more damage. But there are better characters to use at that point. One big advantage worth mentioning is her ability to equip shields, and especially the heavy armor that characters like Humphrey can equip. So if you put the potch into her defensive equipment, she can be tough to penetrate. Also, Hanna is a +3 in war battles so she is a useful chip for making a unit more powerful.

11 – Apple – Automatic recruit. She appears after the Toto incident and joins along with the storyline. She is not used in battle but acts as the one to prepare your War Battle characters later on.

12 – Viktor – Joins automatically as well. You will meet him early on, being saved and ending up at Viktor’s Fort.

Viktor is much more powerful than in Suikoden I. I actually didn’t like him much in Suiko 1, since you have to use him all the time yet his Clone Rune attacks weren’t that great. Suikoden II is a different story though, since we can buy things like a Fury Rune and / or a Warrior Rune. Viktor has one of the highest base strengths in the entire game, so if you do that extra work you’ll see how beastly he can become. Many boast about the thousands of damage points he racks up per hit.

13 – Flik – Joins automatically along with Viktor.

The Flik in Suikoden II is not too different from the Suikoden I Flik. He is still good at attacking and a great Lightning Rune user. Skilled overall. When using him in battle, you should have no problem utilizing his many abilities based on the situation. In War Battles, Flik acts as a Bow-Cavalry unit.

14 – Tsai – Automatic recruit, after Flik and Viktor have you go get him. He is in the Ryube Forest.

Tsai is the Fire Spear engineer, and can use these valuable weapons in War Battles. They can shoot up to 3 enemies in front of you – War Battle damage is unpredictable, so attacking multiple targets at least gives you more chances to succeed. This is a powerful tactic early on. In regular battles, Tsai is not quite as powerful. His technique is high so he will rarely miss, but his defense is poor, his attack is close to poor, and he has no magical ability. Hard to justify using in battle.

15 – Tuta – Young boy who runs around with Doctor Huan. Also will go with you and Gengen to get Flour. When you get to Muse later on, go to the building north of the Inn – you will see Tuta walking around outside. Talk to him, and then a scene inside with Doctor Huan. Huan allows Tuta to join your army.

Tuta is terrible in battle. Long range weapon, but extremely weak. Very little magic ability. Tuta’s main ability is the Medicine Rune, which supposedly uses Medicine but I don’t quite understand how it works.

16 – Anita – Powerful lady you meet at Muse (once you get in after Sindar Ruins). She is at the Inn / Bar. Recruiting her takes some of your time and patience. First of all, bring Antitoxin. You need to do 3 or 4 different things for her and this is one of them. To get her to prompt you to do something for her…you have to talk to her a lot. However, once you do one thing for her, you have to leave the town of Muse and re-enter. Talk to her again upon re-entering and she will ask you to do something else. After you have done 3 things, she will offer to join you. Note that if you miss her here, you can recruit her much later at Banner Village. Just get her at Muse.

Anita is a powerful warrior. Those who have played Suikoden I remember her Falcon Rune from Valeria. She is similar to Valeria in that respect, though the Falcon Rune has been toned down (both in regards to the amount of damage done, and the fact that she misses quite often in this one when doing it). Anita does have a brilliant Unite Attack with Valeria for later on in the game, if you happen to get her. Statistically speaking though, Anita is a powerful front-line fighter – strong, decent defense, no magical ability but her Rune has potential.

17 – Templton – Templton returns from Suikoden I. Your first chance at recruiting her is after you are given the mission from Jess to check out Highland rations. Once you get that mission, head through Toto and to the Mercenary Fortress. You will get there in time to see Templton being shown the door. Next, go back to Toto and travel north through the village, taking the second left to see Templton again. She will join you and give you the Suiko Map.

If you miss her at this point, you should be able to go east through Radat after you reach that part of Lake Dunan. You can then go to Mercenary Fortress / Toto through that route.

18 – Gilbert – A guy who is hard to recruit, because a lot of it comes down to luck. Make sure to have a separate Save once you enter Muse with Alex’s pass.

Once you are in Muse for a while, you hear that the Highland Army is attacking. Annabelle will ask Viktor to stall the Highland Army for a few days. This is the battle you want to save before. Spend all of your time attacking Gilbert, using a Fire Spear and anything you can on him. The idea is to damage him (he has two damage points in War Battle, you just need one). After this, he will switch sides (and hope he doesn’t lose his unit / die in battle). If you do not do damage to him, you cannot recruit Gilbert. This is why you need to save before this battle – it is likely you will damage Gilbert if you have everyone attack him, but there is still the possibility that you don’t take off any damage. So don’t miss him. He is not used in regular battles, but will act as a Commander for you in War Battles.

19 – Eilie – 1 / 3rd of the traveling performers. She joins you on your way to Kyaro but her entourage does not officially join until you meet again at Coronet and need to escape the area. She joins automatically.

Eilie in battle is a bit of a mixed bag. Her attack is usable, and so is her magical ability. But she’s not great at any one thing, which can leave an unspectacular feeling in your mouth. Still can be useful especially early on when you don’t have many great choices.

20 – Bolgan – The goofyball of the performers. Joins with Rina and Eilie at Coronet.

In battle, Bolgan is frustrating to use. His attack is decent, defense is below average. But the worst part is his technique is so awful, he probably misses 50%+ of his regular attacks. If he gets countered, even worse. This can be salvaged by using his Unite attack, but then you’re forcing Eilie and Rina into using their turn up to do a three-way unite that isn’t all that powerful. So basically, the hoops you have to jump through to make Bolgan useful just aren’t worth your time to do – enjoy his efforts at North Sparrow Pass, but his usefulness ends there pretty much.

21 – Rina – Ah Rina, the true prize of the Performers. She is weak physically, with HP, and defense. But Rina is one of the elite magicians. Not quite Luc-elite, but on that second tier. She reaches 100+ magic power real early in the game, making her a great candidate to spam Lightning Magic on Lord Luca Blight. May also want to give her a Pale Gate Rune, or a Wizard Rune to make her magic attack even more powerful. Keep her in your rotation – she is worth using all the way to the end of the game if you wish, and is so much more effective than her two circus friends.

22 – Freed Y – Wow. South Window vassal, he joins after the incident with Lord Granmeyer as you just enter the area and take North Window Castle. Has a significant story role.

Just a putrid character in battle, and the worst part is you are forced to use him a few times (including a long journey to Gregminster, ugh). By that time, Freed Y is an embarrassment. He starts off with a Lightning Rune attached to his weapon, which sadly is the best thing about him. For a front-line fighter, you probably couldn’t pick out a worse character. His attack is inept, his defense not much better. No magical ability to speak of. Really, he can’t provide much for us – just a waste of a front line spot, a spot in the lineup that generally provides a lot of punch. As I said, it’s just a shame we are forced to use him on more than one occasion.

23 – Shu – Brilliant but aloof pupil from Mathiu’s school. Friends with Apple and joins with the storyline events at Radat. Supports Hero as the strategist in Suikoden II. In War Battles, Shu has a +3 attack – for a protip, let’s just say I like to pair Shu with Luc’s magic unit.

24 – Leona – One of the older classics who you meet at Viktor’s Mercenary Fortress. She acts as the one to change in party members and takes care of Pilika.

25 – Barbara – She takes care of your item depot. Joins automatically.

26 – Huan – You will first meet Huan at Muse City as he is there with Tuta. Huan is recruited automatically once you acquire the castle. Huan acts as one of the best Healing options in War Battles.

27 – Luc – Luc shows up with Leknaat and the 108 Stars of Destiny Tablet. Luc was always an underrated magician in Suikoden 1 I felt, once it was realized he couldn’t survive in the front line. Same thing with Suikoden II, except now he can equip 3 runes very early on. Get rid of that Pixie Rune and Wind Rune. Utilize his magic total for several high-level Lightning Rune spells. Grabbing a Wizard Rune for him at Two River would be a wise choice. And when you get the Blue Gate Rune, you will want to give this to Luc to put on his head. The level 4 spell is dangerous, but that’s fine, save those for the Lightning Rune level 4 spell. But the Level 3 Blue Gate Rune does great damage, and the level 2 can instant-kill enemies. Stick him in the back row and have him cast high level magic all day long. He is arguably the best magician in the game, rivaled by a hermit-like Wizard you get much later.

If that wasn’t enough, he’s generally the backbone of my army in War Battles. I generally stick Shu and his +3 attack in Luc’s group, and put in someone else like Hanna with +2. Though he cannot move fast, you can have Luc slowly come to the front lines with your other forces guarding him, and have Luc focus on attacking. Attacking from afar, he will only get counter-attacked by other magicians (who you should have your other units take out). Luc’s high regular attack can consistently tear up front-line fighters, and is one of the only units that is going to penetrate the absolute best enemy commander units (Yuber, Kiba, Luca, etc). Sets Luc up well for that other game he is involved in…

28 – Alex – The adventurous guy you met going to the Sindar Ruins. After your retreat and eventual taking over of North Window, go to South Window when you get a chance. Check out the 2nd floor of the Inn to see Hilda and Alex. They both gladly join you and act as your innkeeper and item shop owner respectively.

29 – Hilda – See Alex above.

30 – Tai Ho – My favorite from Suikoden I, but they screwed these guys. You meet him at Coronet, and you have to win 5000 potch in his game. Save before doing this to ensure you don’t lose money. They take you to Kuskus, but later on you are asked to look for someone who can man a ship. Then go to the Kuskus Port to recruit Tai Ho and Yam Koo.

Tai Ho is still very powerful and with a Killer Rune his crit-rate makes him useful as an attacker. But he does little else for us, with no magic ability and is not a strong defensive character. Plus I miss his Unite with Yam Koo that blew any enemy away. A talented character but his overall ability is clearly lacking without his companion.

31 – Yam Koo – One of the rare things Suikoden II did wrong was take away Yam Koo from battles. Wow, why? Would it have been that hard to give him a spear, a generic name for it, and stats similar to but weaker to Tai Ho? They could have kept the unite attack going. Instead, Yam Koo just fishes with you. To be fair, S2 was clearly trying to tone down some of the Unite Attacks that got out of hand in S1. Which is a big reason magicians are so dominant in Suikoden II.

32 – Amada – You have to duel Amada at Radat to shut the sluice gate. Not a tough duel, probably not worth panicking if you didn’t save beforehand. Later on, you are told to look for a person to act as captain of your ship. Amada can be one of those guys (along with Tai Ho). Just recruit them both, but you have to duel Amada and kick his ass one more time to convince him.

Amada is Rikimaru-like in that his only significantly relevant statistic is his high HP total. His attack power growth is maybe slightly above average. His defense is okay but if left in the front line, his high HP can still go down quick.

33 – Richmond – Another Radat citizen. You meet him earlier on, as he helps you recruit Shu. After you have Headquarters at North Window, head over to Radat. Talk to Richmond in the south part of town, by the appraisal shop. If you guess the right one (heads or tails) with his coin flip, he will join. But you cannot win this. Instead, talk to him a lose. Then go to the Bar in the northwest part of town. Take to the guy just west as you enter. He gives you a special coin. Return to Richmond with the special coin, and you then recruit Richmond. He does not serve much purpose, but he does check up on all 108 Stars of Destiny, finding out secret information. Can be neat.

34 – Yoshino – This is Freed Y’s wife. She must be proud of her husband’s battle-tested ways. Anyway, she is in Radat. Put Freed Y in your party, and go to the south part of town, then east past the fence. You will see clothes hanging on the line. Yoshino should be here too. Talk to her and she will force herself into your army so she can stay with Freed Y.

Yoshino is a character I rarely use. She lacks magical ability and can only fight in the back row – albeit with a weak weapon. She seems to be skilled as far as technique but she has little else in her favor.

35 – Adlai – Strange inventor in South Window. You should find him a tad east and north of the Trader’s Shop. Now you need a few things to recruit Adlai. Fortunately, two of them can be found at South Window. Buy a Wooden Shield at the Armory and a Wind Crystal at the rune shop (if you don’t have those items already). Now you also need a Sacrificial JizoBolgan has one of these in one of his item slots. Take one if you wish, or maybe Alex’s item shop at HQ has one. Bring all of those things to Adlai – he will first ask for a Sacrificial Jizo, so give that to him. Then give him the Wooden Shield. Next, you have the option to throw the Wind Crystal at him, so do so. Adlai then joins you. He runs the elevator at your place. The only problem with recruiting him would be if Bolgan’s Sacrificial Jizo is used up – then you may have to wait a bit until you run across a Sacrificial Jizo.Well, actually the next character has one too…

In War Battles, Adlai has an Invention ability he can use. His attack / defense is +0 / +0, but this Invention ability can cause damage to all surrounding enemies including his own unit!

36 – Oulan – Oulan can be found at Kuskus if you have a party full of females (along with Hero, of course). If you talk to the old lady to the left as you enter Kuskus, she will tell of the jerks who attack people with women. So with this full group of females, go to the left part of town over the bridge, and you will get jumped. But Oulan saves you.

Oulan is the bodyguard literally and figuratively. Her defense is stout as she can equip a shield and heavy armor, not to mention her magic defense is solid. Obviously cannot perform magic but as a front liner, she is blessed statistically. Oulan and Hanna also have a Unite attack if you happen to have both of them on the front. Oulan’s Bodyguard ability in War Battles protects characters in Oulan’s group from death, I believe.

37 – Taki – The old lady at Lakewest Village. You can go west of your base to Lakewest after you get a ship captain. She is in the northwest house. Just talk to her 3 times and after that, she will just join you. She’s like Onil in Suikoden I, so you can talk to her at your base for the latest gossip.

38 – Clive – Clive is a special character in Suikoden II. He has his own ongoing quest of chasing Elza around. You have to help him along the way, but have strict time limits as far as bringing Clive to Elza at certain places.

Anyway, to recruit Clive we just have to run into Elza at Muse City early on, in the northeast part of town. Help her out by taking what she gives you, then leave the town. Clive will come out and confront Elza, while Elza holds up Hero as a hostage. Clive shoots, misses, and Elza runs off. Clive chases her. You HAVE to have seen this scene to continue the quest with Clive. Next, you will see him at South Window, just south of the entrance. He needs a way to Lakewest, but you don’t have a means of getting there for a while. However, once you go to Lakewest (need Amada or Tai Ho) you can go back to South Window and tell Clive you have a way there. He will join your party.

Now the rest of Clives quest with Elza probably warrants it’s own page, so we’ll save that for another time. But suffice to say, it’s not a bad thing having to bring Clive around to Elza with how he is in battle. Clive has a very high technique ability, and if you put some money into his weapon and give him a Warrior Rune / Fury Rune, he will be extremely powerful. Clive already has a high critical-attack rate, and his attack power is higher than most long-range allies. He has no magical ability so he is kind of a one trick pony, staying in the back row shooting enemies, but nonetheless it’s a role he plays probably better than anyone else in Suikoden II.

39 – Hans – Hans is the armorer. His armor is comprised of the armors you see at other armor shops around the world. You will see Hans on the 2nd floor of the Two River Inn. You can recruit him immediately, or if you want some big time potch and don’t mind waiting, you can ask for money so he can open a shop. If you don’t mind being an ass I’d recommend it, since you don’t really need him this minute, but getting a large sum of Potch is helpful considering how easy it is to burn through sharpening weapons and buying Fury Runes / Wizard Runes / Warrior Runes.

40 – Fitcher – A vassal of Muse, he flees the city and you meet him as he is working for Makai of Two Rivers. After chasing back Klaus and Kiba, Fitcher is fired by Makai and joins you automatically. Can’t be used in battle, he is just a storyline personality.

41 – Ridley – Leader of the Two River Kobolds. Ridley joins automatically after aiding them to drive back Highland.

Ridley cannot be used in normal battle, but he is one of the top generals in War Battles. His unit is very high in attack naturally and with some good units he can be an absolute beast on the front lines. Ridley’s Critical Attacks are satisfying to watch.

42 – Chaco – Annoying Winger who joins automatically after repelling Highland.

Chaco is a decent if not unspectacular ally in battle. He is fast, good enough technique, and a decent attack. But that’s about it. He offers little with magic. In War Battles, Chaco allows you to fly around the battlefield. I think he provides just a +0 Attack +1 Defense but his ability to cruise will likely warrant a spot under some general.

43 – Gabocha – Admirer of the great Gengen. Gabocha is at the Two River Kobold District, in the first house you see. Bring Gengen there after defending Two Rivers from Highland. Gabocha will want to join and follow with Gengen.

Note that if you wait until you get the Greenhill mission, you will not be able to recruit Gabocha until after Greenhill. Gabocha will not be in the house if your Greenhill party is assembled.

In battle, Gabocha has a weak long-range attack. He has a Kobold Attack with Gengen but I think it takes off 1x damage (so pointless, besides the fact it’ll hit 100%).

44 – Tetsu – Go to the Kobold District of Two Rivers and buy some Fried Tacos. A couple sets actually, and equip them on your characters. Go into battle and use the Fried Tacos on Riou, until he starts smoking. He is now ‘toasty’. Bring him to Lakewest, and check out the house in the northwest (not Taki’s house, the one to the right of it). Tetsu is in here, and he will appreciate how Toasty you are. Tetsu is then recruited to make baths at your castle.

45 – Shilo – The white trash looking guy at Lakewest Inn (once you defend Two River). You need to win 5000 potch from him in Chinchirorin, the game you play with Tai Ho. Just save before you do it to ensure you win and recruit Shilo. I actually had to go to HQ and then back to Lakewest to get Shilo to challenge me.

Shilo is not very useful in battle. Typical high-technique but weak long range character with no magical ability to compensate.

46 – Hai Yo – The cook. After returning from Two River, go to the northeast part of the castle and explore a bit. Once outside, you will see Hai Yo speaking with a guy, and you can then let Hai Yo be your cook. The area transforms with plush seating and Hai Yo’s custom kitchen. Not sure why anyone would use him in battle, but if you want to experiment then by all means. Not at all unlike Antonio and Lester in Suiko I.

47 – Sid – A winger in the sewer below the Winger section of Two River. You may have stumbled upon this earlier and after a creepy encounter, automatically left the room. If you have not found the room yet, look next to a ladder about halfway through the sewer. If you go left of this ladder you will go through the hole in the wall to Sid’s room. You need to have Chaco in your party, as Sid will mess with him for a bit. Then Sid just joins you so he can harass Chaco all day. You can recruit Sid before you go off to Greenhill, but you have to do it right after liberating Two River – if you get your Greenhill mission, you cannot recruit any optional characters until it’s finished.

Very similar to Chaco in battle, accept maybe a little slower but more attack. Sid unfortunately has a Waking Rune which causes him to be asleep starting a battle, but in Fury Mode when woken up.

48 – Stallion – This guy is running around Radat, and you’ve probably talked to him already. You need to run from 50 battles in order to beat him in a race. You can then recruit Stallion.

Always one of my favorite characters, because I love the added speed on the World Map. Especially useful if you’re trying to save time doing the Clive / Elza quest. Anyway, Stallion is mediocre in battle. Very fast, decent technique, but with a weak attack and no magic support. Since I like his World Map speed effect I try to salvage his spot in the 6-man battle roster by giving him a Warrior Rune or Fury Rune, something to augment his attacking ability.

49 – Wakaba – An interesting personality, wise about martial arts. Just find her to the east as you enter Forest Village – She’s actually available to recruit after Two Rivers is defended. You may need to return to HQ and go back to Forest Village (that is, without taking on the Greenhill mission).

Wakaba is a talent in battle. Not a brute as far as strength, and her defense is weak, but some of her other stats are amazing. Really high technique, speed and hit points.

50 – Tony – Check out the mayor’s house at Forest Village. The northeast house. Inside, you see Tony in the bedroom to the southeast. Keep asking him to come be the farmer at your castle, and the mayor will allow him. Just like Wakaba above, you can recruit Tony after Two Rivers but you may need to return to HQ and then go back to Forest Village.

Tony lets you play whack a mole. Fun, actually. And you can give him crops. Find him in the field to the northeast at Headquarters.

51 – Emilia – She shows you around when you initially go to Greenhill as students. Later on, you can find her behind the desk. You can even ask her questions about Shin, which will make her get suspicious. Just choose to explain yourselves, she is a trustworthy ally. At North Window, she acts as your librarian so give her your Old Book Volumes.

52 – Shin – Protector of Teresa, mayor of Greenhill. He joins automatically as you escape the city.

Shin looks pretty cool and has a 3x damage rune on his side, but he has some weaknesses that are exposed often as a front line character. Moderate HP, and a terrible defense. Between that and his 1-time-per-battle Spider Slay Rune, hopefully the battles end early.

53 – Teresa – Acting mayor of Greenhill, wanted by Highland. She is hiding out at Greenhill and the City-State wants to rescue her from the clutches of the Highlanders. Once you complete the sidequest in Greenhill as students, you can then recruit Teresa.

Teresa is not active in battle, and primarily is involved in storyline matters. But Teresa is actually a commander of a unit in War Battles, oddly enough. Her unit is always very weak, a base of 5-6 attack and 6-7 defense. I think it’s actually 5 / 6. So she’s weak, and you probably won’t want to waste your strong War generals making her attack go from terrible to marginal. Instead, stick healers or magicians in her unit. But Teresa does have a Bombard ability that allows you to attack a unit from a long distance. So this can actually prove useful against a weaker defensive foe like a magician unit, getting a quick damage point from way far away. That said, her attack is so weak you can’t expect too much.

54 – Nina – Crazy girl who chases Flik around at the Greenhill Academy. Eventually you find out she is involved with Teresa, and Nina eventually joins you.

Nina actually has some value as a decent magician in the Luca Blight battle at least. You can level her up to the high 30′s and get her over 100 for magic, netting her a few level 3 lightning rune spells and a valuable level 4 lightning rune spell. Other than that, I don’t use her at all. She’s a good magician, but there are many who are better. And her attack is putrid and not worth sharpening her weapon for.

55 – Meg – Classic Suikoden I character. You can find Meg at the Greenhill / Muse border, messing around with the guards. She can’t get through, so let her join your army.

Meg is pretty bad in this one, too. Mediocre magician, I guess maybe you could find some value sticking her with a Water Rune or something. Weak attack, but has a serviceable unite with Gadget. Who actually is pretty good…

56 – Gadget – Joins with Meg – see above.

Gadget has some value in battle. When built up, his defense is absurd. Stick him in the Luca Blight battle as a meatshield, and just watch and see what happens if Luca does a regular attack (without the fire). Luca takes off like 10 damage total. Gadget’s attacks are powerful, but he’ll miss a fair share. Again, he does have that unite with Meg, but that means you have to keep one subpar character (meg) and one average character (gadget) in your party. But Gadget should definitely be considered for the battle with Luca, with his high defense.

57 – Jeane – Jeane is at Two Rivers after fleeing Greenhill. You want to visit this rune shop often anyway since Warrior Runes / Wizard Runes will pop up from time to time. But let Jeane join your army, and she will be your runemaster. Of course, her inventory is stocked with everything you have seen in other stores, and she has no Rare Finds.

Jeane is a useful unit in War Battles. She has a Lightning Rune option that is definitely worth using – dare I say is one of the most likely-to-damage abilities in the entire game.

58 – Viki – Along the way to Matilda, you will run into Viki. Just have her join you – if you ask her to come with, she will teleport all of you to Headquarters.

Always one of the best characters, since she can send you anywhere you’ve been, saving you a lot of time. She’s actually a good mage too. Despite the fact that sometimes her spells backfire. But she has the Blinking Rune, which has a nice level 2 attack all spell. And she is a useful Lightning Rune user in the Luca Battle too, easily over 100 magic in the high 30 levels.

59 – Futch – Complete the Futch / Humphrey sidequest at Highway Village. It’s actually a hard side quest, with a tough Harpy boss and lots of strong foes along the way at Rakutei Mountain.

I’m not a fan of Futch in battle. He can equip some nice armor, but is pretty weak in terms of attack. Not to mention has no magical ability. I just have a hard time using these mediocre attack medium-ranged characters that can’t provide any sort of value either offensively or as a support magician.

60 – Humphrey – Joins with Futch after the sidequest. It starts when you see some scenes and Humphrey himself at Highway Village.

Just like the Humphrey from Suikoden I, he is a stalwart on the front lines. Great attack, decent enough technique, and an impregnable defense. Even better, if you equip a Windspun Armor on Humphrey in Suikoden I, it will transfer over to him in Suikoden II. This would be very nice as it’s a top heavy armor, making him absurdly strong defensively early on. Definitely use Humphrey in your battle against Luca.

61 – Miklotov – Joins automatically after the Matilda and then Muse events.

Miklotov is one of the best front line fighters you’ll find, both offensively and defensively. Terrible using or defending against magic, but that’s to be expected. Also has a good unite with the weaker Camus.

62 – Camus – Joins automatically with Miklotov.

Definitely the weaker of the two head Matilda Knights but also the more versatile one. He’s not great at magic, but he’s decent. Plus he has a Rage Rune, which is good. But I still don’t like to use him much.

63 – Kiba – After returning from Matilda, you will hear Radat is taken by Highland. It is Kiba and Klaus. After a few battles and Ridley’s fake retreat, you will have captured Kiba and Klaus. Say that they are too useful to execute and then recruit them.

Kiba cannot be used in normal battle, but is a staunch defender as a War Battle leader. Something like 7 attack / 12 defense are his base stats. Thus, he is a very useful front line unit.

64 – Klaus – Joins with Kiba above, if you spare them.

Klaus cannot be used in battle either, and mostly acts as a supporting tactician. In War Battles though, few are as valuable as Klaus. +0 attack but a whopping +3 defense. And he adds Cavalry and Evade.

65 – Kasumi / Valeria – You automatically get to choose one of these Suikoden I ladies to join your army, once you reach Gregminster. If you want the specifics on which to choose, read below.

It basically boils down to – Valeria is a powerful tank in battle, definitely more valuable than Kasumi in that regard. Will do more damage, have a higher defense, and when paired with Anita the two have one of the best unites in the game. Meanwhile, Kasumi has a weak attack and a terrible defense, and has to be stuck on the front line. It’s really a struggle having her in battle.

But recruiting Kasumi allows you to enter Rokkaku much earlier and to recruit two ninja characters there. A lot of people will choose her on this basis alone. So if you are racing against time doing the Clive quest, you probably want Kasumi. That said, it’s not fatal to your chances of completing the Clive quest and 108 Stars in 20 hours if you choose Valeria. Ultimately it just takes you a little longer to expand the castle and recruit the final characters.

66 – Sheena – Lepant’s son. As the head of the Toran Republic, Lepant orders Sheena to join your army.

Sheena actually isn’t too bad. Not great, but solid overall. Decent attacker. Not the highest defense or speed or technique, but again not too bad. Plus, he has decent magic power. For that reason, you may find yourself using him on the front lines against Luca. Not for his defense or physical prowess of course, but as another Lightning Rune user.

Note – many of the next recruits can be recruited much earlier, but I choose to wait until I have the Blinking Mirror from Lepant so that they can be done quicker. Especially the Hix quest.

67 – Lebrante – He wants a Celadon Urn. You may remember these from Suikoden I. Well, you can buy one at Gregminster trade shop. So do so, and return to Radat. You can then recruit Lebrante, even though he is an expensive appraisal option.

68 – Yuzu – Little girl at Kobold Village (the one south of Two River). You will see her after the Greenhill events I believe. She is with her sheep as you travel north through town. Offer to help her, and you appear in the forested area north of the village (by the big tree, where you see the unicorn). Collect the sheep around here, some may be hiding behind the tree (by some treasures). You can give Yuzu animals that you find throughout the world, she is by the field in the northeastern part of your base.

69 – Hix – You first meet this little brat at the Lakewest Inn. Talk to him here, and then go to Kobold Village to the south to continue his quest (again, I always wait until I have the Blinking Mirror to do this). Anyway, at Kobold Village Tengaar will fake getting sick to make up some retrieval quest for Hix to do. It consists of teleporting around to various places (Wind Cave, Two River sewer, South Window item shop) and retrieving items. After you get all three, a unicorn takes Tengaar away. Travel through the forest at Kobold Village, until you get to the far east side by the big tree. The unicorn is here, but doesn’t harm Tengaar. Afterwards, Hix and Tengaar join.

I hate Hix. Ever since Suikoden I, when the game forces you to have Hix on your front line against Neclord! This game at least doesn’t force you to use him, but the above quest is annoying enough. Hix has a subpar attack and defense. He is technically sound, but again, you’re going to want someone with a higher defense or the ability to shell out more damage. He has a unite with Tengaar, but don’t bother.

70 – Tengaar – Tengaar though has no problem being effective in battle. Her attack isn’t so bad for a long range attacker, but her value is in her magical ability. She is not great, but she is maybe one of those third-tier magicians that are good enough to reach 100 magic power by the high 30′s in level. Meaning she’s another great Lightning Rune candidate against Luca.

71 – Badeaux – Now that you have a bit more recruits, you can go to the Forest Path (path to Matilda) and talk to Badeaux. However, you need Shiro in your unit, and he will sense the kindred spirit and join you. Badeaux also gives you two very valuable Listening Crystals for recruiting animal-type allies later on.

Not much to say about Badeaux in battle. Can’t say I’ve used him much, but enough to see he has mediocre stats. He does have a Howling Rune which seems to work well with animals. To what extent, I don’t know (inform me in the comments below if you do).

72 – Feather – You need to have recruited Badeaux and his Listening Crystals for this recruit to be available. Anyway, in Forest Village (northwest of Greenhill), you should see a scene to the north as you walk into town. Choose to save that griffin, so fight the bad ones. They are not hard to dispatch. Then use a Listening Crystal to talk to the kind bird, and you will recruit Feather. Note that if you are going for all 108 Stars, you have to use a Listening Crystal on Feather so that you can recruit Ayda too.

If you are going to bother with two slots using a beast, Feather isn’t a bad one to choose. His Shining Wind Rune is decent against all foes, but it is his dominant regular attack that you should be using.

73 – Ayda – Joins along with Feather, assuming you use a Listening Crystal to recruit Feather.

Typical archer. Nothing that sets her apart in battle really. She has a high speed, but most archers do. Mediocre Magical and Attack ability. Ayda also is a War Battle unit leader, strangely enough. She has Forest Walk, which allows her to burn through forests at rapid speeds. Having Repair Self doesn’t hurt either. But her weak attack and defense make her similar to Teresa’s unit.

74 – Connell – An easy recruit. Just bring a Sound Setting to him – he can be found in the second or third house on the left as you enter Forest Village. I think one early Sound Set you  can find is in the Rare Finds at the Radat item shop. Just give all your Sound Settings to him, if you wish to change them.

75 – Tomo – Sometime before the events with Luca Blight attacking, Tsai will come by and ask you to bring him to his house at Ryube. Bring Tsai there, and you will see Tomo. She will join you.

Tomo has a unite attack with Tsai which does 2x damage to the front row. Her stats are similar to Tsai’s, except she’s probably a bit faster.

76 – Simone – You need to check the Rare Finds at Banner Village Item Shop often. You are looking for a Rose Brooch. Buy it once you see it. If you have the Rose Brooch and enough recruits, you should see Simone near the docks at Radat. Check the left side of the docks to the south and he should be there, where you entered to look for the Shu coin.

Not that great in battle though. Mediocre attack and defense, with a high technique. Can be used in the back row at least, and is a serviceable magician. Nothing great though.

77 – Sasuke – You can recruit Sasuke and Mondo early if you chose Kasumi. Otherwise you have to wait until your castle is the biggest it gets (something like 95-100 recruits). Anyway, if you chose Kasumi, just put her in your party and head towards Gregminster along that path. After you climb the ladders at the mountain, continue along the path, hugging the south part of the trees. You will eventually go through the trees to the Ninja Village of Rokkaku. Within, Hanzo will have Mondo and Sasuke join your army.

Not a fan really. A long range attacker, but a weak one. The speed and technique ensure he’ll at least connect, but the lack of power usually means he doesn’t get use from me.

78 – Mondo – The other ninja that joins after you visit Hanzo at Rokkaku. Again, you can get him much earlier if you recruited Kasumi instead of Valeria.

Mondo is a ninja that makes his way on the front lines. He’s not the strongest, not the fastest, but overall he provides a little of everything. Well, besides magic.

79 – Lorelai – Lorelai is at Gregminster. I think you need 60 or more recruits to get Lorelai to join.

She’s an interesting character though. Decent attack and defense, but a high technique and great with magic. She can even equip a Blue Gate Rune on her head. Not an elite magician but one of the few really physically gifted magicians.

80 – Gordon – The trade shop guy at Gregminster. You probably saw him as you were buying a Celadon Urn for Lebrante. Anyway, you need to have a 50,000 potch profit from trading to get Gordon to join. And yes, the profit can be made before starting the bet up with Gordon at Gregminster. Buying cheap Ancient Texts at Gregminster or Kobold Village is a good way to make trading money. Or Crystal Balls at Forest Village and sell them at Kobold Village.

81 – Sigfried – The unicorn you met during the Hix and Tengaar quest. If you return to that big tree in the forest with Listening Crystals and a maiden (female), Sigfried will come out. Accept what he says and he will join you.

Takes up two slots like the other monsters, but doesn’t seem to be quite as powerful overall as Feather. Does have the White Saint Rune which does decent damage to a number of enemies.

82 – Hoi – One of the many characters who appear after the Luca Blight night raid. Hoi is at Radat City, at the bar. So go to the bar to see him impersonating Riou, acting like he was the one who took out Luca Blight. Bail him out and take his side – afterwards, you’ll get beat up, but Hoi will join you.

Hoi has a unite attack with the Hero, but it’s not that great. You shouldn’t use him anyway. He is weak, and even his high points (speed / technique) are not that great. You can do better..

83 – Karen – Another character that springs up after Jowy takes over. You find Karen in Kuskus Village, she is a dancer. This is more complicated than Suikoden I with Mina, where you just put on a pair of Toe Shoes. With Karen, you actually have to do button-combo dancing. Not that hard, but if you’re having trouble you can write the sequences down quick.

Karen is a subpar character as well. She is weak physically, but at least is medium-ranged so she can be in the back row. She cannot really deal much for damage though, even as a magician she is average at best.

84 – Max – After defeating Luca, check out South Window to see Max. Just as you enter, he will find you. Of course let him join.

Max cannot be used in normal battles, but is a War Battle unit leader. He is not quite as formidable as he was in Suikoden I when he was the best attacking general, in fact his unit is quite poor. I think his base stats are +6 attack +7 defense, along with Cavalry. If anything, just be conscious of not losing his unit in battle so as to screw up the 108 Stars of Destiny.

85 – Annallee – A quiet songstress. You find her at the South Window Inn after Luca goes down. She will get kicked out of the Inn, and then leave. Follow her to the northeast part of South Window, but the imperial palace. Look east as you walk up to the palace, to see Annallee on the grass. Speak with her and keep asking her to sing. She will then join. Note that in order to get her other two musician friends, you have to recruit Annallee first. Another strange thing is that when she ‘sings’ for you…you don’t hear anything. Hmm.

Can’t be used in battle. Talk to her at your HQ and she will perform music from the game.

86 – Killey – A strange man, in search of Syndar things. You find him at South Window. After talking to him, mention Alex at your HQ who knows about the Syndar. Killey will say ‘oh yea, that’s right’, and then go off. Return to your HQ, by the Inn / Item Shop. Killey will confront Alex about the Syndar, but Alex doesn’t have much to say. After this event, go back to South Window and talk to Killey. Just keep asking him to join and he will.

Not as good as you would think. He does attack twice like the Hero, so his low attack-power is salvaged in this way. However he is quite average, though he’s maybe a tad faster / tougher defensively than most. Still, you come away expecting more.

87 – Bob – You surely have seen Bob plenty of times at the Two River Kobold Section. He talks about how awesome he is, but you can tell when you are getting closer to recruiting him. You need something like 75-80 recruits, so you should be able to recruit Bob sometime after the Luca Blight battle.

Yet another character who seems weaker than he should be. He is decent in human form, but decent doesn’t really cut it at this point in the game. Using the Rabid Fang Rune is nice since it turns him into a powerful Werewolf, but it does take a turn to use. Even then, he’s not that great. Fortunately he is a medium-ranged character, so if you are going to use him he won’t get carved up on the front line.

88 – Koyu – Little Lampdragon Bandit that comes to HQ after the Jowston Hilltop scene with Jowy / Pilika / Riou. You find him at the entrance to your castle as he joins automatically.

A fast little bugger. Comes with a Gale Rune. Too weak to be using in battle though.

89 – L.C. Chan – As you get past Tigermouth Village, travel west to Crom. Then return to your HQ and put Wakaba in your party. Return to Crom, and go to the Inn. Before you can enter, LC Chan runs out.

Pretty much an upgraded version of Wakaba. A bit more of a brute, but the same fast / high technique type. Not elite power, but lots of HP too.

90 – Raura – Find her at Tinto, up the first few sets of stairs and just to the east of Gustav’s dwelling. Just ask her to join and once she hears you know Jeane, she will join.

Not much point to Raura, besides the lovely scrolls she creates.

91 – Tenkou – Tenkou is at Crom. To recruit Tenkou, we need a Window Setting. The problem is, chances are, you don’t have a Window Setting when you first get to Crom. Unless you were lucky and got a dropped Window Setting 1 from a Tiger. The first Window Setting you should come across is Window Setting 5 in the cave on the way to Tinto.

Once recruited, you can find Tenkou by Connell on the second floor southern exterior, changing your window settings.

92 – Kahn – I’m a big fan. Not that I think he’s overly powerful, just a good, functional character with a cool gimmick. You first get Kahn early on at North Window when you first see Neclord. Naturally, as you run into Neclord again later at Tinto, Kahn comes along. To be precise, you find Kahn after everyone retreats to Crom. Kahn joins automatically and brings you to Sierra.

Kahn is a versatile character. A good enough attack for the back row, and he’s blessed with a lot of HP. But his Resurrection Rune is nice, especially early with Abomination. Probably will want to give him another rune in addition if you use him going through the Tinto Mines to defeat Neclord.

93 – Sierra – Another personal favorite, she joins at Tigermouth Village after Kahn suggests checking the place out. As you enter, villagers will be harassing her. Eventually, you fight her to prove you are strong enough to defeat Neclord. Her magic is strong, but stay healed – she does not have much MP, so spam your best magic attacks.

Sierra can be put in your party right after joining. I suggest doing so. Her Darkness Rune provides quality attack spells level 2-4, and she gets a lot of them. Her drawback is that she is forced to be in the front row. Her attack is serviceable, but her defense is weak. I like to give her a Blue Ribbon so she doesn’t get targetted with physical attacks.

94 – Lo Wen – Save her from Neclord at Tinto. She joins afterwards.

One of the brute-type long range attackers. Nothing really special to say about her – she lacks the magic power to make any kind of difference. She is a +2 attack in War Battles.

95 – Gijimu – Joins after the Neclord events.

Powerful Lampdragon Bandit. Gijimu is one of the more powerful medium ranged characters available. Plus he attacks twice. Of course he’s not worth a damn with magic, but at least his strength makes him relevant.Gijimu is also a +2 attack in War Battles, utilize him.

96 – Marlowe – Joins after the Neclord events. His role is minimal – he gets your bed ready when you get to Tinto, that’s about it.

97 – Hauser – Joins after the Neclord events.

Overall, a powerful front line fighter. He can’t use magic much, but in terms of skill, defensive ability, hp, and attack, he is one of the more well-rounded characters available to you. It’s just too bad he joins so late. Hauser is also in control of his own War Battle unit, 9 strength 7 defense.

98 – Jess – Be sure to forgive Jess after the Neclord events. Jess will then join if you choose to ‘fight with him’.

Everyone’s favorite ass in Suikoden II. He’s worth having if for no other reason than his +2 attack and evade ability in War Battles.

99 – Georg Prime – If you have all the recruits by the time you finish the Tinto / Neclord events, you should be able to recruit Georg on the walk back to the castle. Through the Tigermouth Village path and stick to the lower path as you go east. You will reach a cliff, an area that was empty before, but Georg Prime is there now. To recruit Georg Prime, just talk to him and tell him you won’t give up.

Georg is the first crazy good end-game character you run across. His strength and defense are astounding – rivaled only by Viktor, Pesmerga, and animal-types that don’t wield weapons. Great technique and speed even – just don’t bother with magic. But who cares? Stick this guy on the front lines if you want one of the very best. If that is not enough, he has the best base attack out of any War Battle leader (11 attack 8 defense with critical ability). Sets him up well for that one game, oh yea, the Suikoden V Walkthrough.

100 – Gantetsu – Gantetsu – A great priest! He is available as soon as you get back from Neclord’s Quest – not sure if it’s completing that, or just the amount of recruits you get that triggers Gantetsu’s recruit speech. He is always at South Window. When you are ready to recruit him, you’ll be able to get in a ‘pushing’ contest with him, which basically gauges your group’s attack power. If you fail just bring in Gadget, Shiro, and other high attack characters.

This guy has potential, too bad you get him so late. There are better options at this point, but Gantetsu is a statistical rarity. He actually has a good defense for a magician. Which helps, since he has to be in the front row. That said, as a magician, he is more of a C+ / B- type, so there is only so much value with this guy.

101 – Pico – You must liberate Greenhill. And you must have Annallee in your party – the shy songstress you met at South Window Inn. If all of these conditions are met, go to the Greenhill Inn. Look west to find Pico. He joins.

102 – Alberto – The third musician. He is at Tinto, but you cannot recruit him when you first get there. You first need to liberate Greenhill, and then recruit Pico at Greenhill. Once you have Annallee and Pico, go to the Armor Shop at Tinto and recruit Alberto. Like Pico, he doesn’t really serve much purpose once recruited.

103 – Jude – Another character to recruit after liberating Greenhill. Go to the Blacksmith area of the Greenhill School – first of all, the blacksmith there should give you the Silver Hammer which you need, and then talk to the guy in the northeast part of the room – this is Jude. He seems to be missing something – Clay. Hmm, well Forest Village is close to here, so use the Blinking Mirror and then have Viki teleport you there. At Forest Village, go to the north part of town by the forest where you saw the Fake Elza. Then look for a path east and southeast to talk to a man – this guy knows where the Clay is. Return to Jude, give him the clay, and Jude is recruited.

The only purpose Jude serves is to create the Guardian Deity with the Rabbit / Turtle / Dragon / Unicorn Plans.

104 – Tessai – The blacksmith you hear about in Kuskus. Eventually, after Tinto, he returns to Kuskus. Bring Viktor to him, and he will join in amazement at the opportunity to work on the Star Dragon Sword. Tessai acts as your Castle Blacksmith, and as you bring him better hammers he can level up your weapons to higher levels.

For what it’s worth, you’re only going to need two Hammers. The Silver Hammer (to level 15) from the Blacksmith student at Greenhill, and the Golden Hammer (up to max level 16) which can be found in Sajah, a highland village. It randomly shops up in the Sajay Item Shop Rare Finds.

105 – Genshu – Odd fellow in his own little world over at the Coronet Port, surely he has caught your eye at some point. You need to have Tessai and that Silver Hammer to get Hero’s weapon at Level 15. When you have a level 15 weapon, you can then go recruit Genshu.

Genshu is a lot like Shin, meaning he’s not as good as you would think he is. Maybe a tad above average statistically, and while he’s vulnerable defensively he seems to at least be more resilient than Shin.They have an interesting but hardly efficient Unite Attack – 0.5 damage to all enemies plus 20% chance of Instant Death. Could be useful against a pack of 5-6 highland soldiers, I suppose.

106 – Vincent De Boule – Only available after you have about 100+ recruits, and you must have Simone earlier. Vincent is at the same location that you found Simone at – the eastern part of Radat, by the docks. Take the first south path to see him, but you must have Simone in your party. You can then recruit Vincent De Boule.

You couldn’t use Vincent De Boule in battle in Suikoden I, but you can in this one. He is much like Simone, physically weak but with some magical power. And he has a Unite with Simone, but I can’t imagine anyone seriously using both of them in battle lest it be experimentation.

107 – Mazus – The elite wizard of Suikoden II. Much like his counterpart, Suikoden I Wizard Crowley. You will need over 100 characters recruited and the castle to be at it’s full size – you can see Mazus earlier, but he won’t join until then. To find him, go through that Tinto Mine Cave again. Bring an Escapipe for this adventure, because you have to go nearly all the way to the end. Remember those gray slides in the last room before the Rock Golem? Take the east slide a few times to get to that central area in the room, and then go south and west to see a slide and Mazus. The slide up prevents you from going there easily, but just go slide south and work your way west and north to recruit Mazus.

This guy and Luc have to be considered the elite magicians in the game. Mazus might even be better than Luc, as he is permanently affixed with a Blue Gate Rune (which Luc already has) and a valuable Thunder Rune. Pair those two with a Wizard Rune and watch Mazus becomes the ultimate magician, able to tear through many enemies with Level 2 and Level 3 Blue Gate Rune Magic, and having multiple high level Thunder Rune spells to use. Oh, not to mention he has his own sweet War Battle unit. +9 attack +6 defense with Fire Magic attacks.

108 – Pesmerga – Why not save Pesmerga for last? Any of the above 5-6 characters can be recruited in any order after taking Greenhill (and ultimately the ‘fake’ battle at Muse since that’s immediately after). Anyway, we all know from Suikoden I that Pesmerga is looking for Yuber. For some reason though, he is at the top of the Cave of Wind. You don’t need anything special besides having your castle at the max size and 100+ recruits.

Pesmerga is just ridiculous. In regular battles and war battles. His attack is extremely high, plus he has a Rage Rune embedded on his weapon. Defensively he’s covered since he is permanently equipped with a Horned Helmet, Guard Ring, Chaos Shield and Knight Armor. Oh, in war battles he has a +3 attack +0 defense and Cavalry ability. You get him late, but you can still make use of this guy.

Thus concludes the Suikoden II 108 Stars of Destiny Walkthrough. For help finding a character, use CTRL F. Characters are listed in order of when they are able to be recruited. If you have further questions about characters or a comment, feel free to do so below.


  • Agil says:

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  • Indigo says:

    Good work this was very useful but actuly you missed Two Characters i think not too many knows them : Mukamaku which is very similar to mukumuku but can use runes also it is weaker is phisical attack , the second one is also One of the Monsters & u need the hearing crystal it is an octupus in the cave of the wind at one of the small lakes inside, hope it completes your effort :)

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Mukamaku huh? Yea, I know there are like 5-6 different squirrels you can recruit after you get Mukumuku. I haven’t bothered much with them though. Thanks for the information on that though, Indigo.

    I also know of Abizboah, the octopus, in the Tinto Mines cave. You can get Abizboah instead of Siegfried. In fact, if you get Abizboah you can get another Octopus named Rulodia. However, Rulodia is not a star of destiny so if you waste a Listening Crystal on Rulodia you will be missing out on one of the stars.

    Also note that you pretty much have to use a Listening Crystal on Feather so that you can recruit Ayda (if you are getting all 108 stars). After that, you can use a Listening Crystal on Abizboah or Siegfried, it doesn’t matter, as they both count towards the 108 Stars of Destiny.

    • Cloud says:

      There are 5 squirrels total, mukumuku being the first, and only required for your 108 stars.

      You do NOT have to have the hero alone, simply have an open spot in your party .

      Though they have to be recruited in a specific order.

      Unfortunately they’re the reason why I was looking at this thread. Suikosource has basic information on recruiting them, but nothing detailed.

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    i also already try any thing in this game..this is really really awesome! better than suikoden5 on ps2..thats nothing special !

    try to finish this game with perfect ending (have 108 stars) plus doing clive mission correctly..

    try to beat final boss with bringing your suikoden1 character (McDohl) .

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    this game is epic! one of the best rpg game ( if not the best ) in playstation! and ohh, great work Lord Yuan Shu! Thank you very much for the your big help! (^_^)

  • awts says:

    si mukamukamo

  • Oi says:

    you rock dude!

  • Paristt says:

    minta cheaaat duonxxx………..

  • abdi says:

    yuber bisa di dpt ngga ????

  • Hair Roo says:

    I cant find clive, moku moku and sasuke. it’s difficult to beat HAN after defeating LUCIA.

    Can anyone give me tips to get clive and others ? And tips to beat HAN easily ?

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Muku Muku is the first optional recruit. The first time you return to Kyaro, do not go straight to Genkaku’s house. Instead, go to the tree just east and north of the house and search it three times. Muku Muku will join you here, and he is actually quite useful in the early stages of the game.

    You can also recruit MukuMuku on the path between Greenhill and Muse (or maybe between Greenhill and Matilda, I forget). You need to have the Hero in the party by himself to find MukuMuku.

    Sasuke is one of the ninjas. You can get him early on if you got Kasumi instead of Valeria. Or you will have to wait until you have about 100 recruits, and then just go visit Rokkaku on the way to Gregminster.

    You have to do a few things to get Clive. After you finish the Sindar Ruins sidequest and get into Muse, go to the northeast part of Muse. A lady named Elza will come out and give you some things, so agree to take them out of town. Head to the south part of town for a scene between this lady and Clive. You HAVE to set this off to recruit Clive later.

    A bit later you will be at South Window. Just south of the entrance is the shrouded man named Clive. He is looking for a route to Lakewest, but you won’t have a means of getting there for a little bit at least. When you finally get a boat and someone like Amada or Tai Ho to take you to Lakewest, then you can recruit Clive (you have to have actually reached Lakewest first to get him to join you).

    That will allow you to recruit Clive. And that’s just recruiting him, there are 5+ more scenes with Clive and Elza if you reach them within certain time frames (read my guide for more :) )

  • maulana says:

    kenapa saya ga bisa bali rose brooch di Banner Village Item Shop ?

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Hey maulana. I do not understand your language but I think you are asking when the Rose Brooch shows up at Banner Village Item Shop. It is random. The first time you enter Banner Village, check the item shop to see if it is there in the Rare Finds. If not, continue to check back here often until it is. It can be frustrating if it doesn’t show up for a while, but eventually it will.

  • intan says:

    gw ga prnah bosen bwd maenin niy game

  • deni andrianto says:

    why i cannot have the final bright shield?

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    deni andrianto – You need all 108 Stars and to save Nanami at Matilda to activate the final magic spell for the Bright Shield Rune.

  • kien says:

    can i take extra listening crystals?

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Nope Kien. Unfortunately we only have a few Listening Crystals so this is why we shouldn’t waste them on the Kraken’s that aren’t Stars of Destiny (must use one on Feather to get Ayda).

  • kien says:

    but in anor side the authro r write hve 1 more hero need a listening crystals to take a octorpus hero

    Abizoah(Octopus) Tinto Caves Need a listening crystal, find the lake in the cave it is near beginning and walk near the lake and he will come out of
    the water and will offer to join
    Rulodia(Octopus) Tinto Caves Need a listening crystal and Abizoah, go to the place where you got Abizoah and he will offer to join

    if i miss the mukumuku until last wanna fight with jowy can i take b mukumuku??

  • kien says:

    Including Nanami, and Kiba they r more than 100 people why still can not find Pesmerga and Mazus n more?
    And Genshu. I have a LV15 weapons on my main character why still can not ?

  • Arwan says:

    Man, I Hate Genshu, that old Samurai still Meditating after my weapon is @Lv16.

    Any easy tips to get Gordon ?? I’m Weak in Economy.

  • vayne says:

    nasan sa castle c badeaux?????????

  • who_i_m says:

    maybe you doesn’t have enough recrut went you talk to genshu. . . if i’m not wrong at least you musr have lv 4 for your castle

  • lance says:

    i know that because i finish this in 10 time and the first secret in the firth is name 30 and riou has level 30

  • Sannie says:

    hard to me for recruit gorgon… please tell me the simple way for recruit him..

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Simplest way to recruit Gordon in Suikoden II is to find Ancient Texts and sell them at Forest Village. You will likely find at least one in Gregminster when you get there. This is a HUGE help in getting you the trade money you need to recruit Gordon. You may also find an Ancient Text at Kobold Village. Try to check as often as you can (of course with Gregminster being such a long walk, it is not convenient to check often especially if you are trying to complete the game within 20 hours for Clive’s quest). You can trade other items too, with the Crystal Ball (from Forest Village and sell at Kobold Village) being another decent item to make money on.

      For the recruit, you can recruit Gordon after Luca’s battle I believe. Furthermore, trading money you have gained BEFORE you ask him to join counts (basically, you ask him to join and he asks you to make a bunch of money for him. As I said, even if you made money before talking to him he will count this trade money).

      Used to be one of the more annoying recruits for me but the big trick in my opinion is to look for those Ancient Texts early and buy them. Check early and often.

      • Kragas says:

        another way to earn money is to save all the seldon urns you get for free, and sell them in gregminster that counts too, and it is worth about 30000.

  • Sannie says:

    oh sorry , i mean gordon >,<

  • Dillzy says:

    i have more than 100 stars and still i cant recruit the players i wanted i went to rokkaku with valeria it didnt work i tried to recruit genshu with my level 16 weopon still cant recruit these characters???? adding to that i keep wasting my time going back to the same characters hoping that they will be recruited this time.

  • Dillzy says:

    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR i forgot to save the game took me all day to find all the characters and only need a few more and my comp just crashed

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Genshu should be recruited with a level 15-16 weapon. If not, check back with him later in the storyline or after you get a few more recruits.

    The Rokkaku Ninjas should join after you have 100+ recruits and the castle is at it’s max growth.

  • dillzy says:

    for some strange reason 1 could recruit any player i wanted to find now and yesterday i couldnt and i have 100+ maybe the game was glitched yesterday because i started of with the same profile game save today.

  • dillzy says:

    silly gordon needed to make a 50 000 potch trade and i thought that i made good trading profits and went all the way back through banner forest and to gregminster and guess what all i need to trade left was 5 potch so i have to go all the way back to the area to make a 5 potch profit grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i hate you gordoooooooooooooon!!!! because im doooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmed

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    dillzy, that’s why you need to save before making the trip to Gregminster. You could have just hit reset after you found out you needed 5 potch.

  • dillzy says:

    Thank you lord shu my military genius by the way i have suikoden 2 on pc exactly the same as ps my friend knows this website which you can download ps games on pc and straight away i downloaded suikoden 2 the best and favorite game in the world it was the only game i played on playstion i played it since the aged of 7 to the age of 15 but then my cd was damaged i couldnt get it replaced and i was miserable because ps2 came out which made ps1 games dissapear but hear as a 18yr still playing my childhood game like i did when i was 7 you know how passioned i am to play this i can write a whole book about suikoden 2

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      That’s good to hear. Suikoden II is precious. Look for it on eBay and it is like over 100$. I am fortunate my copy is in decent condition.

      I can write a whole book on Suikoden II too :) Oh wait I basically did between this 108 Stars guide and the rest of the Suikoden II Walkthrough.

  • Dillzy-Hating gordon says:

    mw2 is an excellent game as well i own an xbox 360 but i rather play suikoden 2 i played all the new suikoden but doesnt compare to number 1 and number 2

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      What is mw2????

      I agree, Suikoden II is one of my favorite games of all time. Suikoden I and II are the best Suikoden’s for me too. I think most of the older folks who played those two first agree. Still got some enjoyment out of III and V, and to a lesser extent IV and Tierkreis, but they just don’t compare to those fluid PS1 Suikoden’s.

  • dillzy says:

    totally agree well i played all the newer versions of suikoden and wheres the build up and the passion in suikoden2 the allies and army talk you up before going to battle and the story line is excellent and i just dont see that in the newer version. what if they just used the same characters and the same map but with new mission with the new suikodens that would be another good game im not playing the other suikodens if it doesnt have the beef between the city-state and highland on the same map.

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      That’s about what I think too. I missed the 2D, I think that was just classic. I understand most people are graphics-whores but I tend to think JRPG fans can look through that. Many were clamoring for graphics from Suikoden I and II for Tierkreis but instead we got pixely, ugly 3d models (with whiny kiddie voices, no less).

      Guess that’s life though, and it’s a big reason we’ll always appreciate Suikoden I and II. It’s just never going to be emulated successfully. Even though I bet if they released a 2D Suikoden in the mold of I and II and gave it a similar setting with similar characters, it would sell like crazy especially in Asia.

  • Dillzy, Nanami and Jowy Blight says:

    mw2 is call of duty modern warfare 2 a first person shooter game

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Oh ok, yea I know about mw2. I don’t play first person shooters though, not since Halo I…Even then the only FPS’ I really got into were Halo, Goldeneye, Doom and Perfect Dark.

  • Dillzy 108 Stars of Destiny ending cheat says:

    the best way to know how many stars you have is to see how many you have missed on the stone tablet and to truely know if you can recruit pesmerga and mazus and genshu 100+ you go to radat with simone and see if vincent is hanging out at the ports{you have to do this before a meeting taking over Rockaxe in a war battle if you dont you miss out on extra scenes like nanami faking her death and riou and jowy back together and the 3 travelling all around the world SUCH A SHAME AS SOON AS I GOT JOWY ON OUR SIDE I THOUGHT WE COULD ACTUALLY FIGHT ALONG SIDE BUT NOOO.

  • dillzy- collected 108 stars of destiny good ending. nanami you faker. jowy i didnt even get to use you at the end what a shame says:

    Who do you usually have in your party?? i have
    ( Camus,miklotov,victor,nanami died so i used sasuke with counter rune,riou,luc or mazus

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      One character I love is Clive. I always use him to get his quest going as fast as possible, plus I like his critical hit-rate and the fact that he never misses. Give him a Warrior Rune or Fury Rune to augment his attack and he’s great.

      Mazus is nice at the end of course, and Luc is a great magician initially. Magicians tend to be really cheap if you ask me, you can give them three runes and Lightning Rune’s last two spells do a ton of damage. Magicians can also rock with Pale Gate Rune too.

      I don’t like Camus much. Nice Rage Rune but not the magic power to utilize it best. But I do use Camus and Miklotov for the Luca fight usually.

      I really wish they let Yam Koo be a fighter in battle in this game. I would use Tai Ho so much more. Their Fishermen Attack (3x damage) was so sweet in Suikoden I, I used them all the time when I was young and first played the game…

      • jherson says:

        i had already completed 108 characters within 27 hours but i cannot get the 4th power which can heal jowy and nanami. could you give me some tips to do it lord shu? i really love suikoden.

  • Dillzy-108 stars of destiny says:

    ive collected all the squirrels like mukumuku the last yellow squirrel is the strongest even stronger than shiro.

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      I haven’t collected the other squirrels but I have read how to. Same with the Octopii, though I think I actually got Rulodia one time.

  • Dillzy-108 stars of destiny says:

    take double-beat of gijimu and place in your riou along with warrior and kindness and your will top 500 attack power by level 55 because the more you attack with your weopon the more attack power you gain along with that your can attack twice with double beat

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Gotta admit I haven’t used much Gijimu, though I did see he has a high attack. He is also sweet in war battles. +3 strength or something right? Or maybe it’s +3 strength +1 defense I forget.

  • Dillzy-108 stars of destiny says:

    yeahhhh every japanese person is going to buy it including us i would go crazy for the 2D suikoden with the same character

  • Dillzy-108 stars of destiny says:

    hey i never played suikoden 1 before but i played 2 hours of it tell me what is my main objectives do i need to recruit all the characters or anything??? i know that i can load suikoden1 from number 2 for extra scenes and the main characters from number1

  • Dillzy-108 stars of destiny says:

    i never use gijimu but i just take his double beat rune for someone else

  • Dillzy-just started suikoden1 anybody give me tips says:

    you have to check out the youtube videos of people playing theme songs on a piano from suikoden2 its beautiful just type in suikoden 2 reminince piano i think

  • aby says:

    My party are Pesmerga,Georg,Humphrey(or Viktor),Riou,Luc, and Mazuz. that woulde be my best choice to fight the last boss. equip luc and mazuz with two elementals rune would be helpful. example :Cyclone+Flowing rune will result Water Dragon which attack enemy and heal party for 800..

  • dillzy says:

    yeah true but it wouldnt really affect the boss if you use the combined rune it self at the start striaght away unless you destroy the floating rune. ive finishing suikoden1 and suikoden2 last week and tell me anything before i proceed to suikoden3 any information??

  • mark says:

    nanami alive…but i cant alive it…she need 121 above her defence or str her strenght and nc armor..but…i cant do please help me

  • andreas setiawan says:

    supaya dapetin muka muka gi mana sih caranya???
    w dah kesel baget nyari mpe botak………

    gordon g mana jga daptinnya?????

  • Riee says:

    Lord shu.i need your help.
    I have some question for u. to get double beat rune in this game?
    2.can i recruite humprey and futch after luca night raiding?
    3.Isn’t my castle have reach maximum size at 5th floor?
    answer please.
    Your answear will be a big help for me.
    Thank you before

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Hey Riee

    1: Double-Beat Rune is something I occasionally find early in the game. I believe the squirrels or the bunnies drop it (pretty sure it’s those groups of 6 bunnies, could be wrong though). I do know it’s dropped by an enemy very early in the game.

    2: Not entirely sure but I think you’d want to get Humphrey and Futch as soon as you get to the Matilda area. Your options to move around are limited while the night raid is going on. There is a good chance you can’t make it over to Matilda at that point.

    3: Maximum size is at 100 stars of Destiny or so. I think it is then 6F though maybe it is 5F. But max size is at 100 recruits. Reaching the maximum size will allow you to recruit the last few characters.

  • cacad army says:

    akhirnya bisa SELESAI dgn true ending, nanami gak mati dan jowy baik lagi.
    ayo yg mau nanya, aq buka tuk umum ……

  • Riee says:

    so silly.
    Thats mean,I can’t get double beat rune anymore?

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Yea sorry Riee. It is stupid but the Double-Beat Rune is very rare to find. I have played through the game a few times where I didn’t find one as well.

  • Riee says:

    Cacad army.

    108 star ud u dapetin smua?
    Hebat dong.
    flowing n rage rune bsa d dapetin gak?

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Not quite sure what you are asking here. If you are wondering where a Flowing Rune is, talk to Sarah in Gregminster (Sarah from Suikoden I, she is on floor 2 of the Gregminster Inn).

      As for the Rage Rune I think we can find one later in the game by talking to the Runemaster in Muse (or someone in the Runemaster’s building).

  • Philip says:

    where did you get the fury rune/warrior rune??

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Hey Philip. Fury Rune is a rare purchase at the Muse Runemaster shop. It is very expensive especially early the game, but I suggest saving a lot of money early on and you should be able to afford at least one before you have to flee the Muse area (after the scene with Jowy and Anabelle).

      The Warrior Rune is a rare find at the Two Rivers Runemaster Shop. Along with the Wizard Rune I believe. It is like 30,000 Potch but again, also worth it. I suggest giving one to Clive since he can be in the back row and he just attacks anyway; it makes his attacks extremely powerful. Giving a Warrior Rune to a front-line fighter is good too but they are going to get hit more, and Warrior Rune doubles your attack but halves your defense so it is risky :)

  • Riee says:

    thanq you for your fulL information.

    I have more question for you.
    when we’re visit the gregminster again?
    Where is the location of gregminster?
    Im forget.

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      We go to Gregminster before the Luca fight. It is through that long forest path after Banner Village (which is south of Radat). After you go there once you can always come back but it takes a while to get there.

  • Riie says:

    I remember now.

    I have more problem.
    I cant’t find the rokkaku village.
    How to go there?

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Rokkaku Village is on the way to Gregminster. Take the route from Banner Village and you will go up a mountain with a few sets of ladders. Rokkaku is just after this point. There is a point where you are going east and you have to hold your character south against the trees and there is an opening you will go through. Continue southeast through this opening and you get to Rokkaku Village.

    Now, the only way you can get into Rokkaku early on is if you have Kasumi. If you chose Valeria, every time you get to Rokkaku you will be stopped and then ushered out. It is only until you have 100+ stars that you can then enter Rokkaku (again, this is if you don’t have Kasumi).

  • Riie says:

    I’ll try it.
    Thak you very much for your help.
    Don’t be bored to answer my question.

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    No problem Riie. Ask any question you want, especially when it comes to Suikoden II.

  • Riie says:

    Nice to know eu.

    By the way.
    Do you play suikoden 1 toO?
    Do you also know, how to recruit 108 star destiny in suikoden 1?

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Yes I play Suikoden I too. Suikoden I and II are the best.

    If you want to post your thoughts and questions on Suikoden I 108 Stars of Destiny, click this link.

  • Riie says:

    I see.

    I has play suikoden 3 too.
    But it’s not fun.
    Suikoden 1 and 2 are the best.

    I wanna play suikoden 1 again.
    Tq for the link.

  • Maximillian says:

    thanks for the guide lord yuan shu :D
    but I always failed on clive’s quest, I always late tracking elza on matilda. It was like 33 days late to meet the guy at matilda Inn !
    how am I suppose to do to finish the quest? (to much time delay between mission in greenhill and matilda)

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      If you are trying to complete the Clive quest you have to be very efficient with your time, and bring Clive in your party all the time. Give him a Fury Rune or Double-Beat Rune and he’ll be very powerful. Anyway, just bring him to Matilda Inn and he’ll have a scene. Then you can go straight to Radat for that scene too.

      The key is pressing X fast through the dialogue so that you don’t waste time. You miss a lot of fun but you have to be quick to make the times for Clive’s 20-hour quest.

  • Luca Blight says: all still play this game?
    you guys are amazing..haha..

    i want to there any way to make all of our units in war battle have cavalry ability?
    coz i really want to see the hidden scene when we can save ridley when attack Radat Town..
    n i want to know the best unit arrangement in war battle coz if you see the highland’s are so powerful..luca with 18ATT 16DEF wtf??

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    I am playing through the game right now, Luca Blight. And I actually just finished up that battle where Ridley is ambushed. Most of the time I don’t save him but I got lucky and Ridley got a few criticals. You just need to get a unit next to his and he’ll be saved. It is not easy though and I wouldn’t worry if you miss it; you’ll still save Ridley and you won’t be missing much of a ‘hidden scene’. Just a few comments from people about Ridley being saved.

    To get the best War Battle units you need to recruit characters as fast as you can. Try to balance your groups so that Viktor, Gilbert, Flik, and especially Luc have powerful members in their group. Luc has a high attack so I like to load up his unit with Shu and maybe Hanna and then he can do damage to any unit early on.

    Luca is dangerous to encounter at 18 attack so I attack him from afar. Using “Invention” or “Lightning Rune” will be a huge help too; it’s likely you’ll do at least a damage to him with those techniques and in that battle you just need to hurt him once.

  • Maximillian says:

    you got a point lord, I can’t take my time if I play in a rush hehe.
    but what’s the quest actually mean in the end?
    elza will die or clive die or elza join us perhaps?

    I agree with Luca’s comment, luca unit 18att 16def????
    he can kill my unit easilly !

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    The quest means that Clive finally catches up to Elza and reaches a conclusion. I don’t really want to say but since you asked; Clive gets the gun that can shoot and takes out Elza, but is sad about it. The chase more than anything is what’s interesting and it’s an interesting conclusion to the sidequest.

    Luca’s unit is sick. I hate when you do damage to him in that War Battle right before we kill him, and then he uses a crazy attack to hurt everyone on the screen. Glad to have him out of the game, I find that fight easy though because I just give the best magicians Lightning Runes and have them use level 3 and level 4 spells until he’s gone.

    • Maximillian says:

      oh it is a sad one, I just read it in your walkthrough.
      but again I can’t finish it though.

      and now I’m on capturing matilda mission , what should I do to keep nanami alive after gorudo attack? (I already collect 108 stars before enter the mission)

    • TREK says:

      lord shu in my game Ridley is die but his son came to my allies his name is Boris!

  • dillzy says:

    if you want to keep nanami alive you need to collect 108 stars before the meeting to invade rockaxe castle and you will have a additional magic to your bright shield rune i think its called the forgiver sign i think it heaps 1000 hp to your allies and 1000 damage to your enemy its worth getting all 108 stars because the video endings and the story is completely different you get to see the story how you nanami and jowy travelling around map after the war and i wouldnt of finished this game completely if it werent for lord yuan shu the creator of this magnificient website. this is the only website that tells everything about recruiting facts and the most socialised page and lord yuan shu gets straight to the point and answer..

    • Maximillian says:

      I already got all the 108 stars and forgiver sign from leknaat before march to rockaxe but nanami still didn’t make it, jowy and nanami both died in my ending. does she needs special equipment or sumthing to survive from the attack?

  • dillzy says:

    to make the game easier in the first half the game is when you are suppose to go to muse to by that wooden amulet for pilika the little brat that cries alot instead of going there go to the muse & matilda border to do the glitch all you have to do is walk into the big gate and it would be forced backwards and their you go but be carefulthe wild monsters/enemies are power so take your strongest squad there and dont rely on your own weopons use magic spells like equiping the fire rune on jowy and equping sacrificial jizos and medicines. it doesnt matter if some of your allies die as long as jowy and your main character is alive.what i do is i defend with all the front row and all the back row uses magic and if your succesful you will be on level 30+ in a few fight and after fighting the giant bird with futch and humphrey at rukutie mountain you will be level 40+ instead of level 10 then humphrey and futch will be recrruited when your still at the mercenary fortress to get double beat keep killing the axe bunnies at north sparrow past i got 3 of them before fight the mist monster it took awhile though..

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Hmm, Maximillian, I am trying to figure out what the problem is for your quest. If you have all 108 Stars of Destiny you should be okay to have Nanami be alive. The only thing I can think of that maybe you did wrong is not choose an answer when Nanami goes to block Gorudo’s archers. You need to pick one of the two options within a second (doesn’t matter which one, you just have to pick it extremely fast). You should then be able to get the best ending (hopefully you saved before this event in Matilda, if not, be sure to save before you do it next time to make sure you do it right).

    Thank you for your kind words Dillzy :) I try to provide not only the best guide but I optimize websites so that they rank high for related terms (search Suikoden ii 108 stars to see how awesome is!!! :P ).

  • n00bz says:

    I’ve finished this game with 108 characters..
    but why nanami died? so I cant reached happy ending T_T
    is it true that ever single character mustn’t die on big war?

  • n00bz says:

    is it true that every single character mustn’t die on big war?

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Hey n00bz. It is true, you can’t have any of those 108 allies die in War Battles. So it’s always important to save before a battle. Sometimes you’ll have a unit go down and it’ll sound like the character died but instead they’ll say wounded. Check the Stone Tablet after a battle to make sure everyone survived.

  • n00bz says:

    on stone tablet, my character still complete 108..
    maybe the reason is on your previous post that I have to click fast to answer when Nanami goes to block Gorudo’s archers..

    will give the result later :)

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Hmm, so all 108 are still there and alive. That’s unfortunate n00bz. I have a feeling the Nanami + Archer event is probably the problem for you. :(

    Let me know what you find

  • n00bz says:

    just realize that Kiba died on war against Leon…

    is it possible not to make him die?

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Nah it’s never Kiba. He always dies no matter what…

  • n00bz says:

    Done :)
    you’re right Yuan Shu… we must press “X” very soon when nanami goes to block Gorudo’s attack.
    Got from walkthrough, indicator whether we can get happy ending is after Dr. Huan examined nanami, he will ask Shu to enter the room. when he didnt ask Shu to enter, it means you must reload your game before Gorudo’s action…

    thanks all :)

  • david villa says:

    i’ve lost Clive.
    i was recruiting people based on yours.
    but, u didn’t say that should talk to Elza early in Muse.

    Now, i already get my HQ n i lost him.
    I already have all the character in 1-37(this article), but 38 (Clive) i can’t get it.
    You say just in time.

    can i get him now?

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Hey David Villa. Sorry, I’ll have to make some note early in the guide that you need to talk to Clive at that point.

      But to be honest, I think you will still find Clive at South Window (and you can still recruit him after you get to Lakewest). Not sure about that however..

  • Kenshin says:

    how can i get the ninjas ?

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Kenshin – When you can recruit the ninjas depends on who you chose at Gregminster. If you chose Kasumi, then you can get the ninjas after only 60-70 recruits or so. Otherwise, if you chose Valeria, you will have to wait until you have 100+ recruits and the castle is at it’s maximum size.

    Or if you are just asking about how to get to Rokkaku (Ninja Village), then look for a southern path through the trees on the way to Gregminster. It is the area right after climbing the ladders (just hold down as you walk east past those trees and you’ll find the spot). Be sure to bring Kasumi with if you have her.

  • aldias says:

    how to join miku miku

  • aldias says:

    how to recruit mikumiku

  • aldias says:

    how cheat suikoden 2

  • aldias says:

    how to get mikumiku

  • Kahoru says:

    i’m not for you country but,i know speal english….i think….also i have Suikoden II but can i ask you something?

    how i can save Nanami at Matilda?

    i love Suikoden if anyone can answr me fast as you can please

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Hello Kahoru, nice to hear from you.

      As far as your question, you can save Nanami. You need all Stars of Destiny by that point (invading Matilda) …..and the other key point is when Nanami is about to get hit with the arrows, you have to press X to choose the dialogue within 1 second of it popping up (just tap X through the dialogue to make sure you get it).

      Then after the scene you’ll hear from Huan who says things will be okay.

  • Kahoru says:

    Thanks for that.i get the final of the game….but i saw in youtube the Jowy’s good ending i tried to….but he just die and i pay atention the one who made it has all the chars then in a part Leeknaat say something ’bout the 108 stars the i look for them now thanks to you,i can made it.thank you so much

  • Kahoru says:

    because that i start a new game

  • Kahoru says:

    Another thing….do you think the fans of suikoden (we) must create a web about suikoden? with walktroughs,this list of the 108 stars,secret runes…

    about the secret runes…
    do you know the rune Kindness? is hide it is in Lakewest the ship the Hero uses is in that vegetable basket

    also too the ring of power is in Tinto in one of those thing carying minerals
    those is all i’ve found….(also too the only i peek too lol)

  • Kahoru says:

    i do not know why….but i don’t like the bad things…but i am a boy….i guess i fell some more of senbility like others

    i feel sad when Pilika tolds Luca kill her Paretns
    i feel sad and rage whrn Nanami’s Die
    i feel sad when i must Fight Jowy’s and he dies….because that i wanna the 108 Stars….i wanna save Nanami’s….thank you for listeng me….thanks….

  • Kahoru says:

    but how did you know the 108 chars? 10 years old have my suikoden…it was from my uncle but he gaves me and when i get the PS2 i make the Suikoden to the format to the PSP

    in those ten years…my uncle and i couldn’t find those chars….and 1 time to my ucle just left two chars he was feeling shamed lol

  • Kahoru says:

    sorry,surely i am boreing this link with my smooth-talk so,sorry….

  • JomZ says:

    lordshu I have some question:

    1.Can I still get Wakaba, because im already inside Greenhill where the Hero and nanami pretends to be students and Flik pretends to be the bodyguard or Teacher.

    2. After Defending Two River City, Stallion, Shilo, Bob, Sid are not in where I first found them.

    3. Can I still get the others?
    (I am currently at Greenhill, I dunno If I can go out, havent tried yet)

    4.If answer to No. 3 is “No”, can I still get all 108 stars??

  • JomZ says:

    oh, nvm..I noticed all of them were back when I finished the Greenhill Mission, and..

    about Clive..
    can I still get him?


  • daniel says:

    can anyon1 answer me???what if i get all the stars only before I attack matilda???will i get the happy ending???please anyone asap thanks

    please answer this thread asap …..

  • adit says:

    yuan shu i got tir mcdohl its very easy

  • kayecee faustino says:

    i got abizboah instead of siegfried. does that means i did not complete the 108 stars??

  • Kulangotribe says:

    Ur all wcw

  • duodecim says:

    i finish suikoden 2 4yrs ago -_- its easy… and u finish the other suikoden -_- with complete char,,, just a peace of cake

  • Lyon says:

    How to get fortune rune in suikoden 1 and 2 ???

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Hey Lyon. Fortune Rune can be purchased at the Kirov item shop in Suikoden I. It’s expensive.

      Not sure Fortune Rune can be purchased in Suikoden II. Pretty sure it can’t be, maybe as a rare find at an Item Shop or something. You’re more likely to get it as a rare drop towards the end of the game.

  • Lyon says:

    thanks a lot, i will try to get :D

  • jejemon says:

    nice walkthrough

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Thanks jejemon. Of all the games I have on here, Suikoden II is still my favorite. Still gets a ton of visitors too each day.

  • Shiina says:

    is Tir McDohl included un 108 stars of destiny suikoden 2 that must be recruited? Thanks

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Nope Shiina. Tir McDohl is an optional recruit along with Gremio. They do not go towards are 108 Stars of Destiny for Suikoden 2.

  • Shiina says:

    I see. Thanks a million. Still, Suikoden (especially Suikoden 2) is the best game ever

  • ferdian says:

    yuan shu help mee…!!….i already choose LOOK OUT nanami!! In matilda… n rescuit 108 stars .. Also rescuit TcDohl… Why i can’ make nanami n jowy alive.. ?? My time over 20 hour… I haven’t make clive quest yet wkwkwk.. so difiicult

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Hmm, unfortunately maybe you didn’t press “look out” or the other option in time. You have to be extremely fast, basically tapping the button through the dialogue. Based on everything else you are saying, this seems like the only possible option for why the ending isn’t happening.

  • Kii says:

    Good recruitment guide, but misleading character usefulness comments IMO. In Suikoden II, it’s all about rune slots when determining how strong the characters are. With 3 open rune slots being the most one can have, those characters automatically are very strong. So characters like Killey, Sheena, Hai Yo, Sid, etc are all mostly at the top of the strongest list if equipped with proper runes (e.g.: Fury, Double-Beat, Double-Strike, Killer, etc) to boost up their damage output.

    The comment on Yam Koo’s entry about magicians being dominant in Suikoden II is also very misleading because magicians are almost useless when it comes to normal battles due to Suikoden II’s MP system limiting the usage of spells. This means that physical characters are ways ahead of magicians in terms of usefulness.

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Hey Kii, thanks for your well thought out comment.

      Most characters seem to get at least 2 rune slots, and that’s good enough for me. Moreover, my analysis was based mostly on their base statistics. It’s true I could have paid more attention to the rune slots as that is part of their value in a character. But as I said, I was more going for focusing on how their stats turn out.

      I definitely disagree with you about Magic though. First of all, the enemy is never going to dodge magic (they almost never silence you). Even the higher-tech melee attackers are going to miss physical attacks from time to time.

      Also, rune magic is not as limited as you make it seem. Most caves / dungeon aren’t terribly long in this game, so you generally have enough time to rest up. The only time I can really think of an area like that is in Tinto where you have to go through that long cave, beat the Golem and then Neclord. As far as using it in normal battles, you can use the mediocre spells (level 1 and 2) since you generally won’t get to those in a boss battle (or are just used to finish a boss off after you’ve wasted level 3 and 4 spells). And once you get Luc and the Pale Gate Rune (both relatively early on) then you can slaughter any group of regular enemies with his level 2 rune. Once you acquire another magician with a Head Rune + Pale Gate then you won’t even need to use physical attackers in regular battles with both of them having like 7-9 uses out of their level 2 Pale Gate rune.

  • Shiina says:

    whoa, I couldn’t get rose brooch at Banner, although I always check it. could you help me ?

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Keep checking. After every plot event, use a Blinking Mirror and teleport over Banner to check their rare finds. Eventually it will show up, I promise.

  • TREK says:

    Lord Yuan Shu in my game Ridley is die but his son came to my allies his name is Boris!

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Cool, Trek. I have never actually seen Boris myself. Never did the run option in Tinto or Crom or wherever it is to get the Boris story event.

  • BlackSwordSlayers says:

    Aaargh!? It’s toooo hard to get sasuke or whatever those stupid name! And i’m confused to pick valeria or kasumi?! Can you tell me which is better?

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Sasuke is one of the two ninjas that join you. If you choose Kasumi instead of Valeria, you can get Sasuke and the other ninja (Mondo) quicker (after you have like 70-80 recruits). Otherwise if you choose Valeria, you have to wait until you have like 100+ recruits to get Sasuke and Mondo.

      That said, Valeria is much better in battle and a useful addition for the Luca Blight battle. Kasumi is terrible in battle but being able to get Sasuke and Mondo early is nice.

  • xiah says:

    hi lord yuan shu..
    i want to ask u about the girl named eilie or ellie, im not sure about her name. the first time I see this girl is outside the banner village inn. and sometimes she dissapeared. do you know who is she? because her character’s looks different from the other villagers..

    if I want to save nanami from death, should I finished this game in 20 hours? thank you very much..

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Hey xiah,

    I know the girl you are talking about at Banner Village, she has red hair and is by the Inn in the southeast part of the screen. I forget her name, could be Ellie I suppose? Eilie is one of the traveling circus folk along with Rina and Bolgan :)

    Anyway, as far as the girl with the red hair at Banner Village, that confused me too at first, since she has a unique face. But I think Konami just made her unique because of the McDohl / Gremio sidequests as she is involved with those (but doesn’t join your army). So it’s kind of misleading, but we cannot recruit her.

    Regarding Nanami, I believe we just need 108 up to that point and then need to choose one of the choices faster than a second when Hero + Nanami are ambushed by Gorudo at Matilda roof. Not sure if it needs to be done within 20 hours, only the Clive Quest I know for sure needs to be done by 20 hours. I don’t think the Nanami quest matters but considering you can get to the very end by 20 hours (to get Clive), you shouldn’t have trouble reaching the earlier part in the story by 20 hours (Nanami’s scene).

  • xiah says:

    thank u soooo muchh!!!^^

  • Hisoka says:

    Pretty bad, you still looked newbie about this game.
    Hai Yo, Killey and Sheena can be more potential better than Persmega. Just give them Fury, Double-Beat and Killer Since they get 3 slot of Rune + Rage / Thunder Rune on Weapon. They can exceed Persmega.

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      That’s pretty foolish. Fury and Double Beat runes don’t grow on trees, you know. People are going to have only a few Fury and Double Beat runes at most and they’re not going to give them to bad characters with low attacks like Hai Yo or Killey. It’s not like I can get 50 of each and give them to every character with 2 or 3 rune slots, it doesn’t work that way. So I don’t think that would be good strategy to suggest that.

      Same with Thunder / Rage Rune pieces. They are rare and even if you have some enemies drop them you likely won’t get many of them. So again why would people waste them on Hai Yo who has one of the lowest natural attacks in the entire game?????

      Meanwhile Pesmerga is the definition of a tank, with a great defense. He is also 10x more valuable than those characters in war battle.

      Besides if I’m so noob maybe you should get your own website and make your own list? I’m the one who has 150+ comments on this page alone, and it brings hundreds of visitors every day just to this page :P

  • Jlo says:

    its a good guide, too bad i found it while i was like halfway thru my game and unfortunately missed a few recruits. i’m still confused about mukumuku tho, do i just run along the path on the world map between greenhill and matilda and he’ll randomly appear and join me? or how does that work.

    i also recommend not using the top tier characters, i find this game to be pretty easy and so i’ve been running thru with bottom tiers like tuta and millie =P they really aren’t half bad if you put a blue ribbon on tuta so he doesn’t get smeared across the ground.

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Well said Jlo. We definitely don’t need the best characters in this game (and it’s more fun if you choose the character’s you like because it will also be more challenging).

      Regarding Mukumuku, if you missed him at Kyaro then yes you can get him on the overworld. But actually it is the path between Greenhill and Muse. You will need to talk to everyone in Greenhill as there is a girl who mentions a red-cape squirrel along the path. This sets Mukumuku into the game / on that path. So then go by yourself, Riou only, and walk along that path towards Muse from Greenhill. With any luck he should be yours in 10-20 minutes.

    • suavo says:

      tuta can’t wear a blue ribbon cause tuta’s a boy.. that looks like a girl

  • Ronald. says:

    How i can get suikoden 1 hero

  • dillzy z Flare is back. says:

    Lord Yuan Shu i have made my return to your website im your number 1 fan it has been almost a year since we last had a conversation i got to admit it has been a long time you serving people on your website and your still going strong i shouldn’t be writing this because im suppose to talk about suikoden but i use this page like twitter..

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    It’s cool, you can chat on here. This is one of the most popular pages on the site. Gets a lot of hits each day and now 150+ comments. But I’m grateful for people like you dillzy who are willing to share your knowledge / perspective to go along with the work here. Much appreciated and hope you’re doing well. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to experience a new Suikoden soon, it’s already been years since Suikoden Tiekreis.

    Let’s go Konami :P

  • anonyme says:

    For Gordon : Buy ‘Wild urns’ (3-5k average price) in Gregminster and Forest Village (about 5-6) then sell them in Crom (~15k). You have done the 50k in once.

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Thank you anonyme. The more ways we can pay off Gordon, the better :P

      That is one I don’t list because I usually try to get Gordon as early as possible and I have him before I can go to Crom / Tinto.

  • Vini says:


    first of all, very nice tips you put here. I really appreciate.

    Well, I have already finished this game a couple of times, but all the time Nanami gets killed by Gorudo’s man. I just can’t avoid it.

    I wanna know if there is a way to avoid it or if its part of the history, like the Kiba’s death.

    Thank you again.

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Hey Vini,

      glad things here have helped you along the way.

      As for your question, yes, we can save Nanami. To save Nanami in S2, we need to do a few things. Everyone needs to be recruited before the Matilda battle. Also, none of your allies can die in war battle (well, except Kiba’s automatic death).

      The other variable is when you meet the archers. Two options pop up on the screen right before they shoot. You have to choose either of the options within like one second. It doesn’t matter which one so just use the top on (basically once Gorudo comes with the archers start tapping X as fast as you can so you can make sure you get it within 1 second).

      Hope this helps on your next play through of Suik II.

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Also everyone, I have good news about Suikogaiden. As some know this was released in Japan but never translated (Nash is the main protagonist but there is a lot with Sierra and other Suikoden characters). Provides great back story for these characters.

    Well, an english translation is near being finished. If you want to help with testing the english version or anything else, head on over to the Suikogaiden website and visit the forum. Or just tell them you’re glad they’re doing it. I know I am, Suikoden I and II are my favorites in the series and two of the best games I’ve played ever. Definitely will be pleased when the Suikogaiden english rom patch is out and they said they might even get to work on Suikogaiden 2 after (getting a little greedy but just letting you know :) ).


  • Vini says:

    Thanks Lord Shu!. Well, I can’t save her because I didn’t have recruted Pesmerga yet. So, I have to deal with her death.

    But next time, for sure I will sabe her.

    Thanks a lot again!

  • Angela says:

    Great! Love u Yuan Shu

  • Arie says:

    how can i recruit tir mcdohl…

    please help me

  • dillzy says:

    Lord shu i have a xbox 360 and i want you to recommend a suikoden for me to purchase wait do they have it on xbox? They should remaster suikoden 1 & 2 just like Castlevania HD and hope 2D not 3D

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Unfortunately, no Suikoden on Xbox 360. Suikoden Tierkreis is on the DS, if you have that. It’s a decent game, not great like the first two Suikoden’s though.

      Speaking of the first two Suikoden’s there was a Suikoden I and Suikoden II package in Japan on PSP a while back, but that was never released in North America unfortunately. That would’ve been awesome, not popular enough here I guess.

  • dillzy says:

    now now hisoka calm down this is a game that lord yuan shu and i have been playing for as long as 13 years so please don’t criticise him for being noob anyway Yoroshiku onegaishimasu im japanese. Tuta or millie will beat hai yo in a 1v1 fight serious if you make the right moves and attributes.

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Haha, well it was funny to be called noob about it at least. He does have a good point about factoring how many runes a character can equip into how good that character is overall. Something to be considered, but I still wouldn’t think Hai Yo is better than Pesmerga just because of having more rune slots.

  • dillzy says:

    Oh my god i literally wrote a long ass comment which to me half an hour and i forgot to put my name and comment was deleted but like i said playing and talking about suikoden was never a waste of time because it’s in the heart and will be remembered till the day i die once again lord shu ever since i met you i managed to finish suikoden 2 properly the last 13 years i thought i finished the game over a thousand times but i was wrong i never recruited anyone thankyou lord shu city state military strateges.

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    LMAO…hilarious dude.

    Glad you found the right way to get all the characters and beat it though. Feels good to help people get even more enjoyment out of sweet games like Suiko II. This game is so great, still one of my favorite games all-time not even just out of RPG’s.

    • dillzy says:

      Well im here again hey i just want to ask what you been doing or is there any games in particular that your playing?

  • dillzy says:

    if konami ran out of ideas they should remake suikoden 2 and sell it on all consoles and pc now that would make more money and fans would go crazy because part 2 is the version that only mattered most. Seriously think how cool it will be including new multiplayer modes for online fights to determine a hai yo vs pesmerga 1v1.

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Yea I’m not sure why they don’t do that. Just look at the price of Suikoden II on the market – Amazon, eBay, whatever. You’d think they could see the potential money for that.

      It’s weird, Suikoden II isn’t as expensive overseas, probably partly because they got that Suikoden I and Suikoden II PSP pack (not a remake though just a port of the two games). They must not have thought it would be that successful here but considering people are paying $100+ for the game in the States I think that shows the kind of demand (either that or an extreme lack of supply of the original copy in english).

  • dillzy says:

    thumbs up you replied so quick even quicker than stallion running from north window to radat town.

  • dillzy says:

    exactly it’s like going to the gameshop with $100 and saying i want to buy a suikoden game. Shop owner says sorry suikoden doesn’t exist. Spoiler money gets placed back in wallet and i would be expecting millions asking about suikoden which millions could have been made. I had the english version of suiko 2 with purple cover it’s worth more than gold but last time i seen it was probably 2006 if i knew it would be precious now i would of taken care of it. I used to wipe the cd with my shirt if it didn’t read then the game dissapeared.

  • HELP!!!
    Can I still recruit Anita in Banner Village even though I picked Kasumi instead of Valeria???

  • Lord Yuan Shu says:

    Hey Mara Louise.

    Yes, you’re still okay to get Anita at Banner Village. Having Valeria is not a pre-requisite. Having Valeria with Anita just means you can use their sweet Unite attack (but you’ll live without it).

    Bring an Antitoxin to Banner Village in case she asks for that. After you give her Antitoxin or pour her a drink, you have to leave Banner and re-enter and then do two more favors. After you do 3 total she will join.

  • Aqualance says:

    I’ve got a question about clive’s quest.After i got him in south window i went to lakewest and talked to the innkeeper.I was supposed to get a letter but, the innkeeper threw it away cos i was too late.

    Do i have to complete clive’s quest to get the true ending?
    And is there another way to continue clive’s quest? or do i have to start over?

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Pretty sure you can still get the true ending. Just need to get all 108 characters before the Nanami archer scene in Matilda. That should ensure you can save her, you just have to press X really fast to choose an option right before the archers are about to shoot.

      As for Clive’s quest, you’re screwed. There are certain time benchmarks throughout the game for his quest and you must have failed the Lakewest one (I think it’s like 7-8 hours). It’s a cool side quest but the game is still fun, not sure I’d turn back and restart the game over it unless you really want to see it.

  • sss says:

    hallo. good guide yuan

  • dillzy says:

    Wooh!! Come on Konami im still waiting on a new suikoden.

  • Aqualance says:

    Umm i just got to the part before we take rockaxe castle. Unfortunately, I haven’t recruited futch and humphrey yet and there’s no way to get to matilda now. Is there no other way to recruit them? or am i gonna have to see nanami die AGAIN?

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Sorry man, you’re screwed and can’t get Humphrey and Futch in time.

      They are one of the most-missed recruits, because there are only certain points in the game that we can recruit them. This is why I suggest recruiting them the first time you get to Matilda (right before Miklotov and Camus join you after that war battle where Gorudo lets the Muse refugees die).

  • haSeO says:

    if . . i out of Listening Crystals and i want to recruit abizoah . . .
    can i ???
    and how ??

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Unfortunately haSeO, we cannot get Abizboah then. The only way we can get Abizboah or Rulodiah is if we don’t give a Listening Crystal to Siegfried. We have to give one Listening Crystal to Feather because otherwise we don’t get Ayda (Assuming you want to get all 108). I like waiting to get Abizboah, fun to have an Octopus in battle. Get her next time you play.

      Rulodia is another Octopus that we can get but Rulodia does not count towards the 108 Stars of Destiny but I guess if you were experimenting and wanting 2 Octopuses.

  • haSeO says:

    im still confused about . .
    road to rokkaku . . ninja village . . .
    can you help me ???
    senior ??

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Road to Rokkaku…

      It is on the way to Gregminster. After one of the first few screens, we climb up the mountain by taking the far-right ladder.

      After the screen with the ladders, you will be going north and east. When you start going east, hold the controller down as you go east and there is a spot in the forest that you will go south at.

      Continue this secret route south to get to Rokkaku. But remember you need Kasumi to enter Rokkaku the hidden village of Ninja’s (or have 100+ characters).

  • haSeO says:

    dear lord yuan shu . .
    i have a littel problem here .
    i have all ready 107 stars, so there is 1 more again .
    its mukumuku .
    but i dont know where is he .
    can i recruit ??
    and how ??

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Mukumuku can be recruited at two places. One is the big tree in Kyaro when you first go back to your house, but you missed him there.

      But we can also recruit him after re-taking Greenhill. Talk to everyone in town and one girl mentions a red-caped squirrel. You can only have the Hero in your party for this I believe (or maybe you just need 1 open slot for the squirrel).

      Walk along the Greenhill-Muse path and eventually you will run across a squirrel in battle. This is Mukumuku and he will join you.

  • haSeO says:

    thanks .

  • dillzy says:

    wooh hoo! Ive been playing gunz on pc lately pretty good.

  • dillzy says:

    i just want to ask what is it that you been doing or any games that you been playing in particular?

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Not been up to much man. Chilling, working, playing some games but not much. Finishing up Dragon Quest VI + then either Radiant Historia (DS) or Dynasty Warriors 7 (PS3). How about you? Didn’t see this page got comments sorry for not responding earlier.

  • Andy says:

    How to recruiting Abizboah?

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      We need a Listening Crystal from Badeaux (he can be recruited with Shiro at the pass to Matilda).

      Then use a Listening Crystal on Feather but don’t use one for Siegfried. So we have one left and can use it in the Tinto Mine (that we take to sneak into Tinto, with the Stone Golem). Abizboah is in the lake area of the cave, it is near the entrance to the cave so just look around some dead ends to find him.

  • Rudy says:

    Hi,lord yuanshu… ^_^
    How to join Abizboah wife’s and his child..?
    and Where can we found her and her child?
    Thank you lord yuanshu….

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Hey Rudy. Read above to learn how to recruit Abizboah – he is in the Tinto Mines.

      Rulodia I am not too sure, I will have to double-check but I kind of think Rulodia is at the Wind Cave, at some dead end by Water. Doesn’t appear there initially but if you come back with a Listening Crystal + Abizboah, you can get her (but this also means you miss out on recruiting Feather so you would miss out on the 108 Stars + Best Ending by recruiting Rulodia who is not a true star).

  • Rayray says:

    I really want to solve the story right about.. And with a true walktrough (simple one) that conclude the way to easy recruit >example :
    bla bla bla.. > luca mission> recruit max > recruit bla bla… I think it will really helps..

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Okay rayray, I think I get what you’re saying. Less explanation about the characters and just quick version of recruit list. Maybe I’ll do that and link to it from this comment section.

  • oraise says:

    lord shu saya punya beberapa pertanyaan ni

    1.misinya si clive cma sampe radat doang kah??

    2.yuber bisa di dapetin g??


  • yuber-pesmerga says:

    lord yuan shu i want to ask you some question it the end of clive mission just until in radat town?

    2.can i get yuber

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      1. Radat Town is not the final place to meet Clive. I believe after Radat that we meet him at the Jowston Hilltop after taking over Muse, and then the village west of L’Renouille after invading Highlands (right before the final castle and you have to do it within 20 hours).

      2. You cannot get Yuber in Suikoden II. Only time we can use Yuber is the final section of Suikoden III.

  • carla says:

    what are the scene under clive’s quest? do you have all the listings for some guide.? thanks in advance.

  • yuber-pesmerga says:

    so after going to radat and meet elza and in that chase clive was hit by elza so i must go to matilda??

  • yuber-pesmerga says:

    i’ve missed clive at muse city
    when did i can meet him lord yuan shu??
    please answer my question

  • Riou McDohl says:

    Hey LordYuanShu,

    Putang ina mo.


  • Dillzy-Sol de FlaRe zR says:

    well it has been awhile sorry to keep you hangin bro well ive just been working and playing online FPS games my suikoden 2 got deleted on my pc! But it can be downloaded again.

  • azhyra says:

    lord yuan shu,,,,do you know where i can download suikoden 2 soundtrack??it’s song is nice to hear….

  • RIOU says:


  • Dillzy Sol de FlaRe zR says:

    every truth contains a lie and every lie contains a truth hmmmm.

  • suavo says:

    here’s a little fact about tuta’s medicine rune which u dont have any info on..
    Medicine Rune
    Wielder uses medicine automatically on injured allies with HP lower than 35%.

    SuikoSource Runes

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Word. Thanks. I should have amended my guide earlier because I at least did notice that if a character’s HP was low, Medicine Rune would be used (didn’t know it was exactly 35% though).

      • suavo says:

        It automatically uses a medicine item equipped, instead of every other action you chose for the wielder. nice guide btw

        • Lord Yuan Shu says:

          Thanks man. Medicine Rune automatically used a medicine item equipped…so if Tuta has nothing equipped, it does nothing? It should at least let him take from the bag :P Not like he has much else going for him.

          I actually like him in Suikoden III though…kind of cheap as a support character though, restoring so much HP after each battle.

          That reminds me, kind of a shithead of me to not do one of these lists for Suikoden III (and IV to a lesser extent). It’s pretty easy to get all the stars in III though but the character analysis could be worthwhile, what-with all the optional win battles that are challenging and fun.

          • suavo says:

            Correct, Medicine Rune wont activate if no medicine is equipped.
            I never really got the chance to play much of Suikoden III.. and didnt really care much for it, instead i played and finished Suikoden I & Suikoden II which in my opinion is the best game evar.

            • Lord Yuan Shu says:

              Yea the later Suikoden’s don’t hold a candle to I and II. Both are top 5 games all-time for me.

              • suavo says:

                ive been told that Suikoden V is great, even tho it has much similarity to the story in Suikoden II or so i read.. have you played it?

                • Lord Yuan Shu says:

                  Suikoden V is probably my favorite of the PS2 era. Not sure how it relates with Suikoden II although when playing Suikoden V I remember feeling like it was finally a Suikoden that was at least worthy of those first two.

                  That said, I only played through V once (right when it came out in 2006) because it was so long. Game was also a tad too easy. I know Suikoden’s aren’t known for their difficulty but magic + certain formations were too overpowered in Suikoden V. Good story though and recruiting characters is more challenging in that one.

  • David says:

    Is Bright (Futch’s second dragon) really does? How can I recriut Him? He’s a white dragon that we met after helping humprey..

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Bright is not mature enough to fight in Suikoden II, but we do see the scene of him being hatched in Suikoden 2.

      However you will find both Futch and Bright playable in Suikoden III. Pretty sure that makes Futch the only playable characters in the first three Suikoden’s. Some of the other characters like Viki and Jeane also join in all three but don’t fight in battle.

  • David says:

    okay, thx..

  • ari prabowo says:

    lord yuan shu how to get mcdohl without saved from suikoden 1

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Hey ari, not sure we can get McDohl then. Because when he joins in Suikoden II he has the first letter of what you named him in Suikoden I (so if you named him John, it’d be JcDohl). So without Suikoden I saved data I don’t think we can get McDohl, but I don’t know for sure.

  • hazmida says:

    dear lord yuan-shu i wanna ask something to you , can you tell me where’s the exactly places of all the items in Suikoden II , include the rare items .
    i just played that game , but i can’t have all of the items T.T

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Hehe, ok Hazmida I’ll just list all 1000 Items on here, no problem. :P

      How about you just check out my Suikoden II walkthrough, it goes through the entire game, listing recruits and all the items along the way (even the hard-to-find Darkness Rune and Blue Ribbon at North Window, which require a puzzle and are often-missed).

      • hazmida says:

        ok , that’s no problem .
        i’ve already read and checked your walkthrough , that’s so helpfull .
        but when i opened your walktrough from my phone , the recruitments guide only shows ’till georg prime .
        is there any something wrong on my phone or you just listed ’till georg prime ??

        • Lord Yuan Shu says:

          Sorry man, didn’t see this. The guide does go past Georg Prime. It must be your phone limits how much it shows. Pesmerga is 108 and he’s at the bottom. Good luck Hazmida with recruiting the 108 Stars

  • hazmida says:

    please lord yuan-shu reply my previous messages -.-
    as fast as possible

  • Dali says:

    i have to star the game again :(

  • chiabuttercup says:

    i missed gilbert on battle map. and i re-saved after the battle map. should i restart again for getting gilbert? what a job… *earliest save of mine is after getting tsai

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Hey chiabuttercup. A lot of people have problems recruiting Gilbert. Doing damage is pretty random anyway and you only have a few shots. Fortunately it is not far into the game; I would suggest restarting since you are only like 1.5 hours in. Especially if you have a save into the game (after getting Tsai).

  • chiabuttercup says:

    i think it was partly my fault too. i have played this game 4-5 times. once, gilbert died at that battle map which couldn’t be my fault ( he died because highlander attacked him ), and i thought he would still be okay.. after long long journey ’til i got jude, i just knew that he died.. what a hell.. that’s why i really carefully to not attack gilbert so that he wouldn’t die by highlanders. tiring, really…
    *just sharing :)

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Haha. Love hearing the funny things that happen during a Suikoden 2 quest. Suikoden II does a terrible job with the quotes after a unit is defeated in war battle. A lot of times they have a line where it sounds like they died and then you check and they were just wounded. Then there are times when it doesn’t sound so bad and then you go to the 108 Stars of Destiny Tablet and that character died lol.

  • chiabuttercup says:

    yeah.. need to be careful at those battles.. by the way, do you have a list of what would luca do in one vs. one battle with riou? once, i played 3 times in a row in defeating luca, and 3 times i lost at the last hit.. i hate him, really..

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      I don’t have a list for the quotes in the duels, like with Luca. I should get them and make a page here though, you’re not the first one to ask. In the meantime, give Riou the best defensive equipment you have and make sure he has full HP before the battle. Of course I’m sure you know these things :)

  • ronin says:

    So Valeria and Elza, where’s she goes? thats already mentioned then suddenly disappeared from list or not included on list!

    that ladies left behind this game!!

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      What do you mean about Valeria and Elza?

      Elza is not recruitable in Suikoden II. She just has that side quest with Clive and you finish it in Sajah Village (west of L’Renouille).

      As for Valeria, we can choose to recruit her after talking to Lepant in Gregminster. If you choose Kasumi then you can’t get Valeria. Valeria is MUCH better in regular / war battles (strong, and has the unite with Anita) although Kasumi allows you to get the two ninjas faster (Sasuke and Mondo) along with access Rokkaku Hamlet.

  • ronin says:

    oh i see, so Elza just a part of Clive’s story n not recruitable, but if i choose Kasumi n get 2 male ninja, how about Valeria when the list above reached 108 Chars?!! hah.. if Valeria had chosen, maybe Kasumi n 2 male ninja were missed from 108. hmm.. so how its done, my Lord Yuan Shu?

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Hey ronin. Well, we still get the 2 male ninja’s (Sasuke and Mondo). It’s just if we choose Valeria, that we have to wait until we have like 95+ recruits before we can recruit those ninja’s, whereas with Kasumi we can get those ninja’s at like 70 recruits. So that helps but it’s not a big deal, really, unless you’re chasing the Clive / Elza quest (beating Suikoden II within 20 hours). Even then you can get by with Valeria and just get those ninja’s later.

  • sampi08 says:

    finally i get 108 star

  • Ari prabowo Suikoden 2 recruit says:

    Finally have 108 s0d i feel better now . . But know forgiver sign . . I already finish 4 times but nanami always dead and no 108 sod . . I like tir mcdohl what character you like mr lys . ?

  • Van Persie says:

    How can i get the forgiver sign?

    • Dillzy - xFLaReZ PReDikTionZ says:

      You need to make sure all characters are recruited before invading Rockaxe castle and when Garudo the fat bastard shoots nanami you need to make sure to select any of the two options available quickly before nanami gets struck my the bows and arrows.. if you do these steps correctly it changes the story in a more positive way and new scenes will be available.. Nanami faked her death (>_<)

  • Dillzy - xFLaReZ PReDikTionZ says:

    Yooo!!!!! i havn’t commented on this page for a long time but hey i will never forget the help and assistance that Lord yuan shu has provided us in succeeding in the Suikoden series.. i see that people are still asking for your help . . good luck with work . . .

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Thanks Dillzy, glad you could stop in old buddy. Yep people are still coming here and having fun, commenting 300 times lol.

  • LEXIE says:


    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      The pre-requisites for recruiting Vincent in Suikoden II are that you have Simone on your side, and bring him with to the same spot you recruit Simone late in the game (like when you have 100+ recruits). I suppose there is the chance that you don’t know about that area and don’t have Simone or Vincent. The spot to check is Radat, the bridge area and you go south down the side west of it near the path that goes to the water (where you search for Shu’s coin).

      So if you already have Simone, just bring him to that spot in Radat and you should see Vincent.

  • saiful kahfi says:


  • Len says:

    Hey when i was going to unlock Tomo i used viki to teleport me there but i forget something Radat was in Hightland posses so i cant pass and now i cant go back can just walk on the fortress area and the gregminster please someone know how i can go back?

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Hey Len. You’ll have to wait until Radat is free from Highland control before you can get Tomo. It’s ok though, Tomo is not the best character so it can wait.

  • Len says:

    Its normal L.C. Chan comes at level 99? O.o Because he comes at lvl 99 to me D:

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Hmm…you playing on Emulator man? I’ve seen L.C. Chan and some others start on level 99 (Georg too I think). But only the few times I’ve played on emulator did this happen…

  • Len says:

    Oh and i Dont Get the silver hammer from de guy in Greenhill i buy it from a guy in the Armorer on the florest village O.o

  • Len says:

    O hohohoho Forget about the coment above, now i know , the one i buy was a fake XD, but now i got fromthe student guy in greenhill

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Yep, the student in the Greenhill Blacksmith Apprentice room (by Jude). Now you can sharpen your weapon to level 15 and then get Genshu at Coronet docks.

  • Len says:

    Thx Yuan Shu now i Finally get the 108 star and also deafeted the Beast Rune xD but Nanami can really be saved ?

  • Len says:

    How i can get the level 4 spell of the Bright Shield rune???

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      I think to get the Level 4 spell for the Bright Shield Rune we need to save Nanami. Riou then gets access to the final Bright Shield Rune spell.

  • Jo says:

    this game’s really epic xD i’ve finished it like 4- 6x already though i didn’t really get all the 108 stars yet but its ok this game’s the 2nd best game for me in ps one its 2nd cuz i chose chrono cross as the best :)) this game lacks a bit of good graphics but is interesting and worth playing.

  • Ari says:

    Hello lord yuan shu ? Why you not in this link?

  • Sandylecuistot says:

    Great guide.
    You should take in account (at least a little) the runes slots and the rune affinities, or at least mention it because people might take your words for the “truth” so it’s better to give most informations.

    Characters like Sheena or Chaco can be a lot better with good rune setup, especially when you want to enjoy nice “auto battle” with powerful attacks.

    Oh and. It seems too many people dislike it, but for me Suikoden 3 is the best in the entire series, followed by 2 and 1. Amazing characters/story.

  • diogo says:

    really exist the persons maku maku muku muku moku moku

  • diogo says:

    really exist the persons maku maku muku muku moku moku

  • jherson says:

    where can i find a pale gate rune??

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      There are two Blue Gate Rune treasures in Suikoden 2. The first you will get is in the Cave of Wind. The other is in the Tinto Mines as you sneak back into Tinto to get Neclord. Check the walkthrough pages for exact details, the Blue Gate Crystals are mentioned.

      An enemy called Lucia near Greenhill will randomly drop these.

      There is also a Blue Gate Rune permanently affixed to Mazus’ head.

  • jherson says:

    where can i download suikoden series?

  • Raka says:

    Where is Location of rokkaku vilage?

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Rokkaku Ninja village is on the way to Gregminster (past Banner Village).

      First opportunity to go there is right before the Luca battle (as the trip to Gregminster is one of the last things before the Luca fight).

      However you cannot actually explore Rokkaku until much later, as you will get caught upon entering.

  • Jeepz says:

    I missed clive because i’m playing through your guide

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      So you missed the Muse encounter with Elza and Clive? That’s too bad. I do have it in the Suikoden II Walkthrough but since this 108 Stars of Destiny guide just lists them by when they join, it omits important events that must take place to recruit these stars (like encountering Clive in Muse).

  • ha says:

    why when i recruit Hoi and L.C.Chan, they is level 99 ? :p
    i am not use cheat… :( is iam lucky ? lol

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      This tells me you are playing on emulator :) Suikoden II on epsxe playstation emulator.

      It always happens to me too when I play on emulator. Hoi is the first one to join and be level 99. Then LC Chan. And a few others I think later on (Georg and Pesmerga maybe??)

      Just one of the downsides of playing on emulator I guess. I don’t think there is anything we can do to fix it.

      It reminds me of playing Shining Force II for Genesis on Emulator and they won’t let you equip Lemon with anything.

      • ha says:

        so this happen when we play in emulator … :(
        oh yes, when in Matilda, Nanami is dead … :(
        and i look at comment above, the last spell bright shield rune , is to have 108 star and Nanami saved in Matilda … :)
        i tihnk i have to re-start my suikoden II … :D

        • Lord Yuan Shu says:

          There could be worse things than starting over Suikoden II :) Bright Shield Rune level 4 spell is not essential really, though it is nice. It’s more for the story and keeping her alive, and getting the 108 Stars.

  • Rini says:

    Any suggestion how to change people in the party?

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      In general, it is talking to Leona at the Inn / Bar. Sometimes it varies during the game. Sometimes you can’t change characters, particularly early on.

  • qwer says:

    how get clive’ quest??

  • faisal says:

    why i can’t recuit pesmerga before retaking greenhills ?

  • Suiko Fan Mail says:

    Good post…appreciate it!

  • Quincy says:

    Just started playing the Suikoden series for the first time and this recruitment guide really helps. Loved the convenience and the Phantasy Star reference “escapipe” made me die laughing. Cheers!

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Thanks for the kind words. The first two Suikoden’s are really good, glad you’re enjoying them. Forgot about putting Escapipe into this one lol, if I did that there is probably Meseta references on other guides somewhere too

  • helmy aditya says:

    great guide lordyuanshu
    ive finished s1 by 2hour and half s2 already 56min
    use psxemulator
    thanks for the guidance

  • lalala says:

    if i chose valeria how to make sansuke and hanzo joins ?

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      You can still recruit Sansuke and Hanzo, it just takes a lot longer. You will have to wait until you have 100+ recruits and then you can go to Rokkaku and they finally join. If you get Kasumi, you can recruit them when you have about 70-75 recruits instead. That said, Valeria is a lot better both in regular battles and war battles.

  • firman says:

    I love this game..i cant remember how much i defeat that beast rune boss..with different party..last week my team was riou,millie,rina,tengaar,nina,and sheena..and its okay,,:-D
    Maybe i want to try a different team again,after i read ur list here..hmm..maybe hauser and killey??

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      That’s the best part about Suikoden games. Not only beating the game with different characters but most of the time having 2-3 spots to use whomever you’d like.

      Suikoden 2 has a lot of storyline stuff where you are forced into certain groups, more so than Suikoden 1, but still enough freedom to use who you want most of the time.

  • Ross says:

    Hey shu.

    Just wanted to let you know that I have been playing suikoden 2 on and off for a couple of years. I’m about to start another playthrough and your guide is like my bible :)

    Thanks a lot for all the work you did on it and for keeping it up all these years :)

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Thanks Ross, glad you like it so much. I have put a lot of guides on this site but the Suikoden guides have always went over well and I’ve really enjoyed doing them. I’m still amazed at now over 300 legit comments on this page. It’s been a fun time, and don’t worry the guide and site will never go down.

      That reminds me, it’s been a while since I’ve played a Suikoden, I should play through 1 and 2 again since they don’t take eons like the PS2 ones.

  • Nase Hikari says:

    Hey lord shu i have problem here i cant find templton in toto please help me

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Nase Hikari,

      Did you go to the Mercenary Fortress first? (Viktor’s fort). You need to go there first and she’ll get kicked out. Then head north to burned-down Toto and go to the west part of the village to find Templton and Templton will join.

  • Nase Hikari says:

    but templton still not there

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Hmm, strange. You took the second left in Toto upon entering and he’s not there? Did you already seem him at Mercenary Fortress?

      Where are you in the game storyline-wise? Maybe you are not far enough, either that or some points in the game it won’t let you recruit characters. Like if you are on the Greenhill mission or other spots like that, all the recruitable characters disappear from villagers. I would advance the storyline and try to go back there maybe.

      • Nase Hikari says:

        hi lord shu templton now is join my grup and he/she give me saiko map but the map not working the map is not show help me please!

        • Lord Yuan Shu says:

          Hi Nase I did not see you responded. I’m sure you figured it out by now but if you press either Select or Start that will show and take off the map.

  • riziz says:

    Just wanted to point out a few things I’ve gotten to know.

    I recall the two octopuses being a star, you need to choose whether you wish to recruit octopus or sigfried/Ayda/Feather since Feather/Abizboah share the same spot just like Rulodia/Sigfied. If you do not recruit Ayda, you MUST recruit BOTH octopuses and after recruiting both of them you can find their child octopus in your harbor, you need to catch him and he’ll fill in Ayda’s place. I recall Abiz/Rulo being in the same spot in the tinto cavern, you need to first find the rumor about that “I heard some weird noise in the tinto cavern, it must be a monster” before either will appear. Abiz will appear firs and Rulodia after that (you need to talk to the same person again after Abiz recruit to hear that there is the noises again). You can recruit (I believe) Abizboah and Ayda/Feather.

    You can recruit McDohl from suiko 1 without the save. If saved gremio in suiko 1, he’ll be accompanying McDohl, Otherwise it will be Ellie (girl in front of the banner inn).

    My personal Fav is Oulan, she tends to hit 2000-3000 damage with her angry dragon rune every now and then. Btw, Oulan CANNOT equip any shields or heavy armors, unlike you stated.

    Having Viktor and Flik along when first meeting Hix & Tengaar will net you special scenes.

    • zhen says:

      riziz, what do you mean by “You can recruit McDohl from suiko 1 without the save. If saved gremio in suiko 1, he’ll be accompanying McDohl, Otherwise it will be Ellie (girl in front of the banner inn)”??
      Is there any chance that I could get mcdohl in S2 without playing S1 first? If so, could you explain how to do it?
      thanks before.

      • riziza says:

        I’m not sure if you can recruit McDohl without the suikoden 1 save, since I’ve always loaded the suikoden 1 save for the suikoden 2. But I CAN say for certain that if Gremio dies in your suiko1 save, you can still get the McDohl in suiko2. Some scenes will be slightly different and Ellie will replace Gremio’s role. But you can get the McDohl.

        • riziza says:

          my thoughts were cut off a bit. By “without save” I mean that in your Suikoden 1 save, Gremio does not have to be alive for in order McDocl to be available in the Suikoden 2. No matter what language I use, I seem to suck at explaining >_<

          • zhen says:

            Ah I see…thanks for your explanation :D
            I thought if Gremio dies McDohl would not appear at all at Banner.. it’s nice to know he does appear regardless

            • riziza says:

              Hope you get to recruit him :) and when you’re doing the “recruiting” with the help from Ko, after meeting the bandits you’ll see a save sphere. Save your game and go further in. In upcoming boss battle, intentionally lose the battle, you’ll see something interesting. I’m not 100% sure if you need to stall enough turns or just lose the battle (in my case, the battle was in 2nd round and I only had one character left and she was near death) but you’ll see some interesting scenes if you’re about to lose. Took me several turns of just defending to lose. Then, after the scenes you can reload the save and kill the boss the normal way if you desire (I don’t think it’ll change either way anything anywhere).
              But yeah, you can recruit McDohl even with Gremio dead. Just remember he will NOT be a STAR member and EVERY TIME your entourage gets swept clean, you need to run all the way to gregminster to re-recruit him, which can, I can assure you, be a royal pain. But he is worth it, he is strong all-around character with 3 rune slots, high mag value and unite attack with Suiko2 hero, against all enemies. The earliest you can recruit him is before the luca blight battle (I recall). Having Viktor and Flik with you when you first meet him in Banner will net some extra scenes (not sure if other S1 characters react that way too, haven’t tried).

              • Lord Yuan Shu says:

                Cool, didn’t know you could get McDohl without Gremio alive in Suikoden I.

                Thing about McDohl, like you say, he is a hassle to go get. Especially when you’re trying to beat the game within 20 hours for the Nanami and/or Clive quest (even though I find I have more time than I think when doing that quest). McDohl is clearly one of the top 5 playables, if not the very best.

                One funny thing, last time I played through a few weeks ago I had Viktor and Flik in the party when I got McDohl but it was actually Stallion that talked to McDohl instead of those two. Seemed funny since he’s not that important in the Suikoden story but for whatever reason the game had him say a line to McDohl instead of the others.

  • riziza says:

    Something interesting just occurred. I was on the quest of saving Ko (banner village boy) and in the forest path you encounter that giant maggot which turns into a butterflybeewhatever. I intentionally spent tons of rounds and when only one of my chars was still standing (well, sitting whatever) the battle ended. The Hero and McDohl stood in front of the party, and the battle was re-entered, with all your chars fully healed. It progressed automatically and Hero spammed out the forgiverer’s sin (the shield rune’s 4th spell) even though I don’t even have it yet, dealing about 2000dmg and the McDohl spammed his 4th spell dealing also the 2000dmg and the bee died. I was like WOOOOOOT?! I have never seen this oocur before, and I’ve played my fair share of this game ever since it was released. And after this, both of ‘em had full mp and I didn’t have the shield’s 4th spell useable (surprise).

    Btw, by choosing running away from tinto with nanami enables you first ending of the game. nothing spectacular though. but if you continue to flee, the game will end.

    You can also get the rest of the flying squirrels by same means as you get mukumuku in the world map, you need to have at least one empty spot and the girl’s rumor “i saw a squirrel with color X coat”. they don’t provide any recruiting stars and suck in battle but they’re cute. :)

  • riziza says:

    had to create an account here :D and btw, after you save to the very last save you should exit the final dungeon and go to the little village to the northwest (Sajah, I believe). the store there will be selling all the rare runes like Mother earth as regular shopping choice. Donät remember if Fury etc was there.

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Fury is the one you find as a rare at Muse. Sometimes I get lucky and find it when I first get there (even though it takes like all the Potch you can muster to get one) but I haven’t seen one there until later in the game the last few playthroughs.

      • riziza says:

        yeah, you’ll find in rare finds the fury in muse. costs more than new car though. I once had the pleasure of enjoying rare finding galore, I got in the beginning before going into kyaro 6 double strike runes (was it double strike?) from the white bunnies. the rune that makes you hit two times in a row. I always mix double beat and double strike runes’ names. and later when I first go to the muse, I got to buy the fury rune before the toto was burned down, I believe it was 3 altogether. entered and exited the muse, fought battles outside for a while and after going back to muse, there was new fury waiting. Never again have I witnessed such a chain of strike of luck. well, maybe with the BAD luck.

        • Lord Yuan Shu says:

          Haha I get the double beat and double strike ruins confused too. I think you are right that it is Double Strike. I didn’t get one my last play through a few weeks ago but I do get one many times. I always put it on Shiro and then after the Mercenary Fortress burns down I reset if I don’t get Shiro in the random party :) (for the Sindar Ruins stuff at White Deer Inn)

          • riziza says:

            I hear ya! shiro is plain awesome pretty far to the game. but when better characters, with more rune slots and capability to equip armor/accessories, Shiro’ll be left far behind. But for a fighter, he sure is agile and with the double rune, he tends to land tons of hits, in best case scenario he’ll hit six enemies in a row and with the double rune he’ll hit them all again. :D Nanami tends to go wild very often, she alone kills all the enemies (weak enemies) from battle to battle. Too bad she is pretty much crap otherwise. Luckily, you don’t have to take her with you every time she insists. Like when going to the Toran Republic (I recall) she wants to join you, but eventually joins just in the convoy if you refuse her many times enough. Usually when I finally get to recruit Jude, he builds the statue of either Nanami, Shiro or the Hero. They’re usually the best killers.

  • edward says:

    Hi, please tell me about protect nanami from dead by archer

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Easy. When Nanami goes to defend herself from the archers, and you get a prompt for Riou (Hero), make sure you choose either choice within a second. Basically just tap X really fast so you pick the first option as fast as possible and you are fine.

      I believe you must also be there within 20 hours and have all 108 Stars of Destiny at that point? I could be wrong on that but I think that’s true.

      • riziza says:

        hafta say, you DON’T need to finish the game under 20 hours to save nanami; in my last game I finished it around 70hours on the clock and nanami was saved. HOWEVER! She died first. Lemme tell you what happened:
        I saved my game just before the Kiba’s assassin shootout. Had ALL required prerequisites done. Removed all equipment from nanami and ventured onward. I hit first option when you need to shout nanami!! or look out! played until Huan’s report. She died. BOOOM! Of course, I reloaded the last save before the assassination events.
        Tried again. Did everything exactly as above said, except removed only nanami’s accessories, I left her with her hat and armor (thunder god garb I recall). And when waiting for Huan once again, he asked shu. She was saved, got the best ending. Apparently, you shouldn’t remove Nanami’s armor and hat, or other possibility is that her revival is still based on luck (after all the necessary things done of course) 50% lives 50% dies and you’ll still have to keep resetting the game.

        • Lord Yuan Shu says:

          Really? Strange. I always left her armor on. Probably best to leave her armor on then if there is a chance she won’t make it because of it.

          Good to know about the 20 hours thing, I always end up rushing through the game for the Clive events so I haven’t not been under 20 at that point in time.

          • riziza says:

            I tend to grind a lot in RPGs and thus spending my own sweet time upon finishing it. I can easily use 150-250 hours of gameplay because I grind so much. The 250 hours I’ve spent on Final Fantasy X character building. Quitted after got all chars to stat 255 and over 50 000HP. Anyhow… Last time I played the suiko2, about month ago, I didn’t go for the Clive quest (seen it couple of times already) at all. Btw, if you DO finish the Clive quest it’ll change the “ending” for Clive. Just like finishing the Hai Yo’s cook-offs. I think Jude’s will change too if you finish/won’t finish the guardian deity.

            • Lord Yuan Shu says:

              I always go for the Clive quest. I used to speed run through everything to do it, but I find that even playing at a medium pace I can get through within 20 hours so long as I be efficient with recruits. It is cool how they change their endings based on what you do with them, though I never messed with Hai Yo’s cooking stuff so I had no idea about his changing.

              I can believe that for FFX, even trying to beat those Arena monsters and getting all the special weapons will take you close to 100. I’ve started to play that again via the PS3 remake of it.

              • riziza says:

                I bought the ps3 FFX compilation too. Finished it about a week ago. First time ever I actually got myself arsed to beat penance fair and square (without zanmato). Took me one hour! It’s one mistake and you’re dead. In the end, penance is a no brainer if you just know the tactic to it. But you won’t have any margin for error.

                • Lord Yuan Shu says:

                  I don’t recall “Penance”. Is that one of the summoners? Doesn’t sound like one of the Coliseum monsters.

                  Does this version have the Dark Aeons? I always remember hearing about the Dark Aeons in the European version, and they had crazy evade stats and were tougher than many of the Coliseum bosses.

                  • riziza says:

                    ahh! yes! Penance will appear after you have defeated ALL dark aeons. The ps3 version has the dark aeons included. if you have 3 characters with fully upgraded celestial weapons (I had Tidus, Yuna and Auron) and preferably at least break hp limit for them and over 20 000hp you’ll be fine. With the most dark aeons. Increasing your luck status to over 200 (255 will be even better) you’ll virtually evade all attacks (except those which cannot be evaded no matter what, yes, they’ll be your next best friend in the optional boss battles including the monster arena monsters) and never miss your target even if you have eva/acc like 20.

                    When I fought the dark aeons, I recall having over 30 000hp and all other stats at 255 but luck was “only” 220. Dark valefor is a royal pain if you have bad luck (even at acc 255 I missed like half of the time) since s/he thends to dodge a lot. S/he had 700 000Hp (I think, weakest of the aeons anyway). Never go unprepared to dark aeon fight, you’ll kick the bucket. At penance battle, I had luck around 230 and HP around 59 000.

  • riziza says:

    Hey I have a question. Has anybody ever noticed that the game might have ailment double berserk? Or that berserks stack? I’ve witnessed such occurance multiple times. As an example let’s pretend the following:
    I have Flik among my party. He has the Fury rune on. He lands a critical hit for 1000 damage. I cast Battle oath with berserk success. Flik lands a critical hit for 2000 dmg. woooot? :O

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Berserk stacks? Definitely never noticed that. So assuming you have a Fury Rune equipped, how do you even tell Battle Oath worked? I forget if it says “Berserk” above them when it affects the or if they just turn red.

      • riziza says:

        you get the message “berserk” after they’ve turned red I recall. I’ve had several occasions where someone with fury rune equipped (aka full time berserk status) gets infected with the battle oath has struck blow like double the “normal” amount they deal (with the fury on). at least in critical hits you can see the difference. this has occurred at least in PAL version I think (I have PAL and NTSC so I’m not 100% sure).

        And another question that has troubled me for years now!
        The NTSC version is glitchy when it comes to music in those “major war battles”. When I play, my major wars have the sound effects but not the music, in some battles I hear half a second of the music and it ends. I’ve had two NTSC copies of the game and they BOTH did this same thing. My PAL version does not do this. Has anyone ever encountered this weird thing? :O and note: I have the original black label games, no piracy copies. just to clarify this.

        • riziza says:

          I’ve noticed this with Oulan’s Angry Dragon rune (when she has the fury as well). She usually deals like what, 500 with it, with critical it might be 1000-1200 but I’ve seriously seen her hit critically over 2500 damage with it after casting the battle oath. so it has gained my interest in the matter. :O

        • Lord Yuan Shu says:

          Sounds like you are probably right about the berserk doubling. I’ll have to try that out next time.

          You’re right about the war battle music in Suikoden II. For some battles it seems to work, others it doesn’t do anything. I haven’t played anything other than the North American version of the game.

          My Suikoden I disc does the same thing, though it’s not the fault of a game glitch. But the music gets screwed up often on my disc and sometimes it even causes the game to not be able to load out of the war battles, which sucks if I haven’t saved for a while.

          • riziza says:

            The big battles sometimes have the music (S2). I can’t remember which battle it was, maybe the one where you need to save Ridley? I started the battle, it had music playing. He died so I resetted. There was no music this time. Booo….

            I’ve had some musical/audio problems with the valkyrie profile (ps1) too. I had to buy new copy to try out if the disc was bugged but the other game had glitching audio too. in the talking dialogues there is some weird noise in the background. like metallic woodpecker on turbo gear for brief moments pecking metal door. IDK….

            because I’m such a weirdo, I have suikoden 1 as PAL and NTSC :D don’t know whether it is a NA version or not. I have never had any issues with the NTSC version’s musics. Except when I put the game into my ps2 console, switch from the ps2 settings texture mapping to smooth and disc speed to fast and go play with Marco. The music was a bit too smooth… :D I think Suikoden 1 is the game I have most playthroughs. Haven’t calculated though. There was a time I could play the game in my mind, because I remembered all the dialogues and chest contains etc. Yeah, I have no life. :D

            • J_Cruise says:

              There are supposed to be three war battle themes, but two of them are not played due to a glitch. However, their data is on the game disc. You can listen to the tracks here:


              It’s a damn shame, because the music is great.

              • riziza says:

                thank you! In my PAL Suikoden, those all work like a charm. MY NTSC on the other hand…. I hear that decisive battle theme in the NTSC for a second or two and then it goes silent again until that same tune comes up again in the original track so odd… imagine my surprise when Karen sang silent treatment in the NTSC version, haha.

  • riziza says:

    apparently, you need to have Nanami’s defense value of at least 120 to keep Nanami alive :O

  • Fyre says:

    I dissagre with one character on your list. After beating the game, i went back using a cheat to rise immediately to Lv. 99. Upon doing so, i noticed that Millies magic level was at 202, while Luc’s was at 234. In defense, luck, and speed, she also was above both Luc and Rina, the two mages I have avaliable currently. As well as being slightly above Hero in both M. Defense and Luck. I’m not demanding a change, just suggesting that the potential of the warriors be noted as well as their lower stats.

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Interesting, thanks for the message. She is pretty average with magic throughout the game so later on her stats must increase at a pretty high rate to be making up that much ground on Luc.

      It might be worth going through the game and seeing how character stats turn out after all maxed at 99. When I ranked the characters years ago it was based on a standard play through of the game – no cheating, no over-leveling. Because at that point it doesn’t really matter who you use anyway.

  • Grove says:

    thanks for this awesome guide, just finished playing this game with the best ending and it felt so rewarding ^^

  • Vice says:

    Does your suikoden 2 save transfer to suikoden 3? If so what impact does it have?

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      Yes it does. I think you have to save at the very end of 2. I don’t think much carries over from Suikoden 2 to 3. You get a few scripts for the play and a few characters like Futch, Belle (Meg) and Viki get boosted levels.

  • UKMikey says:

    Hello Lord Yuan Shu and thanks for creating this sick website. I played Suiko I and II on release, loved the music, story and gameplay and got the 108 stars in both but gave up hope of ever playing them again when I lost the disks in a house move.

    Luckily PlayStation Network has re-released the games so I can load up the PS3 and PSP and relive those old war battles.

    We never got Suikoden III over here. How is the game compared to the PSX ones?

    • Lord Yuan Shu says:

      That’s a shame you lost your old disks. That’s like $200 worth of games just those two. I have mine, though my Suikoden 1 is so scratched up that it glitches on the war battles and sometimes won’t go past it. PSN is more reliable thankfully, or emulator for that matter…

      As for Suikoden 3, it is a bit different. In battles you have three pairs of two characters – you can only use one special ability per pair. So like if you use a rune with one character the other will just attack.

      It’s got a great story and the trinity sight system is neat (each character has two-three chapters and you can pick them in almost any order). The game is a LOT longer and there is more talking and backtracking. There are enough characters and storyline references from the first two but it’s also way different (not sure the exacts but I think it’s like 40 years after the second one).

      You must be in Europe? I believe they are release Suikoden III on PSN so you may have a chance to play it now. I would suggest you do – while I don’t like it as much as 1 and 2 (which I consider to be the best two), it’s still a solid RPG. I put it about equal to Suikoden V in the hierarchy and better than Suikoden IV. You played either of them? I don’t count the DS and PSP Suikos, too different…

      • UKMikey says:

        Thanks LYS. At least on the brightside dumbasses like me losing my disks means that everyone else’s become that much more valuable LOL.

        You guessed right about my being in Europe. I’ve played Suikoden V (think it was V, the one where you play a prince who wears a headband) and although the game mechanics were good the story didn’t seem quite as involving as the first two.

        So far we’ve only been offered Suikoden I and II but at least they’re better conversions than the infamous China-quality PSP ports of the previous decade which I’m glad didn’t make it to the English-speaking world.

        I only wish they’d release Xenogears over here.

  • Noobplayer says:

    There are 5 squirels that you can recruit.. First of course mukumuku, you can find him in big tree behind riou’s house.. And for the rest you can get them around greenhill city.. Makumaku is on the path between two river city – greenhill city.. Then mikumiku on the path between greenhill – forest village, mekumeku on the path between greenhill – path to matilda, and last mokumoku on the small forest under forest village.. Make sure you have at least one empty slot on your team.. For the fastest way you can go with only riou and stalion on your team

  • McParty says:

    Overall good jobs on this and the Suikoden I review. I have to disagree on a few things though. As much as I love Pesmerga in both games and he is my favorite outside of Mcdohl, Sheena and Killey are by far the best characters in this game. 3 rune slots for fury, double strike, and double beat, and open weapon slot for rage or lighting rune, and 3 open equipment slots for fire emblems (+15 attack) and noone can touch them damage wise. Also, I’ve a huge Clive guy, but he’s much better in first game than in this one. Should have given him 2 rune slots. And you really should add Mcdohl to this list, hes ungodly. More people might play suikoden 1 then and carry over, with your following :)

  • Eyul says:

    What about ellie ?? One at the banner village inn can i get ellie ..please respon ..

  • Matsu says:

    You really should have Clive higher up your list as his recruitment chain really starts in Muse early on.

  • FF7tried says:

    I didn’t look at the unite attack section yet, but did you see Shiro and Gengen have a unite attack that hits pretty hard? And like the name says, even though it’s close because they’re such different games, I say S2 beats out FF7 for story. I haven’t played every RPG, but I’ve played a bunch, and read some fantasy novels and am a big anime enthusiast, and even though I like Chrono Cross’s story more, I know that S2′s is a more gripping tale when it’s all considered. Weirdly, I’m pretty sure Bleach is the ONLY anime that could hope to compete with S2′s raw plot, even over it’s entire length. Runes and Menos Grandes and Luca Blight and Bankai souls just buttin heads. Anyway, cool site, keeping up websites takes time a devotion, and is admirable and worthwhile.

  • Ross Cheeseright says:

    Lord Yuanshu!

    I’m playing through this again and I’m happy to see that your website is still going strong!

    Kind regards,
    Ross Cheeseright

  • ryuligan says:

    If there is never going to be another Suikoden game, should we just make games more like it? (And ones better than that *awful* Dutch one ;) )

    Maybe I’ll just focus on Irsmuncaster, plus my grand-daughter’s rogue-like project, of course …

    Anyway, here’s to better RPGs, in the future.



  • Rie Hasegawa says:

    Hi LYS,
    How I can made good ending for Nanami?!
    Ive all 108 stars n already got forever shins before war to Rockaxe, but in cavalry war flik got slain by Highland.
    It’s necessary if I must win cavalry war with full troops without anyone killed?
    Except kiba of course.
    Please answer.
    I’ve reload for many times for make Nanami good ending but failed.

    • Rie Hasegawa says:

      I’ve restart game for 10 times n got all 108 stars n won cavalry war with full army live, but still can’t make good ending for Nanami?
      Ive choice Nanami option for a half second but still bad ending (Nanami died)

  • Dean Wu says:

    wow last i open this website it was 2015 and now its 2018 and this guide still stand strong. Really helpful!

  • Rie Hasegawa says:

    Hi LYS at last I’ve reached the true ending with Nanami n Jowy lives together with Riou. Even I must restart the game for many times.
    It’s so touched when I know I can done this. Thanks for ur guide n all of the comments here.

  • Vrighzt says:

    Is this in chronological order? I ever play this but i forgot how to recruit them all XD

  • Vrighzt says:

    Is this in chronological order? I ever play this but i forgot how to recruit them all XD

  • Ross says:

    Here we go! Time for another playthrough of this fantastic game :D Glad that this place still exists <3

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